Blood poisoning, part VII

Sixth part of the Blood poisoning, part I, II, III, IV, V and VI. When we start we are just dressing Inde up again after have tested his blood and soul.

Inde studies the pants I given him, "what do I do with these? they're so long", but he still even if reluctant takes them on while grumbling and looking at us. When he finally have them on he sais, "Ok, there". I thrown him the tee I collected with the words, "You might need it I can get cold here". His face frowns at me but he takes it on. As he gets it on he walks over to takes his shoes back on. As if to demonstrate he not like my offer of clothes, while he does Xerx give him a little warning, "Oh and when you hear something like screams and strange ritually tonight. Dun worry" as she finish this she looks at Inde's feather boa and asks him "Looks almost human, just....come on, gimma that stola". Something he care about the "noooo" scream almost instant. Xerx giggles and much him a little "i wannit......i like it actually". I grab Xerx hand as we walk up to fill out the paperwork. After finishing the work I go out with Xerx to relax at the bar. What a day.


Blood poisoning, part VI

Sixth part of the Blood poisoning, part I, II, III, IV and V. When we start Xerxis have just digged her self into Indes mind, finding it in a total mess.

I stare at Xerx, "Is he drugged?" I ask her that not fitting the Inde I know. "something....hmmm...in his brain.... yeah might be drugs" she tells me. "I need a blood sample" I order her into the next part of the work. With a quick "Yes Mistress" she removed her hand with a little of his soul and takes out a syringe from her satchel. I can see how used he is, one hand searching the bag, the other keeping Inde against the wall. She have full control over him, oh I love that girl. Inde tries to pull, Xerx takes the needle to her lips the cup of the needle stays between her lips as she moves the needed in position to. Sticks into Indes arm and with out releasing the pressure on him she fills the needle with blood.

She pulls out the needle, his arm dripping with blood as she puts the syringe back into her satchel. She tells him "Ok then, that's it." We have about when we need, it's not terrorist, it's Inde even if his brain is messed up. "What do you think shall we keep him till we know how to heal him?" Xerx comes over to the door, while Inde massages his arm after the needle. "Hmmmmm in his actual condition, I would say we should keep him. At least until we know what's going on". I nod at Xerx as I let her out of the cell. "I mean he could as good be the one who poisoned the bloodpool." Not that I believe Inde could ever do anything like that. I raise my voice, "Inde, come here. Or was was it Paco Bell come here".

- "I'm not this Inde! my name is Paco Pablo" he replies, "yeah sure" I find my self adding for my self, keeps from saying loud and instead continues "What ever come here back against the door", as i can see he is not making any indication of moving I continue and starts turning form the door, "Suite you self, you can keep the cuffs". It have the intended effect and he comes crying to the door. I takes the cuffs off him, I try to calm him "Sorry we keep you till we know how to heal you. And next time don't resist"

He keeps rubbing his wrists, maybe I was a little hard on him. "You're not going to leave me in here are you? I'm innocent". "No not leave we be back with food", I reply as I start to leave him, I hear him bang on the door, "lemme out" he screams. As I turn I see the back room. There should be some old clothes in there. I go inand is able to dig out a tee and a possibly fitting jeans. With that in my hand I look at the cell again, Xerx next to me "I even believe that paco is innocent. But there is something that inde had to hide, So we keep him", I nod at Xerx as I throw inde the jeans, "Dress" I order him.


Blood poisoning, part V

Fifth part of the Blood poisoning, part I, II, III and IV. When we start Nadine and Xerxis have just figured out that Inde is Inde. And are wondering why he lies about his identity.

As I call him Pablo, Picaso, Inde with definite anger in his voice snaps back at me, "It's Paco Pablo.. and I'm not a liar... I'm a dragonfly protector... I live in poppy fields". I study him somehow he don't make the impression of lying even if I know he is doing it, I just can't put my mind into what is happening.
"Ok" Xerx, starts and then make a long, pause like almost forever, "Mister Pablo" in this you can hear her being sarcastic, "Can you remember freeing from the cage in Mistresses dungeon?"

