Inspecting the build

Inspecting the build.
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Time is suddenly of the essence, I know no-one will care all will be happy by just coming over and have fun. But i need to make everything perfect. So much to fix and so little time. How come I was so stupid to set a date for the housewarming party. Well at least I get to see Chrome and Artillo, will be playing, so it will be a great evening for me, but still SL will probably die on me. Lag all over and nothing work. Somehow Chrome is as calm as ever, I probably need that I have been trying to fill her mailbox, with questions, wished and other stuff.

The new client survived to morning for me, I shell see how it works tonight.



I finally got my self thou with creating images for all of Widowmaker's items in his vendor machine. My hope it that this will lead to some more jobs, selling more advertising and photos. There is a few more images that has to be done to make all of the little shop good looking. But I'll get there soon. So now get over to second earth and look at the tattoos.
I will give you my word on that he is good on making tattoos. I hadn't worked for him if i hadn't liked his work from the beginning.

Family check

Ran & Nadine
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We have adopted sweet little Ran into our sisterhood. It feel good to have one sister on line now when chrome spends to much time at work or looking of some kind of Internet café. Welcome to our family and I hope we can make a good time for you, and if you behave you might even get a small hut on our family estate.

I have been real busy working with the estate, you my first own textures added to day. One of need more work but it's better that nothing. Even in texturing there seams to be much work. But using smart textures and some alpha-channels saves many prims. I have to make new textrues fro all the windows in my house as well.


Quiet Move

It's have been to quiet here, I know, sorry for that fans :-) I have been to busy inside SL negleting my friend and just trying to make something that looks like a home. I have finally finished something that vaguely resembles a house, to some extent. I have been ably to add some small scripts thane make the windows more or less transparent, I got some tips from Chrome on redusing the number of prims in the house. I found some details out my self.

There is still some work with the house, I have to fix many of the textures, that also menad making some special adapted textures to fir the house. I also got an idea from one of the cool tools that widowmaker had to make a sit ball rezzer in the floor, so that each time some one sits down, a new poseball is added. That would be a good feature. And the lights has her get adjustable. I can't understand why that script didn't work.


Moving home

New Home
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I have finally got my self a home outside Ross infohub, Using Ross as home have with the increasing load on SL gotten harder and harder. And when Chrome told me she was thinking about getting hers and Chaos old place back, I asked if we could share the place as sister. My body trembling as I got my self courage to ask her, and she love the idea and have not dared to ask me.

So now I'm getting to be even more busy in sl. I have to learn how to build stuff, much better, how to texture it well, I got some music connected to the parcel. I have to get the access list working, none of my friends can enter the place at the moment, but on the other hand it's only a flat sand bed at the moment. It will be son fun, and my sis, with me on this. I also get to sit about an hour just talking about everything with here while she destroyed the firewalls at her work. We had to end talking when she removed her internet connection totally.


Bare Rose

B@R Outfit
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I got my self a new favorite shop, Bare Rose. The outfits there are both reasonably cheep and very good looking. Maybe not as dark futurist punk looking as Sini, as Goth as Wilted Rose, but definitely stylish.

I Second earth there is much activity new plots emerge all the time, stuff are that where hidden starts to emerge and I now feel at home without having Gelmir as my guide to the area. Also finally a library with information about the world and it's history have emerged. Nice to have as background. But now it's time to go back in and prepare for the eavning.


Love is in the air

Love is in the air
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With some help of Vint, suggesting a much tighter crop of the image, I have now posted my first photo to the "Second Life + 1000 views" pool. All night in SL will be filled with Champagne to mark this occasion. All that have looked at the image thanks. Also a special thank to Iam from making that evening so special. Hope or next date will not be as lagged as yesterday,


Pawn promotion.

As some of you might have noticed, I'm a little of a workaholic in SL. That got me to advance at HALO. I'm now also a HOST at that place. That means little of a steady income from the place, but also to spend much more time at HALO, but I love the club. I hope I did the right decision and that the club can be full of guests.

