Top 10 resaons WoW is not my game.

I read in ITPro about WoW better that sl. But HEY! I have chosen before not to comment on WoW as i never logged into it, I have a copy still in the plastics beside my computer and will try any week now, that i said when I got it a few months back as well.

1. Subscriber base.

Yepp, WoW is bigger, so is Windows. Bigger ain't the same as better China isn't best just because they are the most. It can be better, it can be worse.

2. The users.

The argument your average ITPro more likely to be a WoW:er. HEY I LIKE TO MEET NORMAL PEOPLE! Is there any?

3 It's fun.

Omg I have so much fin in SL, not sure where they been to miss the fun in SL N00B island?

4. There is a point to it.

And if you don't spend 40 hours a week the teen's kick your ass. I prefer making my own point, if that is partying someday or whacking Vikings an other. I have no use in Blizzard telling my my goals...

5. The community

All SL is about community, you can even start to do anything almost with out others. The goal if you say so is the different communities.

6 Reliability

Yes LL read and wipe, it's better but you need to fix this.

7 You can play it with your real friends

I know many that play with there husbands, wife's, however kids are banned. I also know many making RL friend forever in SL.

8 It continues to grow

Yeah last month the price changed many island away, but as land and everything is made but the users. New exciting stuff pops up every day, not only when Blizzard decide you need to pay an other 500 SEK to get part of it.

9 WoW makes a lot of money

Yes playing WoW is expensive, is that good or bad?

10 It inspires genuine devotion

Looking at SL Bloggs I'm pretty sure we are as devoted as WoW:ers maybe even more.


What have you learned about running your SL business...

Starting your SL business right

This is exciting.. I get to write about something serious for a change.. and Nadine Nozaki's The winter Market is who I got to be teamed up with! Writing about serious stuff isn't exactly what I'm famous for. My blog usually covers the world of 1. "Me" 2. "Clubbing" 3. "Exploring" and that's pretty much it. The topic I've been assigned is: "What have you learned about running your SL business and/or what have you learned from watching how Linden labs run their business" not a horrible set of topics if I ran a typical SL business or paid any attention to how Linden Labs ran theirs (from reading other peoples blogs there appears to be some question as to if LL actually runs their business or just lets it drift from crisis to crisis.)

I guess the closest I can do is talk a little bit about how to run a business based on my observations of how I've seen other people do it. Umm. So.. ok. Maybe I shouldn't talk about that either.

Well.. I guess that leaves me with what I've ADVISED people to do when setting up or tweaking their SL business. (I get asked to take a look at new clubs from time to time. And on occasion even get asked a serious question.)

I recommend new businesses start out doing a bit of competitive analysis. (btw.. this is called a SWOT analysis) I suggest that from a marketing standpoint they start identifying their strengths and weaknesses relative to specific competitors then taking a hard look at the opportunities and threats that exist in the market they have chosen to be in. I usually suggest they look at the market in broad terms as not just the other businesses that are direct competitors to them but anyone that is or could satisfy the basic needs their business is addressing.

The core financial decisions I usually leave to them to unwind (having not bothered to take apart Linden Labs server rates) but I do encourage a new business to carefully review their market and decide just where they best fit relative to everyone else. And I always recommend people talk to and befriend others doing what they are doing. (even competitors can be share basic information.. such as business ratios.)

The other question that sometimes gets thrown at me is about the branding of their enterprise. This is somewhat easier. Each of us in SL is essentially a brand manager for our avatar. How clearly we project an easy to understand "image" is reflected in how quickly other people recognize us when our avatar enters a room. The secret to managing a businesses identity is like that: clarity and simplicity. Start by being known for something, then as you grow, try to keep close to that original central theme.

Ok.. so.. um.. an example maybe.. for me..

I guess the closest thing I do to running a business is my blog and my famous money-losing bday/rezzday events. (btw.. This isn't a full SWOT analysis. Just a taste.)

To my knowledge no-one else is putting on monthly parties open to everyone. A key strength is basing the parties on Bday/Rezzdays – everyone has one, we all love celebrating them. A key weakness is that they are usually celebrated amongst friends more than among strangers. An opportunity was the idea of a easily promoted monthly regularly scheduled event. (since the competition is regular club events, private events, and special events on irregular schedules) And a threat is that of course anyone can copy me (they just can't copy "me".

My blog is just fluff with an occasional seriously written post.. lots of pointing out the genius of the great people I know (their blogs and stuff), and great things in SL to go explore. (the fluff is actually branding messages about "me" cleverly disguised as entertainment)

Costs for events are staffing and promotion. Period. And all my costs for events and the blog are measured in time even more than in dollars. (Venues are not a big cost factor due to my moving them around month to month and due to every club desiring greater traffic.)

Branding issues. Well.. I know a lot of great people that are lots of fun to go to a party with. And.. ahem.. I like to think I'm kinda fun to have around too. All my events and my blog are strongly associated with me and my image. Not so much to flog my ego as to consistently tie my blog and the events I associate myself with to a central image.. in my case: "me" (and "I" am also a unique competitive advantage unduplicatable by anyone who'd want to try to copy me.)

So.. that's me. What's your business and brand all about?