Inde continues his blabbering not making sense, "i've never been here before". Xerx presses him, "When did you came here then?". "right before she cuffed me", he points at me. I have lost my temper something is wrong, Inde have no fucking memory at all. We have to become drastic, I so hope Xerx will understand me. I pull my nightstick "Back off mister", I see terror in his eyes as he back off, "Give me your gun Xerx." I see Xerx worry as she hands me her gun, I aim at Inde, as she asks me her voice questioning me, "What...are you want with it, Mistress?" "You can't go in there armed". My answer satisfies her and I see her take the small backup gun form her back hands it over to me. I take it and open the door slowly, "dont shoot me... i'm innocent.. noooo".

Xerx walks slowly into the cell talking calming to Inde, "I am not armed....at least not with a gun." she turns at me, "And now, Mistress? Take his blood?". As the cell door closes I holster my gun, "Get into his soul, see if you can fix his memory." I see Xerx shrugging, "my memory is fine", inde protests, "Erm if you say so", "you wanna erase my memory so I cant report you for entrapment", he counters, "Oh good idea, should i, Mistress?". "You might take out the parts Hilda object..." I say as I watch Xerx get into work. She presses him towards the wall, "Ok, ...paco...stay where you are", he whimpers back, "Noooooo! dont hurt me". Xerx calm as always "Yessss, It dun hurt ....much". "Are you sure??" he is shrinking as xerx gets ready and pushed her hand onto his back "I am to 80% sure, now dont whine".

Xerx fist pressing against his chest, "AAaaaaa...that really hurts!!". "Come ooooon didn't even do anything yet" she say as her hand passes into his chest, "Gawd" she whimpers and looks like she is going to vomit all over him. Never seen her like that before. "Its full of bugs and spiders, its a junkyard in here." I asker her "He lost it?" my mood goes down "Well I would say something put a mixer in it and messed it up." what did she mean with that, but most importantly "Can you fix it? And how?" my worries for my friend of what left of him obvious. Xerx concentrates and despite the state of his mind digs into it.

"Hmm im digging deeper..." a brief pause "oh here, you where right...he liked it" she can't keep from giggling "ho geeeze blood. somehow he is full with visions of blood ....but no inde". I reply surprised "Someone stole Inde?".

"No the soul itself feels like indes still, but something messed so terribly with his mind that its not recognizing itself." she tries to explain my question is as simple as it's clear "How do we heal him?", my eye beg to Xerx to have a solution, "I feel though....hiding, fear of getting caught I dunno, its not a soul thing, its...well I would say more mechanical...maybe chemical..."


Blood poisoning, part IV

Third part of the Blood poisoning, part I, II and III. When we start Nadine and Xerxis are interrogating inde, not yet knowing his identity.
If his madness about yellow submarines was funny a second ago. It stopped. I take a step back as silent as the man, his eyes closed hard holding his breath face turning red. This is bad, what happened, what will Hilda say. My brain fills with questions, I hear Xerx asking eagerly "Do we know him, Mistress?". The man cant hold his breath any more and whimpers out a cry for help, "i'm gonna turn orange!!" Xerx outside not having seen the man, she is almost bouncing to see who it is, "Who is it?". Take a form step towards the door, gives Xerxis the order to let me out. The man turns behind me as the cell door locks with a clank. Xerx order him to turn and then she catches a glimpse of his face. "Cooooool we got Inde".

