Uncensored Nadine as Nipplegate protest

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London Spengler wrote in her blog:

And yes, I agree with them all… but I whould love to see their, and your nipples in your blogs, as a protest :-)

Actually i don't like this kind of messaged, but this issue is worth putting some light on so I'll do it.

Over at Burning Life more stuff is happening the old leader (that placed out the censor boxes). A vote is started to convince Iridium Linden to remove Vicero Lambert. As leader for this years Burning Life.

More and more stuff happens all the time.

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WiLLuMPJuH Gausman said...

Erm.. sorry .. i did not read anything you wrote, Nadine .. i keep staring at your breasts.. >:)

Nadine Nozaki said...

Nadine grins, Sorry... I'll get an uglier skin next time :-)