Xmas greeting 2007

Xmas greeting 2007
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Happy XMas to all my friends out there, and book January 11 for the biggest REZ DAY PARTY EVER!!!!!!


Contest boards 0.8.4

While we are at it, I updated the contest boards and solved a big issue with more that 7 contestants. If you have a boards please update it.

I'm on blog mainia today....

OMG, How lame can one be!!! IN the adult world of second life, comments on the official blog can contain words beginning on fuck, I should have guessed.

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December 13th, 2007 at 12:41 AM PST

Not to be like that but the database used for age verifications is a fucking joke. ....

Changing that into:

Not to be like that but the database used for age verifications is a joke. ...

And it posted.


RezzedNET, Meme

A meme at RezzedNET, a nice little write up about what differs your RL and SL self but ten items...

  1. I'm a hugger, in RL i don't dare to hug everyone all the time, in SL I do.
  2. Fangs, in RL my fangs are much much smaller, if they exists.
  3. Boobs, My SL boobs make my RL self look jealously on Nadine.
  4. Clubbing, In SL i go to clubs like 7 days a week, in RL like 0 days a week.
  5. Open relation, In sl I have an open relations with my GF, I'm not sure I could in RL
  6. I can fly, the sky is the limit.
  7. I'm much better on keeping contact in SL.
  8. Social networks, My SL seld is in all social networks, my RL me is much more restricted.
  9. Secret, In RL I'm open with how I am, Nadine don't tell anything about her background.
  10. Escort, I'm pretty sure I could not have sex for money in RL.... In SL i worked as escort.


I'm Age Verified....

Well not me, but me, in line with you can't criticise something unless you know something about it. I got a greifer now, the stuff that some hope IDV will protect against *grin*. She is a couple of days old, and already ID verified. I wonder how the good number of 80% worked was calculated? The number of LL employees that was in the public records, and HOW CAN 80% be a good number? That means the two of ten residents don't count. Now the alpha test group apparently wasn't as diverse and spread over the globe as the test group. But in stead of ranting, and telling what is doesn't do in world (as dandellion so nicely looked at). Lets have a look at Nadine, the Northolt lady not Nozaki. She on the image.

I started her a test and look at how the 1.18.6RC actually worked, for this I made a new alt, Nadine, she is a CSI:NY fan and interested in digging into how stuff really works, maybe she will show up here writing about how the life as adult in sl is. Well after creation I made a look around in the CSI:NY sims that are quite fun. She solve the two murder games there. (a little to simple i.m.h.o. but on the other hand I'm used to the client).

So we started to look at when the new viewer added, age verification and a new login system. The login system, well looked uglier apparently using html for layout in stead of just laying out the object. I can't see the use of that and sound like an other additions we really don't need. But the big ugly think is the Age Verification. How can you verify someone with out seeing then or talking to some one you trust that knows them?

Yes the answer is you can't Age Verification is a scam, it's not about verifying it's about lying. It's how it works in the land of laws, the lawyers have enter now we have to lie. We all know this will not work but lets pretend it does so that we can pretend we have done something. So my first attempt was to use some real Swedish info from someone still alive and kicking. That didn't work she was not in Aristotle/Integrity database. Apparently I was not alone (Integrity probably lied there asses of to sell as marketing people often do...) the horrible think is that 80% was the good number that tried to archive... 80%, 99.9% I could understand, 50 of the normal online used at any time 80% that's 10.000 concurrent uses, 95511 uses taht logged in last week it would have failed for with the goal numbers. This 100.000 resident is what they there sample test show and the was OK with that as OK. The numbers are disappointed, one in five ok, what are we at one in two? how many fails now?

But why give up if you can't get age verified, use the brain, where is the company located, what have they tested with, the US, and California. Google quick gave me the drivers licenses of a dead rapper guy... Well that can't work of course not that are not that stupid... are they... Yes they are... Age verified. Tupac is her RL name, she, he have been dead since 1996. I think she, he is really cool to get a SL account . I mean beeing killed in a drive by shooting in 1996 and getting a SL avatar, second life opening in 2002. And I guess Tupac have a hole bunch of alt's by now.

One thing is sure I'll never trust the Age Verified flag for anything.


Fasion show in Crimson shadow

I was planning to make this announcement a little later when i had something relevant to it to publish. But now i got talked into making a little view notice about a fashions show held in Crimson Shadow the 4:th of December (today). I i posted the add here and i can tell that Rezzable hired me to make some role play happen in that sim. I'm in charge of making role play happen in crimson shadow, more about that later.



Timothy Lilliehook has tagged me to do the “Eight Randon Facts” meme.

Here are the rules:
(1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
(2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
(3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
(4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

So now i have to do it!

1: I love to dance! I'm almost fanatical about it, and while other builders stand still, I have music playing and dances along.

2: I'm using the linux viewer, most of the time, I also have XP and Vista on the computer but i seldom reboot to used those viewers. Most of the time i use Balp's compilation of the Nicolaz viewer. When on windows, I use the Nicholaz version as well. The main reason is that I can't live without my friends list and the think that LL now have is seriously brain damaged.

3: I'm an linden whore, or escort as most people prefer to call it. Even if i don't have time to do much sexual work at the moment.

