Contest boards Launched.

My contest boards are finally ready to let out in the world. Welcome brave would, here is Nad's contest boards. I'll introduces them for just 950 Lindens. Get them on SLExchange or in world at my vendors either in Strata, Code Red or Club Carnage.

The SLX listing:
Nadine's Contest Board, This item is what you have been looking for to your club! These context boards looks great, are designed for minimal lag. And include features not seen in the competition.

* Host command only from same group.
* Easy to start contest /123 new
* Easy to start voting /123 vote
* Easy to end voting /123 end
* Easy to join contest: Either pay board or touch it (depending on entry fee)
* Easy to vote: Just touch name
* Color change, pink, blue, and brown included, possible to add your own
* "Unlimited" number of contestants.

Also notice that these contest boards are copy, so you can add any number of them to you club, you don't have to buy a set with pink or blue.

The current price is an reduced to introduce the product on the market, to give if some more real club testing. This product includes future updates, there is an auto updated included in the box.

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