I'm Super Green!

I got the fortunate luck be be invited to a preview of the Greenies home. To day 2 august at 5 SLT the place open be I have already had my tour of the place. I'm amazed this place show what possible within SL. It's a true evidence on why SL still is the most amazing of all possible online worlds. I draws it's power form the creative minds that inhabit it. The sim is a work of a new company Rezzable, that will focus on making amazing stuff in second life. And this the first sim, place what ever they start is just really amazing.

In the future we will see many more project coming from this little company, it's definitely something to keep your eyes open for. They have about 30 sim's in development and is the rest are as half as creative as this one. They will be amazing. I'm defintly recomending a visit to the Greenies area.


Looker Lumet said...

I was trying to get there this week, but was not successful, due to the coming re-opening.
I will visit the sim as soon as possible.
You were indeed very lucky to be invited.;)

Nadine Nozaki said...

It was awesome, I have to spend more time there. With out stuff like this I might have quitted SL today... This and some friend are the only stuff keeping me....