4: I have to many works in SL. The once that I actively places time on each week. Crimson Shadow, not much public visible yet, but there will be something shortly. Dark Angels, been hosting like noon all but two days there. Carnage, been hosting the other two days at Noon there. Dark Moon, trying to talk and look over the place as much as possible. Then comes the shop, and making animations, my contest boards, my host solutions. All this takes time....

5: I log and keep notes on people, Carnage n00b being one of the most common things I write on people, sorry about that *giggle*

6: I spell even worse in RL that in SL, I'm dyslectic and not directly proud of it but that how it is.

7: My RL is MY Secret, and only the three persons i trust most have a clue on where in sweden i live. Maybe like five or six people have a clue on what i do for a living, I feel that this is needed with my former job here as escort, that could damage my RL work badly.

8: I spend to little time taking care of my friends, and i feel really bad for that, I'm sorry, just IM me and I try to chat with you. I promise.

Now it's only to tagg 8 bloggers as well... Balp, Apmel, Ono, Raul, thats four and halfway. Adding Ika, Jennyfur and Kate leave that with only one more to tag. And tagging getting hard, Will and Chrome comes to my mind, but I'm not sure any of them are really good to tag... No I'll go for Mel the little cute girl. I follow her blog with great fun and she is very different form the rest of my blogger friends.

Yes i did it!


Linden Labs an the future

Reading Nicholaz, what a hero, blog on the future of second life. He put a new perspective into my complaining about Linden Labs not communicating, they are just not ion the same time as us residents. They live in a bright future. What they really need is to find a quick turn around time, make stuff come around to the users quickly, release early, release often.

Having simple bug fixes, even is not perfect lying around for months don't hold. Waiting for the prefect solutions don't work, give all the developers a crash course in scrum, XP, what ever make sure you have big working tests of everything in the viewer, and the backends, automate these tests, now, yesterday, add to the test day by day. Sure testing that rendering is right is hard, so wait with that. But the protocols, the server are easy to test. All backends and all communication with the backends, all thats should be easy to add. Sure if you are four five years behind it can take some time to catch up. But at least make sure all new code, all changed code have tests before it's committed.


The Insatiable Zoe Connolly: Decisions, decisions...

The Insatiable Zoe Connolly: Decisions, decisions...: "Girls and Guns"

Armed, to the teeth

As Zoe sadly have to much on her creative side, I have stepped up to help out with the Girls and Guns group. There is one more person that will be asked to help out, I will not tell now at this moment but I hope she accepts. So if you are a girl that loves guns, talk to me and I'll get you into the group. I'll keep you all updated on what happens around here.

Chaos' new M4A3
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And while we are at the Guns department, Chaos have finished her M4 and M16, these was the best guns in SL, and they somehow got much much better. Have a run over to the KAC shop in Jeffrey or my small vendor at code red and get your self a copy or two.


Art night party (Update II)

Nadine throu Codies Eyes
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Today there is supposed to be a art-party, at Tour's place. I have place out my art but still have failed to get the times from him. This image is one that I have on display. At the moment they are all for sale. Something I can't remember if I asked Tour about. Somehow we have missed each other all week.

I'll update when I get some times and know what happens. The locations is in Draco. Start is today at 1PM slt, 22:00 CET.


Blogger party at CodeRed

Vint & Nadine @ CodeRed
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Vint and Codie put together a blogger party at CodeRed. Both Codie and Vint are really good in the marketing stuff, the sim filled way to early. Some how then both missed to get a DJ, and the location was a little wrong. But i hope none of the guest noticed anything of this, I was a little worried when i found the surl going into my shop, well, also would have been a little fun, all shopping at my shop instead of partying *giggle*

With just some 20 minutes to spare Codie came on and we fixed a landing zone on the root, I asked who was going to dj. No they hadn't fixed that. Quickly i looked at friends online and found Balp, convinced him to DJ and the party could start. They two might be to of the best artists, but I'm not sure about the organizer party. The rest of the party was really great and i have so fun in my new Robot outfit. Just to bad i was Sunday and i had to leave early. Could have stayed much longer with my love.


Reasonable resemblance

Raul found a cool site, but in difference to him I share the image used for the resemblance *giggle*.


Today is...

Amazon morning
Amazon morning
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Blog Action day, and this year it's all about the environment. What is the environment for us second lifers, does it really matter to us or is the main issue something about griefers, ad farms of bad builders. It the main environment lagging sims, bed written scripts, stupid spamming stuff? Or is there something more in our lives we should look at? The second life environment is all different that out RL one, but in the end the problems here and in RL are quite similar it's about limited resources. Some of the SL resources are quite easy to see, the number or prims from one. Then there is 0 left it's ended you cant add more. Others are harder to follow, runtime in client and simulators form one. Most of us have seen a sim lag to death, gray people all around us as the bandwidth and server resources end.


Lights on Linden Labs

Hi Linden Labs,

You liked feed back, so this is going to be one more LL bashing session. Ginsu posted a blog entry, stating that Linden are the most transparent of all public company she have seen. Is that that case I'm sorry about the state of information in the US. Yes they do some thinks right, but to be honest, if it wasn't for Chrome and Codie, I would have left SL. These two friend are actually what keeps me coming back to SL. The rest of my friends I would miss you, yes and i would be hard to leave you, I would be sad, but i could live with that, and Linden some times pissed me enough to be close to that border where it would have been worth it. However the love of my sis and my girlfriend keep me getting back in.

