Too much love will kill you

Chrome is back
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A tribute to Queen, and my Sister Chrome.

She just the pieces of the girl she used to be
Too many bitter tears are raining down on her
She far away from home
And she been facing this alone
For much too long
I feel like no-one ever told the truth to me
About growing up and what a struggle it would be
In my tangled state of mind
Ive been looking back to find
Where she went wrong

Too much love will kill you
If you cant make up your mind
Torn between the lover
And the love you leave behind
She's headed for disaster
cos she never read the signs
Too much love will kill you
Every time

Chrome, welcome back to your human form.


Club Carnage

I have gotten me a new place to work after Sweetsister closed, I'm now at Club Carange, have made one and a half night there so far. Yesterday I started out really good, but with 20 minutes left or the event SL-started to act strange. I got thrown out more times that I can count and logging in took up to five minutes. When it started SL had 30,000 users online when i gave up less than 20,000
it was a quick drop.


Castle of Love, reopening

Castle of Love
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The club Castle of love in on Friday 7PM SL time finally reopening after the move. The new club looks much better, several changes has been made that surely will make it work even better, I look forward to the opening and starting to really work at that club. There have been much preparations for the reopening now, The place looks good, the thinks in the work good. The system is easy, Well I like the place.

Now just hope that it can bring good easy work.


Blacklist and DJ Artillo went crazy

Blacklist Dancing
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Tuesday night, or Wednesday morning went crazy at the black list. I got there a little before work. Well to be honest i tried to TP there for some 30 minutes first, thinking the place to be crowded. Then I finally got the TP throw. Just five minutes before Artillo was supposed to end. Well a short time and see whats he is up to can't be that bad. I nearly turned when the crows was only one, and she was as naked as the DJ. Lucky me I didn't.

Started to dance and enjoy the music, soon an other girl came, and both me and her got naked as well. I dragged in Maja that i was IM:ing and there was a small crowd. The music went on, we danced and suddenly I was late for work, again...

But it was a great start of valentines day.


How to run a club, or not?

Yesterday, Club Sweetsister got deleted, and leveled to the ground. All the dancers got removed from the group with what I should say no information at all. I guess that they have to rework the concept of the club. If you like to have staff some every night and work 4 hours they need something for that. To get the economy running you need customers, mostly paying customers. You then need to work them into paying for something. The club had some problems in the layout. With dancers on poles on the second floor in the back of the club. These position was out of range for talks to the door, you had to get into IM to greet the customers, you needed to zoom your view away from your self to see how entered and left the club. Then you missed how came close to your self. Not that customers should come close to the poles dancers, something they didn't know.

Well I guess that I wont be working there for peanuts any more, this is Tina, the girl that got me into that place. I met her on her day 1 and helped her a little with some landmarks and tips on how the world was working. Took her to Sarah's freebee place and helped her getting some kind of outfit to start with. She was the one that broke the news to Sweetsister, and probably the one that got us all fired, I'm proud off her. Well the image suck, I know but the only one I have of her.



I have suddenly out of the blue gotten me two more jobs. I'm starting to be a busy girl. In addition dancing at Club Halo and at Sweetsister, and my escort extras. I have a contract for creating 30 seconds of ballet animation. What do I know of ballet? Then I'm into an other jobs as saleslady for a tattoo. I made some images for the marketing. I hope I'm not going to be as busy as Chrome now. But I'll probably be there soon, just hope that the stuff I don is fun. I have uploaded all the images for the ads to flickr.


One month, how long is one month?

In SL the difference now with one month experience is huge. Maybe partly to that I spend most of the month online. I can still remember when I first came in, not able to walk in the direction i liked to, running around bumping into everything. The niceness that people has to me, the thee gorgeous outfits that I got on Introduction Island. Still the base of most my clothing, how Chrome, took care of me and showed me around the place.

Then the changes, step by step, getting into life in SL. Leaning to earn some money, getting some work. How Chrome forced me not to have the "Newbee" tag anymore, how I started to help others coming into SL. The time has had up's and downs, hours has flown by, minutes has taken ages. SL is buggy, SL has lag, SL has greifers, but still the inhabitants, keep me online, just a little more than I have time for everyday. Friends I love YOU!


Animations and scripting

I have been busy working, and learning about SL all the time. Got my self three new dances,
two pole dances and one solo-dance. The solo-dance looks really good. But the pole-dances looks bad. They are stunning in poses and looks bad in SL. I guess that this blog-tutorial holds the answer to my problems. I have to try to get my self a new shape and test it out. Also for the dances i have made my self a pole, A 1 prim pole, Much smaller than any else I have seen in SL.

To make the pole work i started with the pose-ball script that i tried before. But it had many problems that made it unusable for the pole. Started with hiding the pole while dancing. But most of all it only supported one animation. So i sat down looking at scripting. I have now a script that can compile, written from scratch, but I hasn't been able to test it out yet. It's simple and much shorter than the original poseball script. It uses a dialog to choose animation. But I like to add a continuous mode that changes animation after the first one is ready. Then I thanks to Chrome got my self a job yesterday, as dancer at the halo-club. There dance poles changes animation with shift and left, right, thats a good idea that I must add to mine.

I also think that I have improved my photo skills, much thanks to a short chat in darkcity with one of the shop owners there. A really good SL photographer, and that takes skill. She talked about how she worked, a little. The backdrops, edited in photoshop, taken from SL images, I think is a little to much for me so far. But she mentions the light, we agreed on that the SL-light sucked. Then she said something about a studio, portable lamps, and i started thinking. SO for this image I override the SL light to complete darkness, and added a object with the light parameter sat, a little yellow in the color, I think that it made a huge difference. But still I have to work more on my studio technique, thats goes for both RL and SL.


Changes all over SL, everyone is moving.

After the last update, everything in SL seams to be moving. Everything moves to new landmarks, and you have to be out exploring all the time again. The whole darkcity have moved. The new area is much bigger and cooler, however some places still has to get a little more work. Some parts are missing walls, and floor, but the center looks extremely cool now. Also blacklist moved, the new place is long down in the basement of a building, you have to make your way down twisting stars to reach it. But how nice it looks when you get there. Also i was again able to catch the end of DJ Artillo playing, he is good, but has to get better times online for us Europeans, can't only be playing in the middle of the night.