Jordyn Carnell, "JC"
or http://jordyncarnell.com


An extraordinary night in malka

This is a story from my roleplay life, to give a view of what my life is like.
My Grandsire Aeai and Elder Naline had given me some paper work to do, so I was sitting with Xerx on my roof, deep down in work. When I see many people I seen before coming into malka. Both the pack flooded in. I saw it going wrong, weapons being drawn, up I jumped. Telling Xerx to get ready and rush down, a big jump and I landed weapons in my hand next to the throne, Xerx still a little confused following behind me. I see my family in full fight with people I know is in the pack, I Michel a friend form the Brood standing there, I had to ask him if he was here to help us or not, his answer was " no, Nadine, I guess not". Sadly I had to turn my blade at a friend, over this I hear Karoline shout "Let's wipe out Malk pestilence!!". Somewhat surprised an other old friend here to kill me, but not time to think about it, I jump at Michel, he gets support of two more, that are now three on me and all old strong demons. I don't back an inch and keeps on hunting Michel with all my power, my mind focusing on the blood coming from his body each time my blade hits. Soon three strong demons get to much for me and I fall down on the floor. Slowly breathing and concentrating I let the blood in my body heal my wounds and craws back ready to continue my defence of the city. The outside attackers had really miss judged the malkavian defence will, and the healing power of our blood.
I fight with great fury, but still the attackers are many, I go down a second time, now Hanna and Arpahel helping to heal my body, as soon all limbs start to react I'm back down and offering my self to the defence, hopefully hurting them I fall again, get a demon foot on my back, pressing me down with the words "stay down" something I really didn't intend to do, all my mind and body working to get up and back helping my family, with blood running throw my mouth I utter my despise for the demons lowering them to help lycans, Michel next to me again answer me with "I help the Brood, Nadine. I help my family. My Queen stands near you" his queen adds "You're the one on the floor. If you want to talk about lowered". I can't hold back a giggle and as Karoline passes I use my strength to ask her, "you also help lycans", she bends down next to me and wispers, "That's your Malk Queens fault...she even not is worried about her own family why even does she not show up on the plate if she even is needed!" as if a single malk even would have thought about letting Mahrk getting even insulted with out offering our lives first, Karo should have know better she was once a malk, I could not longer hold back my laughter.
Soon my limbs answer my body enough to craw away, I find Michel down on the floor, as my vitae have almost left my body, feeling weak form rebuilding my limbs I put my fangs into his body and drink drink my self strong again, but as I stumble to my feet i get a sword in my back and fall again. Michel crawls towards me tries to smile in his pain and as our eyes meet I hear his voice "We have to stop meeting like this, dear" I'm still surpriced to see his family helping the lycans, not idea that Karoline paid them both much to come and attack us. We both get on our feet about the same time. As I stumble up I look at Michel and to give him some warning I speak to him, "Let me hunt you". This is the start of a long duel between me and Michel for about 20 minutes we face each other all over Malka until he finally falls for my blades. I bend down at his side gives him a kiss and whispers "Just my work." Before I can explain more his Queen jumps on me, and I have to finish the battle against her. As we finished and drove the last of the invaders home, I can catch my breath for a second and look around, what a mess, this place really needs cleaning goes throw my mind. Tired and thirsty I pull Xerx close and sinks my fangs into her neck letting her blood revive my tired limbs.
As I feel strong and ready again, my mind still tired form the fight a well known voice is heard all over the town, "I claim the Malka throne for me!!", Karoline had obviously lost all her mind, my brain was all clear before she had finished the sentence and I rushed to get her off Mah's throne, I'm there and throws my self blade first at her throat, Xerx is at my back but despite the help she pushed me down I hiss a curse at her, with the helping hands of my Xerx I get back standing I continue to attack in pure rage. Not feeling how she hurts my body. I notice her will falling back. I press on and she starts to run, behind the graveyard I reach up with her. Finding her chanting a spell, a portal starts to appear in front of her i push my sword thou her body and it collapses around my sword and falls into the collapsing portal, before I can push my self throw the portal that vanish before my eyes. I'm left standing my eyes focused on the blood of Karo on my sword not understanding how I defeated her.


Swedish Punk II

Swedish Punk II
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki
What: Swedish Punk II
When: 9am Sunday 14 September!
How: You Party! We add the best Swedish Punk Music!
What? Yes it's on again.

Sjofin Oh: Honorary Swedish DJ, born in the US, lived in Sweden almost can tell the song titles.

Balp Allen: Swedish Black List Veteran By Now. He have strange stuff.

Mazi Mazt: Swedish DJ Doing his Blacklisted depute! I have tested him hard!


7 days to go....

Someware close in seven days....


Chyldes: Gunner Waydelich

I first met Gunner as Gem's boy in Seven sins, we sort of bumped into each others and he was always friendly and nice. The one of the first times, Wezen attached us, well me, Xerx, Sienna, Fenrys and Gunner. We kicked the demons ass, after a while Aeai asked me if I knew Gunner, she was looking for a sire to him. Such a cute boy and who can say no? With his girl already a malk he been nice and easy chylde. Always around to help and make me happy. Gunner is the one that always is around supporting never making any fuzz and now got him promoted to sire as well, my third chylde making sire.


Disconnecting Second Life to Real Life

Why? Why? Why should I like to connect my second life to my real life? I some like to make real life connections using second life, but me and I guess most of my friend are good with the rules:
  • SL is SL
  • RL is RL
  • RL comes first.

But from that I'll not say no to an other SL client, small light weight. Ajax life for me just don't make it, I get to much logged out, it times out. I would like to have something text based. Running at an other place, that can get passed a firewall. I can used SSH out. I want send IM's and read notecards. Voice, why, I'm in a landscape at work, in skype i only use the part text chat, why I DON'T what my colleges to hear. That gets even more true with my SL friends. For me? I don't think SLim will solve anything, I often reply on IM's using gmail, looks like that still will beat SLim. Getting all my SL friend in the gmail-talk list. That feature I really love.


I'm sorry....

For all, and everything.

Sorry Ellie,
Sorry Xerx,
Sorry Will.

The Verdict: SL5B was "Broadly Offensive"

Nadine Virgo
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki
It took me sometime to get this blog post out, why I been angry, disappointed, disturbed by RL and SL. Monday getting into my google reader i notice a post by Loki. I can't understand but Linden labs thinks this image is "Violation: Community Standards: Broadly Offensive Content or Conduct". I definitely is against any kind of child pornography, but to see this image as this is just plain stupid. It's a nice clean part of a set, avatar zodiac. It was on the SL5B. As you all know that event was the hardest ever in looking for "bad stuff". An event where Stephen Venkman's image got refused for showing a family. With this hard stance Loki got his nice avatar zodiac displayed on SL5B. Given Linden Labs know history, like last years burning man, and nipple gate. One should think a image passing there test at SL5B should be ok and one should have no fear of it being broadly offensive.

One of the exhibits from SL5B was so good that the cannery decided to prolong it and have it displayed there. It's been on display there a month then one person thinks maybe this is offensive. Loki appealed against the request to take his art down and Harry Linden found that the SL5B comity make SL5B an "Broadly Offensive" event. NVN talked to Scott Jennings about what the lindens should do in his opinion to make SL better. One of the three points was clan up mainland, and I agree SL needs to be cleaned up. Putting down time and resource on that would definitely been a better choose that on this clean up. Putting some time into cleaning up copyright stuff, would have been good. Some time talking internal and making the rules TOS clear would be nice. I personally don't use mainland, why because the landlord there don't care. On my private island k have a caring landlord, that makes stuff look good, it's that easy.


Feast with my girls.

Persia Hyun just made this awesome image of my and my girls.


Virtual Girls with Guns, on NWN

NWN Writes about Virtual Girls with Guns, at ning. And my old image, Girls and Guns night out III. So all ya armed girls out there come and join us!

Chyldes: Escortina Pfeffer

Escortina have been a friend of me for a long time in malka, she was the sub of Hiffaro, but things changed. Hiffi left for gor, she and Esco became sold to Melane and in all of that I sired Esco to be my chylde. But long before that she had always been around helping the malks in all ways she could. I especially remember an episode in damnation, Athena and Kry was attacked and called for help from the family. Two hight level enemies and some support there Oden and Saga. We took then down, I think Esco like my handling of the fight, she came up to me and said, "Congrats Nadine, You deserved a spar against me Nadine". I accepted, even if it still wasn't fully healed after the battle, and I'm not sure she was either. As short it gets when to fierce Death Dealers bash into each other we went in. My gun slamming throw her claws, steel against steal, sweaty bloody bodies touching. As I got her down on her feet my Xerx came of from behind and assisted in binding her up. With some effort I was able to say over my giggling "My girl Xerx missed it being spar I think. Resurrect her instead Xerx". I sired Esco as soon as her mistress allowed her to become a malk.