Codie & Kate

Codie & Kate
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To be honest the request for feedback, is one more example of bad communication. It takes up the blog about VAT, “VAT are you talking about?” as good communication! Did you ever care enough to read the comment on that before calling it good? That long entry is full of legal errors spotable by a novice like me, Starting with the easiest to verify, your VAT number. All EU VAT numbers start with a country code. No EU country have EU, you can register in EU you have to register in ONE country! The second one, until the sudden day they payed the tax, after that day they are paying the tax, but just that now the price is 25% higher because I'm Swedish. Yes my tax level is high, but it would have been nice to get notice of at 25% extra fee, I have learned that they promised to give 60 days warning on land price raises, be fore i started SL. That much more that was given, in fact I didn't get any notice form LL until the official blog. I still haven't got any mail, but on my account there is a asterisks so i might pay it.

Second I had an inventory loss for me very valuable stuff, my favorite dances, not a word from the lindens until they closed the bug report system, your bug report is now gone because we didn't like that system. Thats all, Love the feed back, i hear many other have problems with inventory losses, it keep me from shopping, I'm very very conservative shopper now, the loss of my dances, the blatant ignorance from the lindens. To get stuff it have to be something I really really like, and that I'm not suer i dare getting it, so i have to be cheep as well,if i loose it so i can get it back. When will Linden tell all resident that there still haven't delivered voice to all platforms? When will Linden's foll fill the big wish of getting back a usable user interface? Good there is the Nicholaz build, more stable and with a user interface that works. Also i don't care about voice personally, tried dislikes and never going to use again.


SL Price level up 25% thats what happend


Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki

Tell what they did was to raise the cost with 25% and not telling before and trying to blame EU for it. According to there blog that have been paying VAT for us all the time as they are supposed to do. Until last month the VAT was included in the price, the priced was VAT inclusive, now suddenly they isn't.

Now in the communication Linden Labs finally cleared out that they screwed us EU citizens, they raised our prices in a unethical way. Good that they finally clear that out. They also announced that this raise was so unethical that they backed on the time frame for the mainland fee's. This issue is not about EU taxes, it's about what price Linden takes out of it's customers, until now the price have been the same, e.g.. the end user price have been the same, but tax levels have differ. Not the end price will differ.

Linden also makes some remarked how bad the VAT works in the worlds today, something i fully agree to. They however make small mistake, the EU is no "European legislation ", the EU makes recommendations sometimes mandatory, that are incorporated into the nations laws of each country. These laws differ a little or much between the different EU states. Making it almost impossible to understand. Skatteverket have some information how this is incorporated into Swedish law. Lindes also missed that they can choose to just register in one country "The trader is free to chose any country it wishes." some EU states have lower VAT that Sweden, I would love to pay Spanish, or UK VAT instead. (The rules for that is in "Regulation (EC) No 792/2002").


What VAT?

Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki

The new EU-VAT fee Linden Labs added don't make sense to me. I try to understand what they do and how that relates to Swedish, European law.

According to "skatteverket" an foreign comapny may register from swedish taxes, get a swedish tax registration and sell to us as any other swedish company. That is they have to give prices including VAT to customer can't list there prices excluding VAT to customers. That can choose on only register in one EU country and pay the VAT for that country all over Europe is they like.

If they don't register in Sweden I'm as customer are responsible to pay VAT. I do that bu talking to "skatteverket". The mandatory take out of taxes in the way Linden now have chosen is probably not legal in Sweden. (How ever I'm not a lawyer, don't take my word for it.) Also this make me protected from Swedish "consumers rights" laws. That are no longer selling at US servire that are selling a service in Sweden. If this isn't a swedish service it's not up for being taxed, given my reading of the information on "skatteverket".

Something here have to change for the Lindens to follow Swedish law, something that have them self choosen to do. And it's OK for them to list different prices to different countries, BUT THEY HAVE TO LIST IT INCLUDING TAXES if they are to take out the TAX.


Shopping update (Update)

My stuff on on SLExchange is by some reason gone. I can't understand why they don't show up. As a first step i got my stuff once again working on OnRez. Please get your contest boards there on in world at the moment.

Now SLExchange works again!


Contest boards Launched.

My contest boards are finally ready to let out in the world. Welcome brave would, here is Nad's contest boards. I'll introduces them for just 950 Lindens. Get them on SLExchange or in world at my vendors either in Strata, Code Red or Club Carnage.

The SLX listing:
Nadine's Contest Board, This item is what you have been looking for to your club! These context boards looks great, are designed for minimal lag. And include features not seen in the competition.

* Host command only from same group.
* Easy to start contest /123 new
* Easy to start voting /123 vote
* Easy to end voting /123 end
* Easy to join contest: Either pay board or touch it (depending on entry fee)
* Easy to vote: Just touch name
* Color change, pink, blue, and brown included, possible to add your own
* "Unlimited" number of contestants.

