Code Red Gallery opening.

Code Red Gallery opening

Code Red Gallery Gala opening, Codie will open an addition to her club or rather take the club into a new era with this great addition. We will have the greatest line up of DJ to far seen in SL. Among the DJ are Artillo, PunkKitty, Metallia and several more ones.


Will clubbing in SL die now.

Johnne @ ~* Club Carnage *~

Now is it happening RL laws are running all over SL. And as SL is in California it's not my laws, it Californian laws. Well some stuff are banned because being illegal in Germany as well. Now it's gaming, wagering that is banned. I don't know how US laws are but the ban is quite wide, one of the main sources of income for all clubs have been the splooder, that little think that all pays and then randomly pays out most of to all the players. Now there have to be gone and as I see donations and tipping must become the main income. So in the future when you visit a club, please tip the staff, a few lindens. If you don't I'm afraid clubbing, and parties will be as lively as the second life playboy mansion.

I have seen many protest around SL against this decision, but I must admit I have much greater understanding of this decision that the filtering of the word teen. I hope that we can find a way to keep people spending a little money at clubs. But I'm afraid that this will make the survival for anything but shops harder. Maybe we will get a system where clubs take entry fees. We that works at clubs that are not only prostitutes will have to do more to find new ways to pay the rent. One could hope that this will bring down the land tier down a little. As the value of SL for landowners and lowering. I have even seen some speculations if this will bring SL to an economic halt.


Almost safe.... (Updated)

I'm not that badly addicted to this blogging stuff yet, I'm much more addicted to the second life thing. I'll definitely don't care about the blogging when i get online. But the question is how can i know that. I have though a some questions that might give a clue.

  • Do you say SL as Second life takes way to long?

  • För Stockholmare, betyder SL Secondlife eller Stockholms Lokaltrafik?

  • Do you log into SL before getting to work?

  • Do you log into SL before having breakfast?

  • Do you log into SL before having coffee?

  • Do you log into SL before taking the morning shower?

  • Do you log into SL after work?

  • Do you log into SL after dinner?

  • Do you log into SL after midnight?

  • Do you log into SL after undressing?

  • Have you ever missed an RL party for SL?

  • Your own RL party?

  • Your own RL birthday party?

  • Your own RL wedding?

  • Do you celebrate your SL birthdays more that your RL one?

  • Does your SL partied bring more guests then you RL once?

  • Do you have an SL window open while reading this blog?

Update: Vint have been so kind to provide her answers.



Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki
I have tried many things in SL but getting sacrificed and killed to reach eternal life was a new experience. With a little help from Luvamp, I got my self impaled, and sacrificed by the king of the Brujah vampires Darknight. The ritual was one of the better role play ceremonies i have seen so far. and it now with great pride I hover above the mortals.


Six Months (Part II)

This is the second half of Nadine's memoirs. One short time I was employed by a club called sweetstars, that was short and quick and a course in how not to do things. Despite good intentions the club failed miserable, much because to much RL and to little SL. The staff and the dancers quite quick started to feel like prisoners, and badly paid as well. I was there to long, all the time is existed, about a weekend, I should have left earlier is if wasn't to help the newbie girls working there.

However I ended up working as dancer at Carnage in the end, a tag I still where with some pride, Carnage is a big party factory. 12 hours a day 7 days a week party. Good dedicated staff, and very little drama. A really good place to learn how to get parties running and working. At the moment I have positions at three clubs, Halo, with Slow, Lexi, and Hessa, to bad I have so little time to party there. Carnage, mostly hosting, but I still have my dancer tag, and Host Manager at Dark Angels. That I try to get time to make some nice animations between that and I have some for sale at SLX and SL-boutique. I Also make some custom animations selling to different people as they need it.

Cuddling with my love at home.

Then on the 22 of April something happened to me, I was hosting a little Naughty School Girls party at Carnage. When I think a girl called Neysa tp:ed in one of her friends, a girl I had seen on flickr. What can you say about some one that comes to a naughty schools girls party with the line "well those girls need a teacher", Well
I fell in love, instantly. Since then most of my life have been running around on small red clouds even of stuff around me in SL have made me splat to the ground a couples of times on the way.


6 Months party

Nadine @ Party
Originally uploaded by eponymousdylan
After a way to slow start, Thanks Linden for an big update on my birthday, the party did really get going. I did forget to reset the R2D2 to give a good list of the quests. There was some coming from Dark Angels for the first time seeing out place and some that have been on all the parties at Calder. This time I didn't get a DJ, for one that i did the party in the week and for one thing me being to late out in the planing. So I did the DJ:ing my self, or as Blittz would have called it the juke-boxing. Thanks again all for coming to my birthday ans I love this images by EponymousDylan, thanks friend.


Six months (Part I)

Six months, what is Six months? In SL time it's about half a life. I'll the time in your life when you return top your chamber and write your memories, and never come out again to meet people. Maybe not, but I have been throw much more in SL in six months than ever in six months of RL time. Here is Nadine's story in short as I remember it now looking back, it started in a Thursday in January, cold and rainy and I decided to test that Second Life think, I had been thing about that or WoW for a while, but I didn't like buying the client to test, so Second life it became, I downloaded the client and tested.

Well there is an introduction in how to do this, cool, I ran around like the lost soul I was, on the introduction island. Somehow there was a really nice should there and while I started to figure out how to move, talk, and see anything, I was able to chat and got awarded with three outfits for it. I Was stupid n00b and never at that stage understood how to get her name and how to thank her for that gift. Also probably to much n00b to understand the value of three three outfits. They are just gorgeous, fantastic and I still used them as base for my look. Laster that day I got over to the help island, lost and confused and meet my first friend that I can remember Seatpilot, he was lost at an airport and we talked a little before he had to go to the gate.

After that I was about ready and brave enough to get into mainland, as the most confused n00b there ever was. I was then lucky to meet a sweet Japanese girl that gave me some pointers and help and said if I ever needed anything just ask. I most have asked thousand of questions that night, she must have have so pissed at me. The next day of the five or six i got in my friends list only that Japanese girl was online, I started asking her stuff at once, I proudly showed her a shop i had found, and this time she came with a gun on her back. I was so surprised and a little scared. IN the end she told me about her work as escort and had left me with a loot of tips about that line of work. I was of on my first career. Well it took several days and many long talks with chrome before I made a single linden from it. The first time actually helping her with one of her clients, and chrome, paying me of her own pocket.

I made some exporting and travel on my own as well finding the Blacklist club, Nexus Prime. Running and learning to knew loot and loot of people, some that are still among the people i talk to almost daily or at least as often as possible. After a while I happens in my first reall experience of drama, what Chrome and Chaos broke up, I was in the middle as Chrome had adopted me as her sis and we talked long days and nights about everything, or at least as much as we needed. Chrome an I had always understood each other very well. Chrome also fixed me my first non escort work at Club Halo dancer with Slow as my boss. I can remember how proud she sounded when Slow liked me and took me as dancer.

Dark Angel

I have got one more SL work, I'm Host manager at the Dark Angels Erotic Club. I'm in charge of some of the loveliest sl hostess there are, and to my help i have the never ending energy girl Madam. Please come and party with us at Dark Angels. I promice we do our best to have a great party.