- "I'm gonna be orange", Inde starts to cry.
- "Noooooo! its our blood not the air. no one turned orange anyway. I mean not our blood, the blood in the pool. You didn't drink from the pool, did you?" Xerx takes charge my brain still occupied on what to tell hilda. I wisper to Xerx, "Hilda kill me if she"
- "i didnt even get into the city before i was abused" he replies shaking his head. As i tell xerx, "I found him by the door".
- "Abused?"
- "she exploded me", he replies waving his hands at me. walking nervously around outside the cell.
- "I arrested you for lieing. What are you name?"
- "i was telling her the truth, i'm Paco Pablo"
I shake mu head at him, a sad expression in my face "No your not..." seeing a friend like this hurts, badly.
- "i am Paco Pablo", he is sure of him self, something is really wrong.
- "explooded?" then she turns to me, "you blew him off?"
- "i was just standing there and then BOOM!! and i'm on my back in cuffs"
- "I think he lost it. I distracted him with one of these" I get a dynamite stick from my belt and show Xerx.
- "Oh, he is plem plem. I think we should better take him to a hospital. Or a psychatric clinic"
- 'see she admits it, she abusive' he adds with raised eye brows.
- "Well this is not really abuse when Mistress tricks you......"
- "entrapment!!" he screams.
- "abuse is what does with me w" she goes silent a second, and then continues "ok another sorry. Yes entrapment is part of the police work"
- "No, BASTARD" he screams, I can't really think we have to do something.
- "Speaking of abuse. If you give him my cage again.....may I then at least play with him a bit?", Xerx asks me.
I look inde over my eyes goes down a little, "I think he liked it."
- We have a better lock now.
I can see the face turn red on inde, his eyes flickers and goes down, "'that doesnt mean i liked it". I can't help but to smile at him, "I believe that about as much as you Pablo, Picaso"


Blood poisoning, part III

Third part of the Blood poisoning, part I and II. When we start Nadine and Xerxis are interrogating inde, not yet knowing his identity.
- "Why did yo have the gas mask?" I stare at the man.
- "I told you that too, I heard there was a contamination of some kind in the city I'm just being careful." This is definitely a lie, or at least a lie to some part.
- "Careful form the angel dust?" I look at him and try to feel his reaction to angel dust.
- "Well its not the air that is contaminated. You don't need a gasmask." I hear Xerxis add, not sure I liked her to share so much information at this point.
- "I've never even seen angel dust, I wouldn't know what it looks like" he tries t9o get him self out of it.
- "But you knew it was angel dust"
- "no you told me"

As I say this my hand reach down over his underpants, I let my finger into one of the rips, I feel the tear betting bigger.

- "no, no clue at all.." I see his eyes widening, and is there not a small red colour below the mask, I need to take the mask off him soon. But when I need him to fear again. While grabbing his manhood throw what ever panties he have on I ask. "and you choose a Gas mask and no clothes?" He is back to mocking me with his answers, "I'm wearing clothes, you're aware of that aren't you?" He really like to call ripped panties and a feather boa clothes. I hear him gasp the grip on him having the intended effect. "I bet you was here to release something in the air, like angel dust", he almost scream back, "Noooooo! i'm peaceful i dont wanna hurt anyone". I look into his eyes, "So you not mind me searching you then.", his response is what I like to hear "do i have a choice at this point?" he finally understood, do as I say in the only way out.

- "Take his shoes first, and then we dispose hims. These colorful things are no doubt precious for him" good thinking girl. She addresses him, "You could just take the shoes off, Mister."
- "i like my shoes, and besides i'm cuffed and dont wanna get a beating for moving", time to remind him who is in charge again.
I grab firm around his ball, knowing what fear this will struck into his body, "Do is the officer say" I add to make him feel the seriousness. As my hand gets his ball he start to kicking his shoes off. Definitely the result I wanted.
- "Wasn't that hard was it", I reward him with loosening the grip over his balls, massaging them, as I grab the gasmask. I see him closing his eyes as hard he can like a child trying to hide from the world, he have something to hide. Now it's time to drive him down the road of fear. I lean my body against him feeling him against my body making sure he feels my soft body. My lips almost touch his ear as is whisper "You not scared of me are you...." I can feel all his body being reacting in fear, he nods slowly at me, the hair on his neck rising. "You afraid to die?" I grab and start to remove the canister from the gasmask, each revolution slow, really slow making it feel like an eternity. He keeps nodding, as he could not do anything else. "You tell me your name". He holds onto the lie of "Paco Pablo", I add some pressure around the balls in my hands.