Also notice that these contest boards are copy, so you can add any number of them to you club, you don't have to buy a set with pink or blue.

The current price is an reduced to introduce the product on the market, to give if some more real club testing. This product includes future updates, there is an auto updated included in the box.


Crimson Shadow, Rezzable preview

When Right as rain send me a landmark and a texture i knew something was up. Rezzable had something up the sleeve. The name and the texture, Crimsom Shadow. Hmmm. something for a vamp like me *grins* The arrival, was awesome, the top of the tower, the skies stuff that i have never seen in SL before. But not the feeling of uniqueness that i got when I arrived for the first time in the greenines home.

The environment is extremely well done. Just look at the background, the backdrop. It's awesome, make the rest of the vampire castle i have seen looks like old and boring. From the entrance the top there are a tp. What a TP bye the way? Look at the nice details in the pentagram when i arrived. Look at the rotating rings around my avatar. Great stuff, truly great.

Next to this arrival point is a small dark room, with a thrown a place that invites to role place, with domination and slaves. A place for a vampire king and his slaves. Here is also a dance positions with several good sine-wave dances. This is definitly a positions where one could entertain one self for several hours, or rater entertain some one sled for many many hours.

Exploring the area further i find a dark club, with some potentials and a shop that i think might have a little to high prices for my taste. All over everything is a great dark feeling. This is definitely a place that will visit again several times, maybe more that the greenines. Not the same wow feeling, on the other more in my line of RP. Given that this area will hold up, make good RP and have something to feed on, it will definitely keep me coming.


Trust.... (Minor update)

Ran & Nadine
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A blog entry from Well ehh, she don't have her name on the blog so I'll not spell it out :-) Or it's in the URL, Daisy. Make me think about the most important commodity in SL. [Update: Also dandellion Kimban's blog made me have this in a list of need to write stuff.]


How can one act to people with out trust? How can one trust people? There are some people I really trust in SL. Why do i trust them. One think is sure Identity Verification will not help me trust anyone. In RL i don't trust a person just because that can ID them self. I'm sure that the person behind the counter at the convince store, the petrol station, don't trust me just because I used my ID to get money from my credit card. Yes in Sweden ID is very often needed to used the credit card. Know the identity of someone don't build trust. What you do and how you act does.

Chrome @ Home
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I trust Chrome, I'm sure she won't lie to me. I trusted her long ago I knew anything about her RL. I know a little now because I trust her. She know most of all in SL about me because I trust her. Would seeing her ID the first day have changed this? Maybe, but probably not to trust her more. With giving out that comes the question why. Have I looked at the ID of any of my RL friends, yes sure some, especially to see an ugly photo they have on there drivers licence. Have I done this before or after I started to trust them. After in all cases. Would I show my ID to someone I don't trust? To buy stuff, to take out money, of if it's a police, yes sure. Some other, no, that would definitely lower my trust in the person, why would then feel like they need to know how I am. Asking for ID is a sure sign that they don't trust me, so why should I trust them?

How do we build trust?

The first rule of trust is never lie. Not saying stuff is no problem, I don't give out any information about my RL, other that I'm Swedish. People seam to be able to trust me despite this. But I never lie to hide any details, lies always get out. That's the way it is, being honest and truth full is really important in RL. But it's so much more important in SL. Also keep in mind that in SL there are many different cultures, many different subcultures. I often RP, the personality I show up is different.

Sweet red kiss II
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The second rule is "No Drama!". Second life as all electronic forms are great for misunderstandings they live there own lives. Be open make sure you understand the person before you do anything. If you think something sounds strange, or wrong ask again. Cultural and language difference make stuff hard to get right. It's better to look like a fool asking twice, that to prove you self being one acting on the misunderstandings.

Also trust your friend with there privacy. Don't spread rumours, don't tell anyone else what you heard in privacy. Even if you might think it's the right think to do. It's really hard and can put you in hard positions. When I know much about some one from private conversations I often get into the positions where I have to tell about it. I don't know how many times I answered friend with "I can't answer you on that, I know to much." Even people I trust very much so far I all person have understood that and respected that I keep out of that subject. The hardest questions in this is probably if you find out that a friend is cheating on a friend. It's really, really hard in that case. I would never tell, I would how ever talk serious with the cheater, doing my best to convince about rule 1, "Tell the truth".


What is PG?

One questions none seams to asked during all this Nipplegate is, What is PG? Not really true as Wrath did wire a little about PG in her nice blog entry. I think this issue need deeper looking into. This issue will also be extremely more important once the age verifications goes live. MPAA in there PG rules state:

"There may be some profanity and some depictions of violence or brief nudity. But these elements are not deemed so intense as to require that parents be strongly cautioned beyond the suggestion of parental guidance."

"Nudity - Natural nudity, with no sexual context."

One can also notice that BFCC's guide for U (universal) is almost the same as PG in the US. "Nudity - Occasional natural nudity, with no sexual context."

The community standard make some text about this, stating that PG: ratings are harder in SL that in movies:

Second Life is an adult community, but Mature material is not necessarily appropriate in all areas (see Global Standards below). Content, communication, or behavior which involves intense language or expletives, nudity or sexual content, the depiction of sex or violence, or anything else broadly offensive must be contained within private land in areas rated Mature (M). Names of Residents, objects, places and groups are broadly viewable in Second Life directories and on the Second Life website, and must adhere to PG guidelines."

