6 Months party

Nadine @ Party
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After a way to slow start, Thanks Linden for an big update on my birthday, the party did really get going. I did forget to reset the R2D2 to give a good list of the quests. There was some coming from Dark Angels for the first time seeing out place and some that have been on all the parties at Calder. This time I didn't get a DJ, for one that i did the party in the week and for one thing me being to late out in the planing. So I did the DJ:ing my self, or as Blittz would have called it the juke-boxing. Thanks again all for coming to my birthday ans I love this images by EponymousDylan, thanks friend.


EponymousDylan said...

Glad you like the pic, Nadine. You looked so stunning, I couldn't resist taking a snap :-)

Rodrigo said...
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