The 269 most read blog or?

Over at Second Effects, ArminasX did make a list or rathet a list and an updated list of the most popular SL blogs based on Techorathi.

The first version put me at place 124, then he fixed and added stuff,

123 ( 416553 ) Steelhead Anvil
124 ( 416553 ) The Winter Market
125 ( 416974 ) Livedoor Blog

Dropping me down to 269,

# 268 The ramblings of Violet
# 269 The Winter Market
# 270 Y Me | digitally encoded genetic machismo

Looking the the top,
# 4 New World Notes
# 5 VintFalken.com

Gratz Hamlet and Vint,

Gwyn at 16 she is also great
# 16 Gwyn's Home

At 24 Crap, one blog I read all the time....
# 24 What Is This Crap?

Codie picked number 43
# 43 CodeBastardRedgrave.Com

Peter, are after that on 73.
# 73 Second Stindberg

Looker in at 133,
# 133 Looker Lumet

The Cat Dude, Where are YOU!
# 172 Timothy's Second Life Experience

There are a few a know after me but not many,



Peter did it again :) Thanks!!!!

Look at it :-)

Peter that helped me also wrote about the boards on his new project, Gadgets for the virtual world. A new place where you should be able to read and get new all of all that isn't fashion related in SL. Talking of the boars, one more feature got added on Monday, auto timed contests. E.g. the contest does run into vote, end after a predefined time.

I hope to make an other nice addition tonight as I host, play or code at Blacklist.


New boards out....

Nadine's Heavy Duty Professional Contest Board System (full-copy)

Just read this great ad that Peter helped me writing. To celebrate this I'm giving reducing price for 10 copies. Get them quick.

Based on the experience of 2 years of hosting, this contest board is created from a professional hoster for professional hosters. Easy, straightforward, fast and efficient. No delays, no complex menus or difficult configuration, no complex flashy features. When your club is bustling with patrons, this heavy duty board will do what it is supposed to do. Reliably.

Streamline your performance with those unique features:

  • Eliminate lag with 100% Mono-based minimal processing overhead scripts

  • Easy to set up - out-of-the-box configuration will suit most club environments

  • Run and control multiple boards simultaneously

  • Integrated zero-configuration group control system

  • Fully copyable - rez as many boards as you like

  • Free, lifetime updates!

Customization Options:

  • Add your own modules and scripts with the easy and expandable interface

  • Full-perm winner-item-giver is included as sample model

  • Full-perm winner-profilepic-viewer included

  • Customize the look of the board with your own skins and graphics

Contest Features:

  • Select free entry or entry fee (gets added to the prize money)

  • Decide if contestants need to vote in order to win

  • Allow voters to change their votes

  • Late entries may join the contest during voting

  • Host can remove contestants

Prize Money Features:

  • Contest can run without prize money

  • Allow anybody to add to the prize money (Open Prize Money Donation)

  • Unique money sharing system: prize money can be retrieved from the board owner's account by the host (configurable limit, option is off by default)

The Board System will work even under heavy stress and in laggy sims. Your hosts will love the easy and intuitive operation. The boards allow your staff to focus on their hosting tasks instead of fiddling with complex and confusing menus. Your hosts will perform better, and your club will run smoother. The unique money sharing system allows you to donate price money from your account without giving your hosts credit card systems or advance payments.

Stay in control, have the smoothest possible contests, keep motivated hosts being able to focus on their hosting.



Having cleared up time in my life, mainly by doing less time hosting I got my self into updating my contest boards again. Well and building a new castle. Doing some final testing now and I hope to make is available this week.

New features that are finished:

  • Vote confirmation
  • Clearer page switching, board gets cleared between each page and a short delay as well
  • Remade display code, the 25 chars a 7 rows can now quickly and easily be rebuilt into a low prim version. Not being released at this moment.

Features being worked on:

  • Change of vote, You should be able to change your vote in an other contestant.
  • Vote to win, only voters able to win the contest, should be configurable
  • Clean up documentation
  • Clean up language, all messages I hope to get help in reading over by a native English talker.