One can notice that this includes violence. How ever the LLCS (Linden Labs Combat System) is fully described on the webpages. This must give a view on now the rules atre fo been seen, so topless, people probably are OK in PG areas. Or should be, it's ok on public beaches. (At least here). Running around nude in the street probably isn't in PG area. I can be OK with that, in a mature sim all is OK. There is also a tool that is said to be "Again this is voluntary," so landowner in no way will have any problem not flagging land Restricetd and have any mature content.


Why because it will not to any difference at all. That is promised to be voluntary, so there will be not actions form the lindens if you don't. It will only lower the number of potential clients. I will not help keep kids from getting to the material. Kids isn't allowed in the grid. Kids have no problem getting age verified. To submit information and cross check with PUBLIC records can never prove anything about the person sending in the information. It only probes that the public information is well public. If I already lied about my identity to get online... What extra is there to lie about my identity to get verified?

The other big problem is that adult content is not even tried to be cleared out what that mean?


Chillout (Updated)

Bird Watching
Bird Watching
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki

Nadine meditating
Nadine meditating
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki

Waiting for you
Waiting for you
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki

This post is a contribute to the best chill out spot in SL. It's even better than mine and my sis plot. And that always been one one my favourite places in SL. I don't know how WiLL does it but it's a pure relaxing place. Here are some images and have a look at his own description.

Update: It's with great sorry I have to tell that Will is no longer among the SL community, the great place is no more and I don't know how to chill any more. I'll just wander along as an empty shell between clubs and hope someone takes care of me.


Uncensored Nadine as Nipplegate protest

Nadine meditating
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki

London Spengler wrote in her blog:

And yes, I agree with them all… but I whould love to see their, and your nipples in your blogs, as a protest :-)

Actually i don't like this kind of messaged, but this issue is worth putting some light on so I'll do it.

Over at Burning Life more stuff is happening the old leader (that placed out the censor boxes). A vote is started to convince Iridium Linden to remove Vicero Lambert. As leader for this years Burning Life.

More and more stuff happens all the time.

More bloggers: Nobody Fugazi, Cheen Pitney, Phasing Grace,


Buring Man follow up

Censored Nad
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki

First when i read i was thinking of this detail to pass by, and not point it out, I had linked to the Burning life blog of Gavin. Where the cite appears long long down, but as even dandellion, apparently missed it, I'll take this here as well:

[10:10] Iridium Linden: Hi GavinLeigh. Thanks for your note. I did tell Vicero that bits (ex: nipples) could not be shown in a PG sim. Perhaps we can reassign your plot to a Mature Burning Life sim. I'll investigate and get back to you. Or perhaps you can make the breast without so much detail. I know that's a lot to ask, but let's see if we can find an alternative first.

I'm sorry Iridium, something must have gone wrong, somehow you must have got to long in you striving to make a good work. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" I think this is a good example of this. Iridium probably means well, her intentions are probably good. I'm putting my self in the line that thinks the only good way out of this is that Iridium cleans up this mess, that is make a clean excuse to Gavin, That linden puts some effort into helping him to rebuild the statue, one good way would be to give him salary for the time it takes him to restore the statue. That that define and state what the rules are.

How many times i read the community standards I can't see that Venus de milo should not go into a PG area in SL. So all around SL please do what it's your force to make this change.

People that demand that Linden make something about this.

Mail, IM, comment on this and i'll try update the list!

How much more can we take?

How much more shit will the SL residents take? Lindens censoring and view on SL for each day make me more and more confused and scared. Yesterday the news of age verification now is in, or halfway in. And trying to make this a issue of trust, in what way will that I know the social social security number of someone about 18 make me more trust worthy? That is what they verify, that I know the social security number of someone above the age of 18. I did know that of my parents when I was 12, I don't know that today.

That and today in run into that Linden have censored the Burning Life art exhibition. Tateru Nino, write two long entries about this, it also a long article on this on the burning life blog. In short, there was a big nice looking marble statue of a nude lady. The reason seams to be that that lade have nipples, way all above 18 should know that ladies have nipples. Maybe my understanding of this matter is a little to low as in the city I have grown up in there are sure at least 7 statues with nude girls, all having nipples. (Those where the ones that I could verify on wikipedia.)There also are some male figures with penis. I personally think the the outdoors of any Swedish city is a PG area. We have no "red-light" district, no explicitly porn. For example of public art in Sweden look at Solglitter, by Carl Milles. That statue also exists in St Louis and Costa Mesa in USA.


Happy Happy

Codie held her speech at avatrait, yesterday, I was planning to put it on Kisa's chat beautifier just to highlight a small line she said, that made me the happiest girl in SL:

CodeBastard Redgrave:
Thanks to Nadine Nozaki, my partner in SL, for being so patient with me working all the time.

But someone, Hi love, was quicker that me, and I also needed to ask her if it was ok.


Electric Life

Late shall the lazy wake up, or I have to much work *giggle*. As a response to myg's nice blog about her virtual life I'll try to make up a little about mine.