- "Should i go an dcheck mistress?"
- "Paco, in the registry?" I ask her I notice her working on the pda.
- "arrgh, please believe me i'm telling the truth"
- "no, not in files. in non of them, no criminal, no citizen, nothing", so he lies for sure.
- "then i've been erased, i'm right here" his lie comes a gain as taken from a bad movie.
- "Where did you say you live? Do you have any ID card? and if not, why?" Xerx is starting to interrogate, I can relax a second and gives his ball some blood again, lets the canister from the gas mask fall the the floor looks up at him.
- "i live in poppy fields with the dragonflies"
- "Poppy fields? where should that be, please?" her voice as cute as ever. Inside me i can't help but to smile. I hear the man crying from fear, begging for his life, "i dont wanna turn orange. please dont expose me to anything unnatural" I can feel his all being consumed in fear, he if probably to scared to lie. But still nothing he says make any sense.
- "poppy fields is on the other side of rainbow river. surely you've been on the rainbow river?"
- "Nope, Are you living in fairytale land, mister?"
- "if i am, so are you. youre right here"
- "rainbow river, next comes the land of holes"
- "see you've been there, that's where i got my shorts, if you know about the land of holes, why dont you know of the rainbow river and poppy fields" his blabbering start to get on my mind. I release his balls and starts to undo the straps of the gas mask.
- "Because i am NOT lucy in the sky with Diamonds Mister. and I also not ride yellow submarines"
- "yellow submarines? that's just silly" he must have lost his mind, I see him close his eye as hard he can scare of something.
- "I don't believe him Mistress. He knows Wainbow river , but has no idea that you need a submarine to travel to the land of holes", I can hard keep my self for laughter as I remove the mask.


Blood poisoning, part II

This is the second part of Blood poisoning.
Luckily I have a shower at the police station, no way I would been able to take my self home. It been so much overtime since this terror attack on malka. As I get my self out of the shower I hear someone arriving, I can't take wrong on those foot steps and my mind fills with joy again. I turn around in the shower and there she in my vice chief Xerx, good as I step of of the shower and gets a warm smile and a hug I tell her "I love that but i need you with sacel and police uniform." I quickly dress and grabs her hand for a second of you as I drag her over to the cells.

Even before we are down the man screams at me, "hey, lemme out of here", he notice Xerx following me in his deluded state of mind he asks, "or is this my cell mate? Cute". As Xerx present her self, "Hey! there, I Xerxis, and I'm police officer", his smile disappears a second. I hand my weapons to Xerx and order the prisoner stop step into the cell. "Stand back prisoner", I get a mocking response, "What?! how can I escape if I'm away from the door?" I feel all the good mood hugging Xerx gave me leave my body, I take up the nightstick and repeats clearly, "Stand back from the door", I hear Xerx ask "Why does he wear a gasmask?" I should have briefed her, what was I thinking, well to late. At least the nightstick have the intended effect and the man steps back, I feel Xerxis support in my back as go into the cell, the door closing with a loud clanking sound.

Once again the interrogation starts all over, "Ok what was your name this time?", still lies, "I told you, my name is Paco Pablo, I'm innocent", innocent my ass i add for my self. I grab for the gasmask, he tried to evade me, I can see the tiny hairs in his neck rise and I feel the fear in my prey, good that is something I can use. His body hives with fear, and I notice the nipple rings he wear, lets see how he reacts on pain. I grab and pull in the ring repeating to him "So your name was Stupid Boy". I see his eyes flicker the body trebling, good he feels pain, why don't they just talk. I tell Xerx to get a syringe out and prepare to take his blood. I feel him panic in my arms, pushed him across the room and hard into the cell door. He screams in fear, "Noooooo! Holy crap!", and starts to cry. I press him towarde the door, wondering why he is familiar, "You talk now boy... No more lies....", still he lies, "i'm not lying, i'm Paco!!"

As I feel him cry, time to change, time to confuse. I stop pressing him against the door, my finger run gently over his chest, feeling his body fight the fear and pain. With my softest voice I keep asking him, and i get something "i wanna go home to the poppy fields and run with the dragonflies" he sobs in front of me. Telling something I can believe in good, reward him. "That i did belive", my fingers lightly stroking his chest, it feel nice, I focus again on work. "So why did you come to malka to spread angel dust". I'm not sure if his response is a lie or not, "i dont know anything about angel dust". Time to bait him give him something to look forward to "You tell me who gave you the angel dust and I give you a good time here...".