Ever since Esco's dedication to be a great malk have been ever higher she is carrying our name loud and proud around all places. She walk with her head high along people that try to kill and spit on us. Never looking down or hiding her malk heritage. When she was promoted to sire I was so proud she had let me be her sire.


Pet? fight in SL

Someone who didn't understand fight club or pet-fight in second life.

Yes a cool build but I have two better pets for fighting.

Chyldes: 00l00 Wolfenhaut

00 is a really crazy demon, I learned to know 00 in malka the first of my chyldes I meet there. 00 was like a puppet seeking for a master, me and Xerx did our best and after just a short time we knew 00 so well I sired him. 00 did a good job in the worst story of my time in seven sins. One day I was there walking with Xerx and 00, when we ran inte the pack of Andro, DonnieK, Aerlinniel, Raven and some more. I had to get off line and left Xerx and 00 there alone. When I came back the first thing the cowards had done was to attack all kill my girl, they bit her leg off and peed on her. I made me furious and soon I had the whole family there kicking there ass freeing both my chyldes. While we killed hunted all of seven clean of non malks, or allied I had 00 take my Xerx back to hospital in malka.

It's been a while now since I seen 00 around malka.

I wanna have...

Vint got me into shopping mode, she linked to a video for sine waves new AO. Sine wave always been one of the better animators in second life. It was there dances I cried most for when my dance machine broke.


Second Life: 'Ur So Gay!'

Reading Laura Vess, on gay wired my brain starts to wonder why not in SL. Yes she mentions The L Word, and yes been there some time, short term gf's giving me a tp. For the most of my time I don't have time with that club. Not that it's bad or anything, just so much life so little time. Can it be that lesbians in SL are more of at "normal" mainstream sex part that all others that show up. For god's sake in SL I'm a vampire, bi-sexual having SLex to demons, humans, angels not to mention and one of the few "normal" persons at the shemale club.

Thx malbruns for the link.


Chyldes: Xerxis Rodenberger

My second, or is it first chylde, This much depend on how you count, both she and Ellie was sired before I was promoted to sire, they both are my girls. I was on boths there siring and my blood was given to them Xerx also got some of Eme's blood in her. My Succubus Xerx I meet throw Ellie when they both where in the LOST family. I was walking around in seven some day after I hade collared Ellie when I say her talking to an other demon, I stayed in the shadows listening, the unknown succubus said, "Yeah, I can imagine that it can get difficult to be the ...how do you say? slave? of the enemy". I listened carefully to hear how Ellie would answer, "I prefer the term pet" she said proud, all of my body started to smile.
- That was the term I was searching for. Xerxis replied as she notice me, nodded towards me and added, Hello.
- But then, I wouldn't want to belong to any other. Ellie replies, with the Hello, she turned towards me and smiles out "Mistress Nadine" as she started to hug me.
I was great meeting that girl. We, me and Ellie, shared some great moment with her, more that two weeks after meeting her. An friend and his wife asked me to help free someone held prisoner by the kindred in wrath. We attacked and in the battle I notice Xerx, defending the place helping the Kindred. I wanted to get her out of there, if some of her family came, and to get to know her better. I tied her up, pressed her neck down at the ground and told her my voice filled with the rage I have for the kindred. "I'll try to be nice as your a friend of Ellie. I hate the kindred, and I'll help anyone free people from then they attacked me and Ellie with out reason." I dragged her over to the malkavian outpost in wrath, locked her up at the wall using some chains and then started to interrogate her.
I had just seen my Ellie doing some interrogation for the lost and got sort of inspired, got out the big drill I had used while we built the outpost, and whispered to her "I had a girl, a sis of yours that gave me some inspiration." Slowly I bolted her leg to the wall, as the pain grew, I both drank her blood to make her body relax and then feed her my blood to make it heal again. When I finally released her she knew what I'll do to anyone helping the anyone that hurt one of my girls. With Ellie help the day after I filled her again with blood and she was my girl.


Chyldes: ElLobo "Ellie" Nephilim

Ellie, my first or second chylde depending on how you count. I told you a little on how I meet her, one day as I woke up, a malk sister of mine, Zoe was captures by the LOST family, Chii and most of the malks attacked the main entrance, I, Lilly, Adam, Nikolaij and Tekla storms the back door, two lost girls there confused by our tactics, sure that the main army above them will defend the place. The first think that happens is that I cut down Nima, then turns around, and runs over to take Elli out, with in one minute of the attack both Nima and Ellie lies bleeding at my feet. We where surprised how easy that when, Lilly said, "wow that all they had here", Chii gives the order, "Drag them back with us I have questions", I have just tied Ellie up and starts dragging her home with me.as i drag her past envy a guy, Luke something attacks me, even if surprised, I manage quite easy with my had still around the rope to Ellie bash him down quite easily. While the fight around me starts to grew intenser I dragged the prisoner home to Malka and down to the prison cells.

Back in malka, Zoe joins me to interrogate her, she drains the blood form the demon, I bit my own wrist and with a forceful grip in her hair, forces her to drink my blood. Confident that my blood had some effect, and I'll not tell you the evidence of that I released her out again on the street. During several days after I followed her stalked her and as soon she was alone I came out. Used charm and blood until I was able to put a collar on her. Masking her my first girl a position she made me very proud to keep her in. I never asked Ellie to leave her family, with my close position to them it was a workable situation. But in our minds we knew that someday was going to come an issue where we would have to choose out love or our family. It was very clear that Ellie would never become anyone but mine chylde in blood. I was loved my family, my Sire and Grandsire and would if possible so avoid never give them up. I secret we forged plans for her to come to my family.
When LOST kicked out Xerx, Ellie got so angry and disappointed in how the family treated her sister she came into verbal fight with selene(?) and left them. A few days later Aeai let me do her siring, with Maj as her guardian. The most proud moment of my life. Bringing in my first chylde to the malks.


Nadine's story

I will tell you quick some of the item's the happened to me since Kate turned me into the malkavian family. The night after I was taken care of by the malks, Karoline opened an embassy in vampires asylum, and asked for vampires to help in guarding it against out enemy there. I became one of the guards and tried to spend as much time protecting the embassy as possible. It was there I came to grew close to Sexy, a much more experience vampire than me. She have always been of great help.