Second Life:

Nadine Nozaki, it's me, where I was born the 11 January 2007. My home in in Calder, where i live with my sis, Chrome. Chrome and I meet on my first day in SL and that nice lady have been my support since them.


One of the first thinks I did outside second life was to start a blog, The first post from 14 of January is not much to talk about. But there have been some better since then if i might say so my self.


I have been on flickr since February, or maybe the end of January, the oldest image i can see id from 4:th of February. But i have 4 images before that. Having a free account have it's limitations. I have meet many wounder full people thou this page, the most fascinating is my Codie, ma petite rouge.


This bleak copy of flickr, can it be used, sure it's bulk storage for spread many raw images not worth uploading on flickr.

Google pages

Tried bu never used, or how to say, make a small page there. Never came around to finish it.


Trying to keep updated now and then. Updated from sl with /42, Squawk is cool wounder when they moved ready. Or from gtalk.


A twitter look alike from finland, some really nice additions like stream add of images, blogs and so on. Updated from sl with /42, Squawk is cool wounder when they moved ready.


The newest version of the twitter idea, more privare, more friends communication.


Hyped so much the Codie will definitely stay out *giggle* hides and is sure she will have to eat the words later.


Most used to try to keep track on if any body links to my blog. As no one cares, it's empty *giggle*


Dark Angels Fund Raiser.

Dark Angels Fund Raiser.
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki
Dark Angles fund raiser event, sure you always dreamed of a date with the dark angles staff! Here is your chance. During the hole day out fantastic staff will be on the stand to be auctioned out. This to raise money for the running of the club.

Click to TP!


Code Red Gallery opening.

The code red gallery opening party is spinning around, we have passed DJ Punky and now Cholg is playing the tunes. What a fantastic evening! Night!

Come down and party will over 20 hours left!


Thansk Linden Lab....

One think i missed in the previous post, thanks for all the bug fixes, the number of bug fixes in one release have not been this high for very long. That's is something I like, now please 1.18.3 Monday with friends and groups detachable from the IM window, That's all I ask for! Please help out with closing VWR-1076, in a way that works with out voice!


Ohh fuck.... (Updated...)

I HATE YOU LINDENS! Not because you added voice, because this voice shit HAVE DESTROYED THE TEXT CHAT INTERFACE! The Friends List. All in IN FUCKING SMALL WINDOW. I need then as like it was before to see anything, NOW I CAN FOLLOW IM AND MAIN CHAT ANY MORE PLEASE FIX NOW!!!!!!!

Ok. that was possibly to configure, but the group and friend list wont come out of that window and that's even more irritating!

I have at "best" only 35 friend online... Seeing four at a time in the list won't work!
I need that window to be almost as high as the screen. I most of the time have 10 -20 im's running, I need to be able to used the full screen width of the tabs with IM's the new client only lets me combine this if i cover the full screen with chat and IM. Really nice? NOT!!!!

This is my window layout, I like it, give me back the friends list! NOW! Please! Give me back the group swap window, now please, That two might be combined. The New Chat stuff in the IM I never liked, now that's the only one left. :-(

More updates, Raul Crimson, made a really nice observation earlier. Balp, have written a open letter. Any other reactions I have missed, comment here or send me mail.

I'm Nadine.Nozaki and thats at gmail.com.

I'm Super Green!

I got the fortunate luck be be invited to a preview of the Greenies home. To day 2 august at 5 SLT the place open be I have already had my tour of the place. I'm amazed this place show what possible within SL. It's a true evidence on why SL still is the most amazing of all possible online worlds. I draws it's power form the creative minds that inhabit it. The sim is a work of a new company Rezzable, that will focus on making amazing stuff in second life. And this the first sim, place what ever they start is just really amazing.

In the future we will see many more project coming from this little company, it's definitely something to keep your eyes open for. They have about 30 sim's in development and is the rest are as half as creative as this one. They will be amazing. I'm defintly recomending a visit to the Greenies area.


Code Red Gallery DJ List

Marquez @ Dragon Inn
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki
The following DJ will appear at the Code Red Gallery Opening party:

PunkKitty Fitzgerald, Cholgosh Swindlehurst, Metallia Stygian, Sabrina McGee, Marquez Tone, Wolfbringer Sixpack, Madam Cumming, Traeldor Kuhn and Artillo Fredericks.

The times that each DJ is going to play will soon be announced, but we have three more that we will get on shifts before we get it public.

A few short words of the DJ's, that will all be playing there own selections of music so I'm not sure what that have put together for the evening.

Punky, PunkKitty, is a great DJ, just look at this blog entry about her performance no more words are needed.

The we have Cholgosh, Regular DJ at Firefly's, an nice bar with a good party feeling a DJ that will definitely make the place move.

Then we have Metallia, when I first heard her after arti, I was sold, she is a awesome DJ. I have heard her doing some of the best rock sets there is. But I'm not sure that is what she have in mind for this party.

After that we place Sabrina in the centre spot, Cholgs partner in crime at Firefly's. She is a bit of a wild card, but i heard much good of her sets.

Then comes Marquez, all Code Red members should know this awesome DJ the house DJ of Code Red. You can also see and get his images from the gallery.