I also made a terrible discovery today, SL time has shifted, now the time differers in only 8 hours. Thats makes me miss the end of DJ Artillo, it makes it even harder to meed the folk form the US, at least the once in California. At least we soon get summertime in Europe as well.


wb Chrome

Chrome @ Bear
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If even for just a brief moment in time. The evening was one of mixed emotions. First I hear from slow that Chrome made it online. My hopes to see my sister soon rose, but then not today. After running around SL I got invited to a concert finally after several TP tried got there. Having been there for two of three tunes, something yellow, started flashing, the name got my attention and I rushed to answer.

[13:30] Chrome: naaaadine
[13:31] Nadine Nozaki hugs you, Sis :-)
[13:31] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

Darn i hated SL now, but she came on again, I'm at Bears.... Start to TP, nothing.... Chrome tried to TP me in... Nothing... My frustration's for SL grew, OK final try, offline, and login with locations Bear, must work.

Got on line, No friend at all online, darn SL bug, But I was at bear, thats good. Ran up to hug Chrome... No ware to be found, looked around, No Chrome. And the friend list still empty, even thou I could see some of them around me. Now I REALLY HATED SL.

Sat down, waiting, she might get online again... Waited, waited and waited... No Chrome, no sis, just about as I was about to give up. A small notice in the chat, "Chrome is Online" where, where, hope she didn't start at her home. Looked around didn't see her... Wondered if it would be rude to use the LM to her home now... The world was in slow motions, then something dark appearing, could it be... Yes, Chrome, I didn't ever brother to say hello before I was in her arms.

I never was passionate about SL before, or at least not that I noticed it before. I left SL with a great feeling, talking to Chrome until the Internet café closed felt really good. Know I know she will come on line, I will see her before September, I'm a much happier girl. Thank you Chrome for coming on line in shall German Internet cafés.


Linkies, and Chrome I miss you

Me & Gino @ Carnage
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Vint Falken, a nice girl that I still have to meet in SL. But I have seen on flickr. Have made a great collection of links in a blog entry of hers. Her images are definitely wort having a look on. I have been much more active on flickr now, soon i think i get my first image with over 1000 views.

The week have been dominated by the fact that Chrome is no longer in SL. Can't believe that I can't hug my sister good night anymore. Hugging her have be about the only thing that has been constant in SL since i started. Maybe with the addition of crashed and lag. I really hope she had a good journey and is wrong about how much work she will have to do i Europe.


Secone earth, roleplaying

Nadine, with bow
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My friend Widowmaker is a real roleplayer. While TP's was down and I was stuck without getting out to any of my favorite places. I ended up asking him for a little help to get out of the sim i was in. As direct TP requests still works better that got me out. I ended up with my MP5 on the back in a small looking midevil dinner room. One can say that I looked a little out of place. Then he gave me a short introduction to the place and a little better blue dress. We talked a little and I deiced to try out the place, doing some roleplaying. I felt like a helpless little town, farmer girl, never could be Nadines place, so I ended up deciding on being a elven fighter, huntress, bodyguard. We went out and did some shopping, I got my self, bow, sword, and a chain mail. Before we returned and i got some introduction to how the stuff worked.

As we did that out of noware, a character arrived, and started shooting at the range as well, but using us two as targets, I didn't understand anything until widowmaker started to scream run and headed for the town, I did my best and ran after him, in to the town and around the town without really knowing my way. Somehow I ended up just inside the wall again when the rest on the town have risen to there arms. With there help the goblin was finally killed. That was an exciting start on me roleplaying experience.



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As usually Blacklist got a little out of the ordinary. How ever not as much as last time. Blacklist is a place to keep your eyes on.

And a small word of comfort to Windowmaker:

All his troubles seemed so far away,
Now it looks as though they're here to stay,
Oh, He believed in yesterday.

He no longer having her to him,
There's a shadow hanging over him,
Oh, yesterday came suddenly.

Love and SL really looks like a hard way to do it.