Quite soon after that an other request form my family that had great impact on my life came. The family needed to know more about our enemies, especially the LOST family. They needed someone to spy, I talked to Sexy and Aeai, and went out on that mission. The travels took me to the city of seven sins, where LOST had there home. They didn't recognize my family line, I keep my true intention in there hidden from them, made small notes that I sent back to Sexy and Aeai. I did stay along the enemy, helped some of them in fights.Trying to avoid hurting any of my own family. One time I even quickly grabbed a malk and took him in a collar to make sure the enemy wouldn't get him.

After a short time they had gained enough trust in me to offer a position in there family, I could not take that step and leave my sire and grand sire. Soon after that they found out that I was an enemy, but by some reason they didn't come to hunt me, well not until much later. I was able to walk free, as long no other of my family was with me, in the LOST base. I was becoming more active and starting to gain some a name in my family. One day one of my sisters where captured by the LOST family and a raid to free her was mounted. As the main attack started, I and a few other vampires ran around to the back side of the prison, I used my knowledge and guided them into the prison. There was two guards down there, I was able to take them both out and free Zoe. To figure out what had happened, I put a rope around one of them ElLobo, or Ellie, dragged her with me back home to malka.

Dragging Ellie to Malka is the start of a new page in my story, in the prison with Zoe drag her blood and feed her from mine to make her tell what happened. From that moment I have been drawn to her, I followed her in seven, when ever I got a chance I tried to trap her alone, each time feeding her more of my blood. Making the bond even stronger, within a few days I put a collar around her neck. I had became a mistress. Quite soon there after I took my second girl, a friend of Ellie also in the lost family. My situation now was special I had two girls I cared for in the middle of the enemy. I must admit the thou of leaving my family not to hurt them crossed my mind.

However with the help of DonnieK, that thought was put to rest, his hate for my family, his will to betray and lie to revenge lead him to lie and manipulate his family. Xerx was thrown out of LOST, The situation became really hard, they even started to hunt her, all based on lies. She needed protection much protection more that I alone could provide. So with the help of Jon and Eme we brought her into the malks. Her succubus blood mixed with mine and Eme's. The situation now for Ellie became very hard and I talk long nights with my grandsire on how to get her out and under malk protection. Under the protective arms on Aeai I made my first siring ritual, bringing Ellie into our family. Soon after that I was appointed sire and able to bring in my own chyldes.


The Vampire: Nadine Nozaki

I know I have been writing very little on my blog. I sort of lost this energy. In addition to this much changed in my second life, with the drama around Dark Angels, i sort of grew tired of clubbing. Two of my old friends Kate and Aeai was talking to me and against my better knowing Kate became my Malkavian sire. Entering into CCS became a turning point, so much have changed. I spend now almost al my time in malka or an other ccs sim. These are amou8ng the better RP areas i have seen in SL. Yes there are problems, yes there are drama. There is always drama when more that one roleplayer meet. During my vacation i have started to think about what I like to do with this blog. I'm going to use the space to write about my friends and small stories from my vampire life. This first new post I'm planning to tell you about Nadine, who she became, my roleplay background so to at say. This story is much of a supposed story before I became a member of the malkavian clan.
Before the strike
Before the strike
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki

First of all Nadine have Amnesia, she can't remember her past, so first comes what she remembers, then later the true story.

My background, the parts Nadine would tell a good friend.

Nadine can't remember much of her past, she remember a fire, someone she cared about being burned to asses. She remember meeting a vampire that cared about her she. She know she talks Swedish and English, even thou she can't remember why she know Swedish, it must have been her native language. At the moment the Malk's have adopted her, even if she knows she isn't of there blood she have something in common with them something in her blood that bound her to them something she doesn't like to know.

Some time she have dream's of a distant past, with motorbikes, drug-dealers and love. Or one of her shooting the dick of a nude sleeping male, she don't know why but she feels very satisfied by it. A feeling she can't repeat by shooting other males dick off, or cutting them from there bodies with her sword, yes she tried both, more then once. It's not very often she cares about stopping up and thinking, living from night to night, hunt to hunt. No more is needed.

She is proud of her self, and if anyone tried to push her, or insult her she don't think many second before reaching for her weapon. Taking her revenge in blood.

Nadine's Background (the long version most of it lost in Nadine's amnesia)

The Awenening
The Awenening
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki

Nadine, born in a small Swedish village, in the deepest parts of norrland, have always liked to find something interesting to do. She didn't like the traditions of her home area. The boys only interested in snowcat's, hunting, fishing and drinking. She was born proud, and never ever let anyone push her around. In the small village, this often got her into trouble and she quite often had to physically fight of the boys.

At the age of 11 she ran off, hitch-hiking her way around Europe, the trip lasted for three months before she ran into a cop in London, but then her parents had taken her for killed and there been some talks in the news about the pedophile, that was supposed to have raped and killed her, the cop had recognised her from the news and she was on a plane home again. Coming home now was if possible even worse, the whole village knew, asked and talked about her, not to her. She had to leave and for good and never be found again. Nothing should be able to stop her this time, nothing she swore.

This time she planned carefully, got contact with some boys from Finland, that where going to ride there bikes down to France. She fixed her self a two faked passports, using contacts the Finnish boys provided for her. She guessed Pekka did it of hope for sex with her, no way she would let him have that but as long help helped why not keep him believing that. The day of her disappearance grew closer, she had all but how to get money in place. Then an opportunity came around, in the village shop and post-office a large shipment of money came.

As she knew the receiver of the money should be out of travelling for at least a day more, she knew there would be a change to get the needed money. During the night she broke into the store, took the money and left some of her clothes. The clothes she had soaked in some of her own blood before, then she opened a can of gasoline poured it over the floor, and stuck the place on fire. Just as she drove her stolen motorbike out of the village the shop explodes. She forgot that it was elk season and the place filled with ammunition. As she left the village all was awake, and that could see the taillights of the motorbike.
7 Sins Hospital
A couple of hours later she meet Pekka, just across the border to Finland, and with his gang she drove down across Europe, having the time of her life, free at last. The only problem was Pekka, more and more insisting on sex with her. Then one night in Madrid when she refused he raped her, something she never admits happened. In the early morning she took his gun, fired it between his legs, leavening nothing of if dick. She ran form the place, kicking all the other bikes to the ground. Passing the Spanish police leaving a note framing Pekka for the murder of her self. The following trial left didn't leave much room, for Pekka to defend him self, being sold out as pedophile and child murder in the press. Her revenge was complete.

The only think she missed was how important Pekka was in the criminal MC gangs across Europe, and they soon sworn to revenge him. A hunt for her started across Europe. Having the luck on her side she became aware of the gang hunting her before then knew how she was. By selling the bike and the gun she stolen from him she was able to get a flight ticker for Cozumel, in Mexico. Arriving there with no problems using one of her fake passports. At the tourist place she found that during the night she could flirt with boys and a little older men's to keep them paying for her food and then by the morning disappearing with there wallets, no-one dared to tell the cops they had been flirting with such young girl.