Wolfbringer, Wolf, is one of the great DJ that hard and heavy rock at Carnage all nights. There is no chance you can be tired listening to him.

Madam, the great never giving up DJ from Dark Angels, I love this lady. If anyone can keep the party going it's her.

Traeldor, Codie talks high about this DJ, the only one that I haven't booked my self. But if Codie likes him I know it's good.

Artillo, my own super special DJ. Even if all the others are great this is the one event i really look forward to. Arti closing the 24 hour party his music and skills in working the audience are so far unmatched. I can't wait to get this demon on the set.

Dreading what to come, or voice!

Nadine & Artillo @ Blacklist

One can wonder if any of the Lindens actually brothered to talk to any of us resident before posting there long defence of the voice feature. First Roleplaying is very little about the time you spend in combat, if you like combat, SL is not the place. There are many good first person shoot out games with voice for that type of action. And the talk about voice changing software sound cool but what year will we have that?

And for us non English speakers, PLEASE GET A GRIP OF REALITY! My English writing is ok, can communicate that way. I often have to go back and read what people say two times, sometimes three to understand it. When talking to my English colleges I'm much more limited in what I can say, this is common for many of my fellow swedes, Talking on phone is much harder, need more questions to make sure we understood what was said. And when you then add background sounds, bad mic and all of that other stuff. It's getting hard just to understand, about half of the DJ's in SL I have problem understanding when they talk at a club. An then they are the only once talking to talking in the mouth of each other. Yes as non-English speaker I will never turn voice on. I only have two friends that understand my native language in SL. For the rest text is much much easier, and when voice comes I probably will see how was real friends. I'm scared my bad English will loose man many good friends that day.


Code Red Gallery opening.

Code Red Gallery opening

Code Red Gallery Gala opening, Codie will open an addition to her club or rather take the club into a new era with this great addition. We will have the greatest line up of DJ to far seen in SL. Among the DJ are Artillo, PunkKitty, Metallia and several more ones.


Will clubbing in SL die now.

Johnne @ ~* Club Carnage *~

Now is it happening RL laws are running all over SL. And as SL is in California it's not my laws, it Californian laws. Well some stuff are banned because being illegal in Germany as well. Now it's gaming, wagering that is banned. I don't know how US laws are but the ban is quite wide, one of the main sources of income for all clubs have been the splooder, that little think that all pays and then randomly pays out most of to all the players. Now there have to be gone and as I see donations and tipping must become the main income. So in the future when you visit a club, please tip the staff, a few lindens. If you don't I'm afraid clubbing, and parties will be as lively as the second life playboy mansion.

I have seen many protest around SL against this decision, but I must admit I have much greater understanding of this decision that the filtering of the word teen. I hope that we can find a way to keep people spending a little money at clubs. But I'm afraid that this will make the survival for anything but shops harder. Maybe we will get a system where clubs take entry fees. We that works at clubs that are not only prostitutes will have to do more to find new ways to pay the rent. One could hope that this will bring down the land tier down a little. As the value of SL for landowners and lowering. I have even seen some speculations if this will bring SL to an economic halt.


Almost safe.... (Updated)

I'm not that badly addicted to this blogging stuff yet, I'm much more addicted to the second life thing. I'll definitely don't care about the blogging when i get online. But the question is how can i know that. I have though a some questions that might give a clue.

  • Do you say SL as Second life takes way to long?

  • För Stockholmare, betyder SL Secondlife eller Stockholms Lokaltrafik?

  • Do you log into SL before getting to work?

  • Do you log into SL before having breakfast?

  • Do you log into SL before having coffee?

  • Do you log into SL before taking the morning shower?

  • Do you log into SL after work?

  • Do you log into SL after dinner?

  • Do you log into SL after midnight?

  • Do you log into SL after undressing?

  • Have you ever missed an RL party for SL?

  • Your own RL party?

  • Your own RL birthday party?

  • Your own RL wedding?

  • Do you celebrate your SL birthdays more that your RL one?

  • Does your SL partied bring more guests then you RL once?

  • Do you have an SL window open while reading this blog?

Update: Vint have been so kind to provide her answers.



Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki
I have tried many things in SL but getting sacrificed and killed to reach eternal life was a new experience. With a little help from Luvamp, I got my self impaled, and sacrificed by the king of the Brujah vampires Darknight. The ritual was one of the better role play ceremonies i have seen so far. and it now with great pride I hover above the mortals.


Six Months (Part II)

This is the second half of Nadine's memoirs. One short time I was employed by a club called sweetstars, that was short and quick and a course in how not to do things. Despite good intentions the club failed miserable, much because to much RL and to little SL. The staff and the dancers quite quick started to feel like prisoners, and badly paid as well. I was there to long, all the time is existed, about a weekend, I should have left earlier is if wasn't to help the newbie girls working there.

However I ended up working as dancer at Carnage in the end, a tag I still where with some pride, Carnage is a big party factory. 12 hours a day 7 days a week party. Good dedicated staff, and very little drama. A really good place to learn how to get parties running and working. At the moment I have positions at three clubs, Halo, with Slow, Lexi, and Hessa, to bad I have so little time to party there. Carnage, mostly hosting, but I still have my dancer tag, and Host Manager at Dark Angels. That I try to get time to make some nice animations between that and I have some for sale at SLX and SL-boutique. I Also make some custom animations selling to different people as they need it.

