Uncensored Nadine as Nipplegate protest

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London Spengler wrote in her blog:

And yes, I agree with them all… but I whould love to see their, and your nipples in your blogs, as a protest :-)

Actually i don't like this kind of messaged, but this issue is worth putting some light on so I'll do it.

Over at Burning Life more stuff is happening the old leader (that placed out the censor boxes). A vote is started to convince Iridium Linden to remove Vicero Lambert. As leader for this years Burning Life.

More and more stuff happens all the time.

More bloggers: Nobody Fugazi, Cheen Pitney, Phasing Grace,


Buring Man follow up

Censored Nad
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First when i read i was thinking of this detail to pass by, and not point it out, I had linked to the Burning life blog of Gavin. Where the cite appears long long down, but as even dandellion, apparently missed it, I'll take this here as well:

[10:10] Iridium Linden: Hi GavinLeigh. Thanks for your note. I did tell Vicero that bits (ex: nipples) could not be shown in a PG sim. Perhaps we can reassign your plot to a Mature Burning Life sim. I'll investigate and get back to you. Or perhaps you can make the breast without so much detail. I know that's a lot to ask, but let's see if we can find an alternative first.

I'm sorry Iridium, something must have gone wrong, somehow you must have got to long in you striving to make a good work. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" I think this is a good example of this. Iridium probably means well, her intentions are probably good. I'm putting my self in the line that thinks the only good way out of this is that Iridium cleans up this mess, that is make a clean excuse to Gavin, That linden puts some effort into helping him to rebuild the statue, one good way would be to give him salary for the time it takes him to restore the statue. That that define and state what the rules are.

How many times i read the community standards I can't see that Venus de milo should not go into a PG area in SL. So all around SL please do what it's your force to make this change.

People that demand that Linden make something about this.

Mail, IM, comment on this and i'll try update the list!

How much more can we take?

How much more shit will the SL residents take? Lindens censoring and view on SL for each day make me more and more confused and scared. Yesterday the news of age verification now is in, or halfway in. And trying to make this a issue of trust, in what way will that I know the social social security number of someone about 18 make me more trust worthy? That is what they verify, that I know the social security number of someone above the age of 18. I did know that of my parents when I was 12, I don't know that today.

That and today in run into that Linden have censored the Burning Life art exhibition. Tateru Nino, write two long entries about this, it also a long article on this on the burning life blog. In short, there was a big nice looking marble statue of a nude lady. The reason seams to be that that lade have nipples, way all above 18 should know that ladies have nipples. Maybe my understanding of this matter is a little to low as in the city I have grown up in there are sure at least 7 statues with nude girls, all having nipples. (Those where the ones that I could verify on wikipedia.)There also are some male figures with penis. I personally think the the outdoors of any Swedish city is a PG area. We have no "red-light" district, no explicitly porn. For example of public art in Sweden look at Solglitter, by Carl Milles. That statue also exists in St Louis and Costa Mesa in USA.


Happy Happy

Codie held her speech at avatrait, yesterday, I was planning to put it on Kisa's chat beautifier just to highlight a small line she said, that made me the happiest girl in SL:

CodeBastard Redgrave:
Thanks to Nadine Nozaki, my partner in SL, for being so patient with me working all the time.

But someone, Hi love, was quicker that me, and I also needed to ask her if it was ok.


Electric Life

Late shall the lazy wake up, or I have to much work *giggle*. As a response to myg's nice blog about her virtual life I'll try to make up a little about mine.

Second Life:

Nadine Nozaki, it's me, where I was born the 11 January 2007. My home in in Calder, where i live with my sis, Chrome. Chrome and I meet on my first day in SL and that nice lady have been my support since them.


One of the first thinks I did outside second life was to start a blog, The first post from 14 of January is not much to talk about. But there have been some better since then if i might say so my self.


I have been on flickr since February, or maybe the end of January, the oldest image i can see id from 4:th of February. But i have 4 images before that. Having a free account have it's limitations. I have meet many wounder full people thou this page, the most fascinating is my Codie, ma petite rouge.


This bleak copy of flickr, can it be used, sure it's bulk storage for spread many raw images not worth uploading on flickr.

Google pages

Tried bu never used, or how to say, make a small page there. Never came around to finish it.


Trying to keep updated now and then. Updated from sl with /42, Squawk is cool wounder when they moved ready. Or from gtalk.


A twitter look alike from finland, some really nice additions like stream add of images, blogs and so on. Updated from sl with /42, Squawk is cool wounder when they moved ready.


The newest version of the twitter idea, more privare, more friends communication.


Hyped so much the Codie will definitely stay out *giggle* hides and is sure she will have to eat the words later.


Most used to try to keep track on if any body links to my blog. As no one cares, it's empty *giggle*


Dark Angels Fund Raiser.

Dark Angels Fund Raiser.
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Dark Angles fund raiser event, sure you always dreamed of a date with the dark angles staff! Here is your chance. During the hole day out fantastic staff will be on the stand to be auctioned out. This to raise money for the running of the club.

Click to TP!


Code Red Gallery opening.

The code red gallery opening party is spinning around, we have passed DJ Punky and now Cholg is playing the tunes. What a fantastic evening! Night!