This work good for a year or so until she chosen the wrong target, Dark was the leader of a Californian MC gang, and had so much money she against her better knowing targeted him. He was genuine kind to her and she for the first time in her life feel in love. How it happened she don't really know but she ended up working for him in one of the brothels he had some interest in. This really didn't work or well, Nadine refusing to take orders from the Momma at the place. Quite often violently refusing her, she ended up getting fired, and in an other work running drugs across the border to the US. This fitted her, she had the time of her life, driving bikes around Mexico and California. Her innocent Swedish girl look charming the customs officers.

She really can't remember how long she worked like this, meeting Dark on and off one time in LA the next week some ware in Mexico, always during the night always out of the populates areas. When he suddenly told her that it was time she became of full member of the gang and go thorough the initiation rite. She had long dreamed of this moment and was so excited. That night Dark embraced her and her mortal life ended, she had never ever dreamed of the power he really had. With this new powers the drug running got even easier and maybe a little to easy. She ended up forming her own little group of bikers helping her. She lived, as she never done before, feasting from the addicts she supplied with drugs. Getting high almost every night, so often that dark got angry on her, but neither was able to bare hand on the other one and the just started to avoid each others.

Playing like this for years she never paid any attentions to what happened out side her gang. She had a great time and no need to worried or so she thought, the suddenly a night as they approached the border bikes filled with coke. The place lit up as daylight, she got really scared, looked around and the bullets started to fire around here. She jumped off her bike that crashed into Tim her current boyfriends, it fell over and both bikes caught fire. She can still see his burning screaming body in front of her. Scared and panicked she dug her self down into the ground, and hide there for days, or weeks, or was it years, she could not tell the time.

The finally the thirst drove her up from the ground, her vision blurred by the sight of burning her love. Even if she should no longer remember who it was in her vision, or why he was on fire. However the sad feeling she still carried, she walked around the night, sleeping in the earth during the day's she hunted who ever came close to her, killing or just drinking with out caring. She became a danger to her self and anyone getting to close to her.
Malkavian family @ Malka
She probably would have killed her self, or got someone with to much power kill her if she hadn't run into Katie one night, she was walking around with out plans, filled with blood. When an other vampire vampire crossed her path. With out really knowing why she didn't just jump on and attack the other vampire, something she done to the few others that crossed her path. Katie took her with her home, gave her some shelter and helped her to one again care a second about her looks, if not for more that to make the hunt easier. Soon they formed a strange band, she learned to know Katie's sire Aeai and there clan. For the friendship she would not think twice about sting in the way of any danger, if there is a danger as she is dead and have lost all she cares about. Or at least that what she tries to convince her self about. She can her how false it sounds but she don't care.


Vacation time

I'm on vacation and need to take SL time out, no internet, no electricity, no second life. No rl personality just left me stranded in my coffin and don't help to get the lid opened. I'm missing you all and be back hopefully sometime before 18 august...



440 days ago I meet the most wonderful girl, A French Canadian sweet red item some called Codie some red, she became ma petite rouge. Today she is opening her own sim, and guess it's called, rouge. Linden labs didn't like the name red, so it became my favourite name. The place is build by Eshi Otawara and is the biggest WOW experience I had in SL. I can't put any words n it, I'm stunned I'm in LOVE.

There been a press preview of the place that soon will have the great opening party. And even before that I had the honour of showing PetGirl around the sim. Codie maintains a list of the press so far on the sim.


Flickr Meme

Flickr Meme
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki
Tim you did it again!!!

Meme Rules:
You type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr search. Then, using only the first page, pick an image.
Then, copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into this mosaic maker fd's Flickr Toys at bighugelabs.com/flickr/mosaic.php

1. What is your first name?

Nadine Nadine vs. Nadine

2. What is your favorite food?


3. What high school did you go to?

Second Life, Code Red, Did you really think i give out RL info here?

4. What is your favorite color?

Black The neon lights

5. Who is your celebrity crush?

CodeBastard Redgrave Codie_I

6. Favorite drink?

Blood, How can I put into words what I feel?

7. Dream vacation?

Second Life, Geisha

8. Favorite dessert?

Girlie My Greatest Fear

9. What you want to be when you grow up?

Vampire Theatres Des Vampires

10. What do you love most in life?

CodeBastard Redgrave Codie @ Carnage

11. One Word to describe you.

Hugger Banksy Bomb Hugger

12. Your flickr name.

Nadine Nozaki Nadine throu Codies Eyes

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.



Yes, not that I hate the Dazzle look, but it's not a step forward. Then I feel the UI in the official viewers been much worse that in the Nicholaz version. However I think the CoolViewer have rejected a little to many changed actually taking the viewer forward. I look forwards to a Nicholaz version of the new multi skin available 1.20 viewer. I'm happy LL decided to listen to the users, I'm hopefull that something have changed now with M in the lead. I keep my fingers crossed and hope user experience will be driving now not technology, and I'm a really tech-savy.

So Thx and Hugz LL.


Unite, all avatars, ehh, residents

I have found this nice litle web site, Avatars United. Fit's little Nad perfect, I like the extra socal stuff in facebook, and i hate to expose my RL. So this description fit me perfect "Avatars United (AU) is a community for your virtual avatars. Register your avatar, upload your profile picture, write your biography and share some of your exploits in virtual worlds through pictures, videos and blogs." Then the gang behind the page is so responsive to suggestions, gotta love them. Yeah I was planning to take it a little slow and test it a while before blogging about it, so Vint got there before me *giggle* Well one more thing get your ass in AU and lets beat the crap out of those WoW avatars *giggle*


Tina write about Blacklist

Covers Event 080413
Originally uploaded by
Nadine Nozaki
Tina have written in Swedish and added a nice image from BL, look at her blog. And I missed to like to her nice poke for the event. Thanks, Thanks, PetGirl you rawk!


DJ List for Covers event

Covers Event 080413
Originally uploaded by
Nadine Nozaki
I have intended for this event to be a little shorter that the Swedish Punk fest, but then Cellside, has his normal set at 1PM Sundays now, being under the planned time for my event we moved it earlier starting at 9AM. I talked to Cell making sure that we didn't intrude on his play. I came up that he planned to do a covers set. Is that coincident or what, and no-one ever asked if he liked to be part of events, so I have to take him into the event.

At 9:30AM Slt (18:00 CET, Sweden) Sjofin Oh takes the stage, She probably don't need any introductions to any of the Blacklist regulars. Sjo usually assaults your ears with a mix of hardcore, Metal, punk and Rock. She could play 12 hours of covers her self and we'll be jumping up and down off joy. However I just gave her 1:20 to compress the best into.

