Swedish embassy open

Pink Chute @ Home
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Now the Swedish embassy, second house of Sweden is open. The Swedish institute was able to announce the Swedish embassy first, but then got run around in the implementation by the Maldives. As usually in Sweden there is enormous critics of this. Granlund somehow gets room in Expressen (article in swedish), big Swedish newspaper (if you can call the afternoon papers for news?). Where he compares this with Reeperbahn or Red Light District, serious you didn't understand it. The big and important difference between Second live and the boring Entropia Universe, that you prefer is that in Entropia, you can build you can't create you have to buy the stuff that Mindarks say you can buy. Yes sure taht stuff sure is good, but on the other hand the rest of the stuff. Yes some of it it ugly, many creators isn't that good. Entropia online and WoW is just a new networked game. The lan is just a little bigger, the thing about second life is that it's not a game like those, in second life we all have the possibility to create, like on the web we can all make out own web-page. So web-pages can be good, bad, then can contain sex, or they can be about art. Just as on the web, sex seams to sell extremely good, and be popular.

Girls and Guns night out III
None of the girls have anything
made by linden labs on them

The community is what differs, and yes it's not an as optimised cool 3D-world as the others, it's not as streamlined and so on. But on the other hand you don't have to stand in line waiting for the a new release to get access to the new island. You can if you like take all clothes off, you can if you like make your self a new look, that changes everything. I'm sure there are fun stuff in the other on-line games, but they are games, there is a basic game idea behind everything. Second life doesn't have that. It's just a fun place to be and create, meet people, chat and interact. Somehow Mindark claim's that Club NeverDie is the first virtual nightclub, while several had open and died long before that in SL.

Updated the links


Have you ever wonders about guy being female?

Sweet red kiss II
The ladies on the images HAVE
nothing with the story to do.

I got this fabulous cybersex shared with me yesterday. This being a two "ladies" chairing a "private" moment with each others.

JB: horney
MT: wet
JB: me too
JB: mmmmm
MT: take you clothes off
JB: mmm lick my nips

I must say that this is one of the most fascinating sex stories I have ever read, I'm happy that these to lesbian girls have found each other and not some other unknowing victim giggle.



Updated Ass
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This in life goes up and down, it with great sadness that I write this blog entry, Chaos, my friend and the maker of the coolest guns in SL. Will be with us way to little in the future. Real life have giver her problems that are way to big and she sadly has to spend less time in SL. She will come by now and then and say hi, but her time will be to limited. As last thing she was able to get a new version of the Dual FN Five-Sevens. The new holsters are so good looking, the new functions works so well. I'm so impressed by this piece of armoury. I got my requests for better photos in and so many other good changes. Way to go Chaos, you are the best!

Get your copy at her slx page or in one of the in game stores.


Linden support, NOT

Two days have now passed, not a word from Linden Labs om my list inventory.

I have compiled a list of what I'm missing:

Dip me in chocolate - sine wave
liquid persia . sine wave
lollipop - sine wave
weaving dreams -sine wave

May I say that two of my absolute favourite dances are on this list.
Do I really have to get into Linden island and nuke the place before that listen to me?

And any lindens or other daring resident that like to loose someone may follow this procedure and I'm pretty sure you will have an inventory loss.

1) Get an animation from an other avatar, shall be (no copy) (no modify) for you.
2) Make an item or get one that you have full permions on, make sure you have this in your inventory.
3) Find a parcel with auto return on.
4) Rex the object in to to the parcel.
5) Edit the item and add the animation from 1
6) stop edit and wait for auto return.


Inventory loss

I hate this, I lost half of my good dances, all ovenanimaitons and half of the Sine Wave stuff. Yesterday was really crazy, I got at 2AM as host on Carnage, only that someone for got toll Tell Yousa, that it was planned to be a 24 hour event and he didn't have to do all night him self. Well is turned out that I was the only one that had taken up that request and I was hosting from 2AM to 2PM. Well I had a good time, around 11:30 SLT, I whet over to Kate's party place and set up my Little Critter dance machine for her, added half of the good stuff from my chimera, and back to Carnage be fore I was to much missed. So far so good. Then at 2 AM I get of my shift, all exhausted but with a smile on my face. After a collapse on the dance floor and a test of the new sploder. I crawl over to Kate's party, But where is my dance ball? And the slow dance? Gone, asked Kate if she returned it, she hadn't said it auto returned. But I didn't see anything returned, where is my dances!

I found the slow-dance v3 in my lost and found, but not the dance ball, and none of the dance animations. 2000+ Lindens of dances gone! Like that, I hate that. I really hate it. To make stuff better My ISP have decided to drop all connections out side Sweden, no gmail, no SL, no nothing.



Marquez @ Dragon Inn
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Today I finality got to meet the flickr legend Marquez. One of the best looking avatars I have seen and one of the better photographers around. I got some minute listing to him DJ and have a nice dance. Then he posed a little for me so I could get something into this blog, entry.

I was also fooled into getting a twitter account, but still now sure what it really does.


Please read and think about...

Please read and think about what Vint is posting in her blog, my self I can't make up my mind about this. Three is also a long discussion about this on the official second life blog. I tend to think that two grown up can do what ever they like in there own bedroom (even a virtual one) with out anyone else should judge them. And that all rules and laws of first life can't apply to a virtual life. I would not like to go to jail for all the duellist I killed on Samurai Island, and do I need a hunting license for goblins?

I personally can't understand anyone age playing, or all the girls playing slaves, but I still don't like them totality banned. I must admit that I sometimes felt like orbiting some or the slaves, and there masters. And any child play I have never come across, I have meet some people playing kinds nice. I must add that that add much to the feeling in the RP sims, so please don't stop the possibility for avatars to look and play like kids for this.


Item updates

After getting some feedback on my item's I have made several small and some bigger updates. In the two cases for beer and cider and one of the pose balls. I you have an old version and like to get an update please contact me, I like you all ta have the best possible version and I'm sorry for any inconvenient this might have caused you.

The pose ball had bad priority for the animation making the type animation to override it. That should never have happened. And the two cases with beer and cider had wrong permission on the objects inside of it, so it didn't work correct for any other than my self, really sorry about that. I relly like to get the feedback so i can fix this kinds of problems, I like all of my customers to be happy customers.

New items listed on SLX:


Second Life Love

Second Life Love. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

Just to give a place to collect all these beautiful images that show all the good loving feelings in SL I started a little SL group. Second Life Love, it you are on flickr please join it, and add your best love images to the pool. If you are a photographer and not yet on flickr what are you waiting for?

And yes I'm trying to post a little more frequent here now, This blog have been left to untouched to much of the time.


C:SI Combat system

Gleddan & Nadine @ Dojo
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I'm starting slowly up to enjoy the combat system of Samurai Island, after I got my kill bill look I needed to have a katana that matched. As Christal often had a nice one with her at bears, I came to ask her about it. I ended up getting my self an Ashes Cursed Spirit, blade, and the make of a Sensei, Gleddan, that could teach me the basics.

I have now had two lessons for Gleddan and some spars at the island, and starting to get into the feeling of the combat. Still much to learn but I make some progress at lest. But most important it's really fun and challenging.


Party time

What a nice party, thank you all 35 guests that showed up during the evening. It was really fun to have you all over, Arti did a really good job, and I can reveal that our next party will be something out of the ordinary. But what that will be you will have to wait to see. For the first time ever my dance ball was to small, and we had to fix a new one. Next time the bid one will have the good dances.

Well thanks again all for showing up and there will soon be something more spectacular to look forward to.