Come down and party will over 20 hours left!


Thansk Linden Lab....

One think i missed in the previous post, thanks for all the bug fixes, the number of bug fixes in one release have not been this high for very long. That's is something I like, now please 1.18.3 Monday with friends and groups detachable from the IM window, That's all I ask for! Please help out with closing VWR-1076, in a way that works with out voice!


Ohh fuck.... (Updated...)

I HATE YOU LINDENS! Not because you added voice, because this voice shit HAVE DESTROYED THE TEXT CHAT INTERFACE! The Friends List. All in IN FUCKING SMALL WINDOW. I need then as like it was before to see anything, NOW I CAN FOLLOW IM AND MAIN CHAT ANY MORE PLEASE FIX NOW!!!!!!!

Ok. that was possibly to configure, but the group and friend list wont come out of that window and that's even more irritating!

I have at "best" only 35 friend online... Seeing four at a time in the list won't work!
I need that window to be almost as high as the screen. I most of the time have 10 -20 im's running, I need to be able to used the full screen width of the tabs with IM's the new client only lets me combine this if i cover the full screen with chat and IM. Really nice? NOT!!!!

This is my window layout, I like it, give me back the friends list! NOW! Please! Give me back the group swap window, now please, That two might be combined. The New Chat stuff in the IM I never liked, now that's the only one left. :-(

More updates, Raul Crimson, made a really nice observation earlier. Balp, have written a open letter. Any other reactions I have missed, comment here or send me mail.

I'm Nadine.Nozaki and thats at gmail.com.

I'm Super Green!

I got the fortunate luck be be invited to a preview of the Greenies home. To day 2 august at 5 SLT the place open be I have already had my tour of the place. I'm amazed this place show what possible within SL. It's a true evidence on why SL still is the most amazing of all possible online worlds. I draws it's power form the creative minds that inhabit it. The sim is a work of a new company Rezzable, that will focus on making amazing stuff in second life. And this the first sim, place what ever they start is just really amazing.

In the future we will see many more project coming from this little company, it's definitely something to keep your eyes open for. They have about 30 sim's in development and is the rest are as half as creative as this one. They will be amazing. I'm defintly recomending a visit to the Greenies area.


Code Red Gallery DJ List

Marquez @ Dragon Inn
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The following DJ will appear at the Code Red Gallery Opening party:

PunkKitty Fitzgerald, Cholgosh Swindlehurst, Metallia Stygian, Sabrina McGee, Marquez Tone, Wolfbringer Sixpack, Madam Cumming, Traeldor Kuhn and Artillo Fredericks.

The times that each DJ is going to play will soon be announced, but we have three more that we will get on shifts before we get it public.

A few short words of the DJ's, that will all be playing there own selections of music so I'm not sure what that have put together for the evening.

Punky, PunkKitty, is a great DJ, just look at this blog entry about her performance no more words are needed.

The we have Cholgosh, Regular DJ at Firefly's, an nice bar with a good party feeling a DJ that will definitely make the place move.

Then we have Metallia, when I first heard her after arti, I was sold, she is a awesome DJ. I have heard her doing some of the best rock sets there is. But I'm not sure that is what she have in mind for this party.

After that we place Sabrina in the centre spot, Cholgs partner in crime at Firefly's. She is a bit of a wild card, but i heard much good of her sets.

Then comes Marquez, all Code Red members should know this awesome DJ the house DJ of Code Red. You can also see and get his images from the gallery.

Wolfbringer, Wolf, is one of the great DJ that hard and heavy rock at Carnage all nights. There is no chance you can be tired listening to him.

Madam, the great never giving up DJ from Dark Angels, I love this lady. If anyone can keep the party going it's her.

Traeldor, Codie talks high about this DJ, the only one that I haven't booked my self. But if Codie likes him I know it's good.

Artillo, my own super special DJ. Even if all the others are great this is the one event i really look forward to. Arti closing the 24 hour party his music and skills in working the audience are so far unmatched. I can't wait to get this demon on the set.

Dreading what to come, or voice!

Nadine & Artillo @ Blacklist

One can wonder if any of the Lindens actually brothered to talk to any of us resident before posting there long defence of the voice feature. First Roleplaying is very little about the time you spend in combat, if you like combat, SL is not the place. There are many good first person shoot out games with voice for that type of action. And the talk about voice changing software sound cool but what year will we have that?

And for us non English speakers, PLEASE GET A GRIP OF REALITY! My English writing is ok, can communicate that way. I often have to go back and read what people say two times, sometimes three to understand it. When talking to my English colleges I'm much more limited in what I can say, this is common for many of my fellow swedes, Talking on phone is much harder, need more questions to make sure we understood what was said. And when you then add background sounds, bad mic and all of that other stuff. It's getting hard just to understand, about half of the DJ's in SL I have problem understanding when they talk at a club. An then they are the only once talking to talking in the mouth of each other. Yes as non-English speaker I will never turn voice on. I only have two friends that understand my native language in SL. For the rest text is much much easier, and when voice comes I probably will see how was real friends. I'm scared my bad English will loose man many good friends that day.