Then at 10:20 AM Slt, (19:20 CET, Sweden), my newest found DJ, ElLobo Nephilim or just Ellie, it's so much cuter, get on and plays her set. It's the fist time Ellie get on stage stage at Blacklist. She have been playing at Rainbow Tiger and will now be hopefully playing a little at Blacklist also.

Next DJ up, maybe for a shave is Balp going on at 11:40AM SLT (20:40 CET, Sweden), as Sjofin, Balp should be a know face to all your regulars. He will play a Goth, Rock and punk mix. Keeping your ears bleeding.

To end the night we have Cellside Unknown, 1:00PM SLT (22:00 CET, Sweden), you been to Blacklist you should know his mix of rock and metal. It's up for a stunning ending of the evening.


Covers Event 080413

Covers Event 080413
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki
At 9AM Slt and for 6 hours or so there will be a mega covers event at the Blacklist, The line up so far is Sjofin Oh, ElLobo "Ellie" Nephilim, Balp Allen and Cellside Unknown. It's the first time Ellie will be playing at the Blacklist club. I sure look forward to seeing her in action at this great club.


Petition to Linden Labs

Jacek Antonelli's Foot-on-Mouth logo
Jacek Antonelli’s Mouth in
Foot logo is used under a
Creative Commons Attribution License.
Gwen started a petition to make Linden Labs, change there new trademark rules back to be close to the old fan site rules again. There are many worrying sign now in the virtual world. The former rules encouraged users to make use of names like coolsecondlife.com now suddenly we have 90 days to change. Linden labs have to start listening to us residents now, when you actions make good talented people like Nicholaz give up on you, it's a really bad sign. Please Lindens listen to us, we love second life and we love to stay with you. Please!

Here is Gwen Petition in full text, and I can sign on it as well, Nadine Nozaki, Second life resident.


Linden Research Inc., a company incorporated in Delaware, United States of America (”Linden”), doing business as Linden Lab®, developers of the Second Life® virtual world platform, owners of not only the Second Life® registered trademark (in the US, Europe, and other countries), and the eye-on-hand logo, but also of several recently registered trademarks (including, but not exclusive, to the words “SL”, “SL Grid”, “Second Life Grid”, “2nd Life”, etc.), has launched, in May 2004, the “Second Life® Fansite Toolkit”, which was later reinforced with referral programmes like “Viva La Evolution”, to positively encourage the widespread use of Linden’s trademarks, so long as it was quite clearly displayed that no infringement was intended, and a disclaimer to non-affiliation to Linden.
A direct quotation of the previous accepted use includes the following paragraph:

While you are in full compliance with the usage guidelines described here, you may use the “Second Life” name on your website, as well as the related logos and graphics available at Toolkit, solely in the form described there. Additionally, you may use screenshots from Second Life to the extent that Linden Lab has the right to authorize use of the content within such screenshot, including screenshots of Linden in-world objects and Linden avatars, subject to these usage guidelines.

The full text of the acceptable use of Linden’s trademarks is published here. Three versions of the Fansite Toolkit were distributed by Linden, which included banners, logos, and a set of images, as well as a PDF encouraging their dissemination (the link is not available any more).

Under these gentle terms, users of the Second Life® platform have set up dozens of thousands of websites, blogs, forums, 3rd party services (both inside the Second Life® environment or on the World-Wide Web). The intended purpose of the “Fansite Toolkit” was not only accomplished, but overwhelmingly effective. From about 10,000 registered users in May 2004, the number of registrations climbed to over 13 million users in March 2008, and the growth continues — as well as the growth in the number of fansites related to the Second Life® environment. A quick search on Google comparing the number of times “Second Life” is referred on Linden’s own sites (9000+ results) compared to what the non-Linden sites (24 million results) shows quite clearly that the promotion and marketing of “Second Life” as a Linden product is, by far, being done outside Linden’s own feeble efforts — as it was intended.
The terms of the “Fansite Toolkit” enabled furthermore a small startup company in San Francisco, without any advertising, promotion, or little public relations in 2004, to create one of the most effectively known technologies on the Internet, enjoying raving press reviews in late 2006, and, since then, a product and an environment that cannot be further ignored by the mainstream. Like it or hate it, the Second Life® virtual world is now part of the Internet’s history. All this was achieved thanks to the huge community of very enthusiastic users of Linden’s platform, who have promoted its use way beyond Linden’s own ability to market their own product.


The secret of Second Life®’s success was, however, accompanied by an adaptation of the word to describe not only Linden’s product, but a new concept that did not exist before: a community of users that generate content in a shared environment, using Linden’s tools and Linden-managed computer servers to provide an interconnected grid where this content can exist. The usage of “Second Life” was never strictly associated with the client software (the 3D viewer installed on users’ computers), the server software (running on Linden’s servers), or the communication protocol (which, until recently, was even unnamed). Rather, “Second Life” was employed, for the past four years, to describe all the above together as a technology empowering user-created content in a virtual world environment using Linden’s technology. The subtle difference has, however, huge implications. “Second Life”, as employed on the 24 million links stored by Google,(ref) describes not patented software (the Second Life® client is, indeed, free and open source) nor a “technology”, but an “environment”, a “virtual world”.
The situation is very analogous to the usage of the terms “World-Wide Web” or “Internet” (the latter having at some point been trademarked by Microsoft around 1995, with little success), both describing a certain use of several technologies, hardware, software, and telecommunications, but where no definite claim can be made on the resulting environment created by a community of users. Derivative words like “Internet Service Provider” or “Web consultant” are popularly used. The difference between those two terms is that no organisation currently managed to secure a claim to those names.

But further examples are also common, where registered trademarks have been adopted by a community of users generating content for their platforms. Thousands of sites and technologies have used the term “Mac” in their names, or even “Windows” (clear cases where the respective owners, Apple and Microsoft, have indeed solidly claimed their registered trademarks). “Mac” and “Windows” fansites abound and help the promotion of these technologies and platforms. The difference, in those two cases, is that the popularity of those technologies was heavily promoted by their owners through massive advertising and public relations. And still both companies “allow” the widespread use of their trademarked names in 3rd party websites, fansites, service providers, or even products!

Second Life®, by contrast, never enjoyed the same level of promotion by Linden. It relied on the “Fansite Toolkit” as the primary — and most successful! — way of “viral marketing”, effectively crowdsourcing the co-promotion of the Second Life® virtual world by its users. And these, obviously, were very eager to do so — since all participants in the virtual world, Linden and their users, benefit tremendously from this cooperative promotion. “Your World, Your Imagination”, Linden’s motto for their Second Life® virtual world platform, was taken to an extreme, and perhaps unprecedented, level in the history of technology dissemination.
Linden, however, now fears (probably very correctly) that the usage of Second Life® might fall under “genericide“.

