Blogger party at CodeRed

Vint & Nadine @ CodeRed
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki
Vint and Codie put together a blogger party at CodeRed. Both Codie and Vint are really good in the marketing stuff, the sim filled way to early. Some how then both missed to get a DJ, and the location was a little wrong. But i hope none of the guest noticed anything of this, I was a little worried when i found the surl going into my shop, well, also would have been a little fun, all shopping at my shop instead of partying *giggle*

With just some 20 minutes to spare Codie came on and we fixed a landing zone on the root, I asked who was going to dj. No they hadn't fixed that. Quickly i looked at friends online and found Balp, convinced him to DJ and the party could start. They two might be to of the best artists, but I'm not sure about the organizer party. The rest of the party was really great and i have so fun in my new Robot outfit. Just to bad i was Sunday and i had to leave early. Could have stayed much longer with my love.


Ryker Beck said...

Yay party!!! So good to meet you there, Nadine. :) See you at the next blogger bash, I'm sure!

Nadine Nozaki said...

Nice to see you as well Ryker :^) I love parties and this one ended quite well.