Code Red Gallery DJ List

Marquez @ Dragon Inn
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The following DJ will appear at the Code Red Gallery Opening party:

PunkKitty Fitzgerald, Cholgosh Swindlehurst, Metallia Stygian, Sabrina McGee, Marquez Tone, Wolfbringer Sixpack, Madam Cumming, Traeldor Kuhn and Artillo Fredericks.

The times that each DJ is going to play will soon be announced, but we have three more that we will get on shifts before we get it public.

A few short words of the DJ's, that will all be playing there own selections of music so I'm not sure what that have put together for the evening.

Punky, PunkKitty, is a great DJ, just look at this blog entry about her performance no more words are needed.

The we have Cholgosh, Regular DJ at Firefly's, an nice bar with a good party feeling a DJ that will definitely make the place move.

Then we have Metallia, when I first heard her after arti, I was sold, she is a awesome DJ. I have heard her doing some of the best rock sets there is. But I'm not sure that is what she have in mind for this party.

After that we place Sabrina in the centre spot, Cholgs partner in crime at Firefly's. She is a bit of a wild card, but i heard much good of her sets.

Then comes Marquez, all Code Red members should know this awesome DJ the house DJ of Code Red. You can also see and get his images from the gallery.

Wolfbringer, Wolf, is one of the great DJ that hard and heavy rock at Carnage all nights. There is no chance you can be tired listening to him.

Madam, the great never giving up DJ from Dark Angels, I love this lady. If anyone can keep the party going it's her.

Traeldor, Codie talks high about this DJ, the only one that I haven't booked my self. But if Codie likes him I know it's good.

Artillo, my own super special DJ. Even if all the others are great this is the one event i really look forward to. Arti closing the 24 hour party his music and skills in working the audience are so far unmatched. I can't wait to get this demon on the set.

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