Recent developments

Possibly advised by their legal advisers, Linden announced here and here that they would start as of now to aggressively discourage the usage of all Linden-related registered trademarks, thus effectively reverting its four-year old policy of co-promotion through marketing crowdsourcing. The major issue with the current population of Second Life® users is that dozens of thousands of products and services were created within compliance with the old guidelines, and there is no provision made by Linden to “grandfather” existing services now currently in existence. Almost all have no legal protection that will allow them to contest any of Linden’s claims in court to shut their services down if they receive Linden’s Cease & Desist letters. Linden’s claim to their trademarks is, naturally, factually correct, unambiguous, and entirely within Linden’s rights.

There is, however, one aspect of Linden’s claims where we feel the Guidelines are overshooting the legitimate intent of Linden Research in preserving their trademarked brands and preventing their dilution. We refer to the section “Proper Reference to Linden Lab’s Brand Names in Text“, which basically outlines how any mention of terms trademarked by Linden has to be written any text published. Among other things, it claims to make sure the brand names are only ever used with an “appropriate generic noun” of which Linden provides a list, and that “as often as possible”, down to capitalisation, spelling, elisions and contractions. In effect, this precludes any usage of trademarked terms in text in most of the forms current nowadays, and dictates to commentators, bloggers and critics how and what to write when referring to trademarked terms.
The issue, however, is even more serious. Although Linden’s prevention of the use of trademarks under the new guidelines could be contested in court, either in the US or elsewhere, possibly appealing to estoppel, as a matter of fact, Linden can — through its new Terms of Service, that all users required to sign to access their content on Linden’s virtual world — simply ban any user that Linden considers to be in violation of their trademark claims. By virtue of the same principle, Linden can simply ban any user that exerts his or her rights to free speech, nominative use of trademarked terms as laid down by US law, or equivalent rights under local legislation.

This is “doing justice with your own hands” — without laws, without trial, without a jury, without recourse. The Linden Terms of Service allow Linden to ban any user from using their services, without any reason whatsoever. Linden can, at whim, delete accounts and content (even copyrighted content) from any user without a complaint.

Granted, complaints can be filed against Linden — but in a court of law. In at least one case (Bragg vs. Linden), a user of the Second Life® world managed, through a lawsuit, and with a settlement agreement, to get access to his content back. But this requires effectively users to sue Linden in order to get their access back, no matter if they are or not violating Linden’s trademarks. Linden does not require any impartial judgment to validate a user’s claims on the lack of violation. Linden can safely ignore their four-year-old policy and revert their decision at whim — because they can ban accounts that refuse to comply with their new Terms of Service.

In effect, Linden is able to enforce their own interpretation of the usage of their trademarks by banning all content they view as “threatening” to their claims on registered trademarks, no matter if it is displayed inside Linden’s virtual world or anywhere else on the world. Linden’s decision to ban avatars and remove content is unilateral and not appealable unless a user is willing to sue Linden in a court under the jurisdiction of the State of California.

This total reversal of Linden’s policy threatens to shut down most (fortunately not all) of the sites providing 24 million links to Linden’s products and services; it threatens to deprive Second Life of hundreds or thousands of 3rd party services, websites, fan sites, blogs, Second Life®-specific media, artistic and cultural developments, educational and research efforts — not to mention thousands or dozens of thousands of the most energic “evangelisers” that have co-promoted Linden’s products and technologies in the past which might, in less than three months, see their accounts banned and their content deleted with little or no hope of appeal.

Open petition to Linden Research, Inc.

The community of users of the Second Life® world always recognised, beyond a shadow of doubt, Linden’s full right to its registered trademarks, which were almost always duly credited, and clearly stated their non-affiliation with Linden and that they had no intention of infringing in any of Linden’s rights or claims to the trademarks. Some of those trademarks were never disputed, for several years since their registration and use by Linden, and Linden’s claim to them is solid and universally accepted world-wide. Linden, in return, gently condescended to a limited usage of their registered trademarks for specific purposes, well stated in a clear document (the “Fansite Guidelines”). The very few exceptions where abuse occurred could be effectively dealt with by Linden’s own legal advisers and were very reduced in number.
It is our belief that the extreme switch to the complete opposite of what has been actively promoted in the past four years is not a good marketing strategy — effectively, fighting off, one by one, all the most energetic promoters of Linden and their products, shutting down their right to talk and co-promote Linden’s technology and environment, ban their accounts, and remove their content. A four-year policy grants (at least under estoppel) the large community of enthusiastic supporters the moral right to request from Linden a better model of co-promotion, one that is fair and balanced, protective of Linden’s legal rights as valid owners of their registered trademarks, but also that allows “fansites” to continue to spread and promote Linden’s products without fear of litigation.
We thus propose the following:

  1. Accept that, by introducing the “Fansite Guidelines” four years ago, Linden effectively allowed co-branding and co-promotion of their registered trademarks, so long as these were displayed on “website[s] created and maintained by residents or other devotees of Second Life®, with content primarily focused on some aspect of Second Life.” and had no other purpose. These “Fansite Guidelines” lead to fair expectations (under estoppel) of goodwill of Linden towards a fair use of their trademarks without intention to infringe on any of Linden’s rights.

  2. Rewrite, but not eliminate, the “Fansite Guidelines” to be more strict, but still allow the usage of Linden’s trademarked words as part of the co-promotional effects, accepting that their existence in no way invalidates Linden’s claims on their registered trademarks, but only serve as a vehicle for promotion and marketing.

  3. Require that all such websites register with Linden and formally accept the Guidelines (very similar to the request for the display of the “inSL” logo). Remember your international audience, too, and provide translations as well.

  4. Reinforce the duty of all websites under the “Fansite Guidelines” to be strictly compliant with these, or face a Cease & Desist letter/Takedown notice.

  5. Request to all owners of such websites a clear display of their non-affiliation with Linden or its subsidiaries, stated clearly and unambiguously.

  6. Reword the statements of the Brand Center, which currently states that no requests for the usage of any of the trademarks (with few exceptions) will be taken, and that most emails will never be answered (or even read). Instead, work on a case-by-case basis, grandfather existing products and services, and work with organisations, groups, and companies owning those websites to make sure they clearly comply with the Guidelines.

  7. Request assistance from the users to locate, identify, and report websites where your Fansite Guidelines are not in compliance, or their non-affiliation with Linden is not being clearly and unambiguously stated, or where your registered trademarks are illegally used. Deal with each case separately and encourage first the non-compliant websites to voluntarily display conforming information, and threaten with a Cease & Desist or takedown letter if they refuse.

  8. Remove the threat to ban avatars from users that have inadvertently ignored (or misunderstood) the Guidelines. Instead, warn them and give due notice of their lack of compliance with the Guidelines, encourage them to sign on and register their sites, and validate their compliance after the warning.