"i dont know anything about angel dust", and then he adds like pleading for his life, "honest". That might be true, then he continues "i dont know any angels, and i dont do drugs" I get the feeling he lies again, "Now THAT i dont believe", i hear xerx add, my fingers gently trace there way down over his chest, I smile and look up to him leans my head to the side, "Of course you don't and they did force you" I feel him shaking in fear and confusion he is close to cracking. I can feel his his tense tummy under my fingers. I lightly almost like a lover strokes his belly keeping him confused.


Blood poisoning

Roleplay logs form malka

Background: The blood pool in malka have been poisoned, the sample taken have shown that angel dust have been dropped into it. No one know who and why. We are running short of blood and d3MentiA Chief of Police, Nadine are working hard to find the responsible.

After a long day hunting for anything that could lead me close to getting the people that dropped the angel dust in the blood. Tired and with my feet hurting I come home. As I'm about to finally get a shower and some clean clothes on, walking tired into malka a stranger appears. A stranger impossible to ignore, dressed in or undressed in. I take in the order my eyes noticed, gasmask, feather boa, ripped boxers, really dirty socks and not the best matching sneakers. I lift my eyes again, shit more work passes throw my brain as I hear him say, "evening ma'am", I nod back a "Hi there". There is something familiar about them man. But what, while deciding what to do I deride to keep him busy talking. "Welcome to malka."

- Thanks, i've never been here before. But I can hear he is almost laughing behind his mask. Finding it hard to believe him I try to size him up, I hear him self continuing calling him self Paco. I get the cuffs into my hand, the cold metal making me feel safe somehow, knowing I have the law on my side. I ask him to take the mask off, something he refuses. He looks strong, the small talk make me sure he is crazy. Dangerous for sure, and no backup around. Don't dare using the radio now, he is to close will hear. The panic button? No, I have to little, just a hunch. I have to trick him. My voice runs on professional, I hear my self asking, "You know any angels?" I get a lie back, "nope, no angels... I met a few demons thought".

I remember something, don't I still have the dynamite in my belt, yes it there. And the burner, still warm. Good, keep talking distract him. Ask something proving keep his mind occupied, "So you say your first time here, not been here fighting before?" Look like it worked, I hear the fizz, "no, I don't do any fighting, I'm a peaceful man", my mind adds yeah sure right, as I flip the dynamite towards the wall. He says "maybe I should go, you look busy here", shit explode, I count in my head, 4, 3, 2, 1, then as the explosion goes off, throw my self at him, I get his arms and while cuffing I presses him to the ground. The feeling of luck can't leave my body as he is cuffed without resistance.

Holding him down I start to search for weapons, "hey, get your hands off me, i didnt do anything" he tries to get out of the cuffs, I tell him not to move, stop to lie and hopefully this be over soon. He refuses to talk, "i'm not talkin'", and tries to distract me with the tail, darn lowlife, my patience if getting really low now, pulls his hair, and cuffs him to me, god he cant run, jail next for him. Never looks good to beat someone up in the street. He already scream for help and about police brutality, I pull him up, mostly by the hair, he know who is in charge now. I restart the interrogation, "Shall we start over again, What is your name?", he does prove he lies, hesitating and not remembering his name, "uhmmmm..what was the one I gave you?" first the second time now he remember his name, but decides still to lie. "Paco, that's my name" such a shame, "Paco Pablo", he adds, as if a repeated lie make me happier. We reach the corner into the square, quick look around no one around. Small push and he walks in the wall, "Watch your steps, be carefull, you might get hurt."

Now the bastard start to complain the cuffs are to tight as well. "these cuffs are too tight", "dont you have softer ones", what does he think lie to me and I take him on a nice picnic? I show him hard cuffs, if I press I should be able to get them three maybe even four steps harder. Only got two, maybe they was a little hard already. Well he know what hard are now. He keeps his stupid lies all the way to the jail, fuck I'm tired of these small time crocks. So it's overtime tonight, but first a shower. As soon he is in the cell I run for a shower and some fresh clothes.


RezzDay Party Thanks....

It was a great party, My R2D2 registered 55 of you coming there and I was IM and chat spammed for more than two hours. The list might miss a few as sensors in SL max out at the 16 nearest avatars and for most of the party we was about 35 in the sim.
This is the list as the party ended with a short note form me on each for you.
What make the order in the list I have no idea about.