Cuddling with my love at home.

Then on the 22 of April something happened to me, I was hosting a little Naughty School Girls party at Carnage. When I think a girl called Neysa tp:ed in one of her friends, a girl I had seen on flickr. What can you say about some one that comes to a naughty schools girls party with the line "well those girls need a teacher", Well
I fell in love, instantly. Since then most of my life have been running around on small red clouds even of stuff around me in SL have made me splat to the ground a couples of times on the way.


6 Months party

Nadine @ Party
Originally uploaded by eponymousdylan
After a way to slow start, Thanks Linden for an big update on my birthday, the party did really get going. I did forget to reset the R2D2 to give a good list of the quests. There was some coming from Dark Angels for the first time seeing out place and some that have been on all the parties at Calder. This time I didn't get a DJ, for one that i did the party in the week and for one thing me being to late out in the planing. So I did the DJ:ing my self, or as Blittz would have called it the juke-boxing. Thanks again all for coming to my birthday ans I love this images by EponymousDylan, thanks friend.


Six months (Part I)

Six months, what is Six months? In SL time it's about half a life. I'll the time in your life when you return top your chamber and write your memories, and never come out again to meet people. Maybe not, but I have been throw much more in SL in six months than ever in six months of RL time. Here is Nadine's story in short as I remember it now looking back, it started in a Thursday in January, cold and rainy and I decided to test that Second Life think, I had been thing about that or WoW for a while, but I didn't like buying the client to test, so Second life it became, I downloaded the client and tested.

Well there is an introduction in how to do this, cool, I ran around like the lost soul I was, on the introduction island. Somehow there was a really nice should there and while I started to figure out how to move, talk, and see anything, I was able to chat and got awarded with three outfits for it. I Was stupid n00b and never at that stage understood how to get her name and how to thank her for that gift. Also probably to much n00b to understand the value of three three outfits. They are just gorgeous, fantastic and I still used them as base for my look. Laster that day I got over to the help island, lost and confused and meet my first friend that I can remember Seatpilot, he was lost at an airport and we talked a little before he had to go to the gate.

After that I was about ready and brave enough to get into mainland, as the most confused n00b there ever was. I was then lucky to meet a sweet Japanese girl that gave me some pointers and help and said if I ever needed anything just ask. I most have asked thousand of questions that night, she must have have so pissed at me. The next day of the five or six i got in my friends list only that Japanese girl was online, I started asking her stuff at once, I proudly showed her a shop i had found, and this time she came with a gun on her back. I was so surprised and a little scared. IN the end she told me about her work as escort and had left me with a loot of tips about that line of work. I was of on my first career. Well it took several days and many long talks with chrome before I made a single linden from it. The first time actually helping her with one of her clients, and chrome, paying me of her own pocket.

I made some exporting and travel on my own as well finding the Blacklist club, Nexus Prime. Running and learning to knew loot and loot of people, some that are still among the people i talk to almost daily or at least as often as possible. After a while I happens in my first reall experience of drama, what Chrome and Chaos broke up, I was in the middle as Chrome had adopted me as her sis and we talked long days and nights about everything, or at least as much as we needed. Chrome an I had always understood each other very well. Chrome also fixed me my first non escort work at Club Halo dancer with Slow as my boss. I can remember how proud she sounded when Slow liked me and took me as dancer.

Dark Angel

I have got one more SL work, I'm Host manager at the Dark Angels Erotic Club. I'm in charge of some of the loveliest sl hostess there are, and to my help i have the never ending energy girl Madam. Please come and party with us at Dark Angels. I promice we do our best to have a great party.


Short pointers around

First a long chat with Robin Linden, well worth reading if you wonder what you can do in SL or not. Secondly an nice as always post by Vint. Then also a long thread on flickr.


Keeping Second Life Safe, Together

We all need to work together to make second life a nice and safe place for everyone to visit. TO make sure that no avatars as damaged while building Linden Labs have in the UK office started to work together with HSE to make new builders guidelines. Based on HSE large experience in safety work some new guide lines have been created.

  • Ladders use alternatives where possible. Flying is a good alternative.

  • Guardrail erect rails around all big fall to avoid the splat effect. If working at heights about 300 meters use the terra emergency chute.

  • Properly plan all lifting operations, if possible rez the object directly where they should go. There is no need for most lifting works in SL, but be careful of prims with the physical property, they may actually fall down.


Summer, Sun, Rain & Vacation

Bathing @ Halo
I'm off on vacation, no more boring RL work for a month, and sadly no more SL time for a month. Well maybe a minute here and there from one or other hot-spot, or internet cafe, but not as much as i would like, that's for sure. I have put in a vacation list at carnage, I have hugged my sis and kissed my Codie. Still I can't believe it, I'm off leaving and out of SL. The longest before was three and a half day, that almost killed me.

I'm addicted
And I love it

Bored Nadine
Those how got my mail, please write long letters, telling me everything that happens in SL, I don't want a noob to be able to sign up with out some one telling me, I don't whant a second of drama or cyber to happen with out me getting the long referee. Please help be to get throu the long time of being offline.