  9. Continue to invest in the world-wide co-promotion of the “Second Life®” brand by launching different levels of “affiliation programmes”; “inSL” is a good start but a very weak one with limited value (no aggressive promotion by Linden of the logo and word).

We would also request Linden to further clarify the potentially censurous policy towards residents implied in the guidelines in conjunction with the Terms of Service:

  1. Clarify that the rules and policies outlined in the brand guidelines under the heading of Proper Reference to Linden Lab’s Brand Names in Text do not apply to cases covered by rights of free speech, including but not limited to nominative use of trademarked terms under US law and equivalent rights conferred upon users of the Second Life® service by local legislation.

  2. Clarify that Linden Research does not intend to ban or threaten to ban users exerting the rights delineated above, independently of the contractual relationship created by their usage of the Second Life® service.

We feel that the above proposal, if correctly implemented, and duly promoted, will not only reinforce Linden’s claim to their registered trademarks, but positively encourage their further widespread in all media, without hurting the millions of hours spent in the past year by dozens of thousand of users to promote and disseminate Linden’s products and services world-wide.


I would like to thank the following residents, who helped fleshing out the above document, provided insight, comments, and rewriting of several sections, as well as some minor legal advice.

Cat Magellan and Ana Lutetia, for their encouragement in writing the petition
Rheta Shan, for the extensive revision and adding several sections and changes
SignpostMarv Martin for comments and more external links
Jamie Palisades, for comments on estoppel and genericide
iAlja Writer, Tateru Nino, and several others for taking a look at the document and making some private comments
PalUP Ling, for the T-shirt :) (and his promotion)
Jacek Antonelli, for her uncannily good Mouth in Foot logo!
The unofficial community of Second Life® residents on Twitter, for a lot of comments, input, and ideas
An even larger group of bloggers that wrote about the issue, providing lots to think about, and including, but definitely not limited, to the following articles:


http://getasecondlife.net/2008/03/second-life-geral/a-comunidade-portuguesa/ (even more links here)

Robin Linden, for some early clarifications before Catherine Linden posted her article on Linden’s Official Blog
and Everett Linden for reading this document before it was publicly posted.

Permission to copy the above text, modify it, or translate it into other languages, is granted by the author.

“Second Life®”, “SL®”, “SL Grid®”, and “Linden Lab®” are registered trademarks by Linden Research, Inc. (Delaware, USA)


Windlight released

So Linden got the windlight viewer released as main viewer. I like windlight it looks awesome. This release however is as I see it premature, manly because a really needed feature from the old view are totally missing the possibility to from the server steer the lighting settings. With the new added possibilities with lighting in windlight this would really have added to the SL life. It was there in the last main viewer even if more limited than the windlight light options.

There is also some other for me good reasons to hold the update off, yesterday havoc4 came live finally, now a new viewer. As tester moving up two different component at the same time makes the trouble shooting harder. All problems have to be pin pointed more accurate. The possible change set is bigger, backing down and isolation a problem is a bigger work. Then also this week been a hell in stability, both with LL serviced being down and as I think the viewer handling error cases such and not getting the expected result from a failing server making it crash. In (Windlight with Balp/Nicholaz patches) I have quite few crashed, this week with 1.19.1.RC4, I have not experience one day with less that two crashes, often more, and man many times short after teleporting rezzing a new region, or after crashing logging in rezzing the old region. This week I files 6 different viewer crashes as Jira issues, and one on sound not working. When crashing this much it's started to get really irritation needing to start the viewer two, sometime three times looking at the log to see if I would have sound logging in.


Clarified™ Not™

Linden labs, tried to clarify there new policy, well sure wasn't much clearer just the same as thet had in the blog, fac whater ever when this started. Still not clear if i can say mhy life is in SL. Maybe i can'ty tell you what happend to me in second life, well in my second life I have been busy being a malkavian vampire, I have learned much about how CCS work, and This blog will i follow US law and make SL™ or not? I'm swedish using a US hosting for a second life resident, one can argue that as resident i live in the US, all my life is on linden lab servers, in the US. On the other had my handler is in sweden, and thats defintly not the US.


Secone life

funny pictures
see more crazy cat pics Linden labs have change there trade mark police totally, this time again a major change with out any prior notice and discussion, this time also in a way that make you wonder if they ever think over there. It's been massive comment ed in the blog spare, Codie, Codie, Gwyn, Ian Bettridge, Ian Betteridge, Grace McD, Jennyfur, Gwyneth, Prokofy, Rheta, Zoe, Zoe, Tiessa, Art, Rheta, Vint, Vint, Tina, Laetizia, Raul, Raul, Melissa, Crap, Crap, Daltonic, Wagner (New World Notes), Looker.

The clarification form Jeska Linden, and the FAQ she points at are inconstant and said different stuff. In answer to the announce Jeska write: "it’s OK to say: “My store in the Second Life world accepts", and links to the brand center, that states: "This is NOT OK: a Second Life, my Second Life" and "This is OK: the Second Life® virtual world, the Second Life® world".

This branding stuff, need to be taken back to the drawing board, this total change form the fan-kit rules (that still is available for download if I got Vint right).


My tarrot card...

Tina and Feone did it! So there is two blogs I follow.

You are The Empress
Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation.
The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents, beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful.
The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.



A new issue of the Swedish SL-Magazine Slainte is now out if you knew some swedish look at page 10, I have been writing again. This time more positive, it's a sort, well sort of short invitation to a event at Blacklist on sunday 20:00 Swedish time or 11AM slt, and now i hope i got teh time translation correct.'

As this blog in sin english I'l translate it for you.

On march 9 @ 11AM SLT, something new and exciting will happen, second lifes best and most popular punk and rock club will make a Swedish effort. By getting two really good DJ with a large rage of Swedish punk music some light will be spread on the important Swedish music style. The initiative to this festival comes from Balp Allen , as when he was on a longer trip feel that to little time was given to the Swedish punk. Swedish music as such gets played, but way to little of the punk, especially towards an international audience. TO try to make a small break in this Blacklist will have a four hour Swedish punk gala, you can be sure some old style like Ebba Grön, Attentat will be heard and probably some new music by Asta Kask. I can't give any guess on what is going to be played, but Balp usually plays some Asta Kask and Sjofin often have MOB47 on her sets. I think it's brave to run this event as most of the audience can't understand a word of the lyrics.

DJ Info:
Balp Allen, have been a year in second life, he now plays regularly at three different clubs. Mostly his sets contain Punk, Rock and Goth music. Since the first week in January he have two regular sets a week at Blacklist. Balp is from Möldndal but now lives across the border in Gothenburg. (A note, The towns of Gothenburg and Mölndal have today grown together.)

Sjofin Oh, is an American girl girl that during several years lives in Sweden, she have however left Sweden for Switzerland. She usually plays a mix of Punk, Rock and Hardcore. She is since long one of the regular DJ at The Blacklist.