  1. Balp Allen - Our great DJ for the night.
  2. Xerxis Rodenberger - My girl, there supporting me all night
  3. Kaneda Sideways - A true malkavian brother
  4. Lag Dagger - Malkavian sister
  5. Alux Burton - Welcome back to the malks
  6. Lavinia Liebling - Alux and Matz dauther and my goddauther
  7. Bones Okelli - Wife if Jill and my prospect
  8. Apmel Goosson - A Great swedish friend, not roleplayer
  9. Katerina Morgwain - One more of the malk sisters
  10. Jillian Ireman - My latest chylde
  11. Karoline Merlin - My old CCS mentor and way to busy always
  12. Vince Fargis - Long time malkavian brothet and finally back again
  13. Michiel Whitfield - Old time friend and special guy.
  14. Yannis Martynov - Malkian sire and brother
  15. Erosid Dryke - The one and only MPD attack dog :-)
  16. Sapphire Saiman - Longtime friend, and a super sweet girl
  17. tabula Ducrot - Roleplay friend most in seven sins
  18. Daarc Dagger - Manager at Carnage, WooT
  19. yaniv Shepherd - My grandchylde, be carefull...
  20. Joni Vargas - Goddess from Blacklist
  21. Lizzy Foxtrot - Roleplayer mainly from Crossroads
  22. Johnne Benelli - Long time friend, and customer
  23. Michel Morane - The crazy demon of cola, one of my favourite hunting partners
  24. Tyson Darwin - One more of the malk brothers :)
  25. Roxette Wise - Super party babe, she comes to almost all parting I do.
  26. Osiris Pfalz - Also a great party girl, never far from Roxette
  27. Dany Desideri - My sweet Malk sister, one of the few that can fight me in number of chyldes
  28. Skye Hanfoi - An other sweet malkaian sister
  29. CodeBastard Redgrave - My sweet codie
  30. Cory Sodertelge - One more form the swedish party gang.
  31. Luci Ferraris - One more of the crossroads girls
  32. ZZR1101 Skall - Long time friend a lovely robot
  33. Jenna Thurston - Party friend from backlist, Missed you rezzing I feel so bad.
  34. Independence Shippe - Malks brother sort of, I get you fixed hun...
  35. Hyang Zhao - Miss Blacklisted to me....
  36. Issy Romano - The better part of Hyang :-)
  37. Gabby Panacek - The sweetesy girl and partner to Codie
  38. Kepi Hyun - Carnage Girl, she been with me as staff there forever
  39. Damien Wilder - Carnage DJ and great guy
  40. JetFire Tran - Very old time friend.
  41. Mazt Mazi - Welcome back Mazt, Swedish Malk
  42. Bobcatt Nielson - Old time crazy furry, or what it is today
  43. Fortunis Darkfold - Friend of Michel from Cola, first time a saw her, sound like a great girl.
  44. Mangala Taurog - The first time i saw her walk into Dark Angels my heart stopped, and still does...
  45. DjNight Fhang - DJ, Malkavian DJ and brother
  46. Remi Messmer - My Jeffrey neighbour, he have to live with my parties.
  47. ElLobo Nephilim - My first girl... She killed RL to come...
  48. Viola Gemini - Blacklisted super babe.
  49. Chalice Yao - The purple....
  50. PetGirl Bergman - PG, she make me feel like a n00b, She knows all about SL and more....
  51. Raul Crimson - They guy that will turn me gay....
  52. Erinyse Planer - One of the great girls behind Dark Moon, now in cola...
  53. Selena Daehlie - Miss Sele from Blacklist :-)
  54. Sjofin Oh - Maybe the best DJ in SL.....
  55. Asturias Nightfire - More of the blacklist girls!!!

And I'm sure someone is missed, Sorry about that and all i missed to say Hi to sorry it was heretical....

Update, Apmel posted many images from the party. The title is, Nadines rezzday party gives kinky dreams.



Sunday 1/11, or 2009-01-11, Is my second rezday, there will be a party...

And You are invited... Time and place will come as my RL clears up.