An extraordinary night in malka

This is a story from my roleplay life, to give a view of what my life is like.
My Grandsire Aeai and Elder Naline had given me some paper work to do, so I was sitting with Xerx on my roof, deep down in work. When I see many people I seen before coming into malka. Both the pack flooded in. I saw it going wrong, weapons being drawn, up I jumped. Telling Xerx to get ready and rush down, a big jump and I landed weapons in my hand next to the throne, Xerx still a little confused following behind me. I see my family in full fight with people I know is in the pack, I Michel a friend form the Brood standing there, I had to ask him if he was here to help us or not, his answer was " no, Nadine, I guess not". Sadly I had to turn my blade at a friend, over this I hear Karoline shout "Let's wipe out Malk pestilence!!". Somewhat surprised an other old friend here to kill me, but not time to think about it, I jump at Michel, he gets support of two more, that are now three on me and all old strong demons. I don't back an inch and keeps on hunting Michel with all my power, my mind focusing on the blood coming from his body each time my blade hits. Soon three strong demons get to much for me and I fall down on the floor. Slowly breathing and concentrating I let the blood in my body heal my wounds and craws back ready to continue my defence of the city. The outside attackers had really miss judged the malkavian defence will, and the healing power of our blood.
I fight with great fury, but still the attackers are many, I go down a second time, now Hanna and Arpahel helping to heal my body, as soon all limbs start to react I'm back down and offering my self to the defence, hopefully hurting them I fall again, get a demon foot on my back, pressing me down with the words "stay down" something I really didn't intend to do, all my mind and body working to get up and back helping my family, with blood running throw my mouth I utter my despise for the demons lowering them to help lycans, Michel next to me again answer me with "I help the Brood, Nadine. I help my family. My Queen stands near you" his queen adds "You're the one on the floor. If you want to talk about lowered". I can't hold back a giggle and as Karoline passes I use my strength to ask her, "you also help lycans", she bends down next to me and wispers, "That's your Malk Queens fault...she even not is worried about her own family why even does she not show up on the plate if she even is needed!" as if a single malk even would have thought about letting Mahrk getting even insulted with out offering our lives first, Karo should have know better she was once a malk, I could not longer hold back my laughter.
Soon my limbs answer my body enough to craw away, I find Michel down on the floor, as my vitae have almost left my body, feeling weak form rebuilding my limbs I put my fangs into his body and drink drink my self strong again, but as I stumble to my feet i get a sword in my back and fall again. Michel crawls towards me tries to smile in his pain and as our eyes meet I hear his voice "We have to stop meeting like this, dear" I'm still surpriced to see his family helping the lycans, not idea that Karoline paid them both much to come and attack us. We both get on our feet about the same time. As I stumble up I look at Michel and to give him some warning I speak to him, "Let me hunt you". This is the start of a long duel between me and Michel for about 20 minutes we face each other all over Malka until he finally falls for my blades. I bend down at his side gives him a kiss and whispers "Just my work." Before I can explain more his Queen jumps on me, and I have to finish the battle against her. As we finished and drove the last of the invaders home, I can catch my breath for a second and look around, what a mess, this place really needs cleaning goes throw my mind. Tired and thirsty I pull Xerx close and sinks my fangs into her neck letting her blood revive my tired limbs.
As I feel strong and ready again, my mind still tired form the fight a well known voice is heard all over the town, "I claim the Malka throne for me!!", Karoline had obviously lost all her mind, my brain was all clear before she had finished the sentence and I rushed to get her off Mah's throne, I'm there and throws my self blade first at her throat, Xerx is at my back but despite the help she pushed me down I hiss a curse at her, with the helping hands of my Xerx I get back standing I continue to attack in pure rage. Not feeling how she hurts my body. I notice her will falling back. I press on and she starts to run, behind the graveyard I reach up with her. Finding her chanting a spell, a portal starts to appear in front of her i push my sword thou her body and it collapses around my sword and falls into the collapsing portal, before I can push my self throw the portal that vanish before my eyes. I'm left standing my eyes focused on the blood of Karo on my sword not understanding how I defeated her.