Xmas greeting 2007

Xmas greeting 2007
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Happy XMas to all my friends out there, and book January 11 for the biggest REZ DAY PARTY EVER!!!!!!


Contest boards 0.8.4

While we are at it, I updated the contest boards and solved a big issue with more that 7 contestants. If you have a boards please update it.

I'm on blog mainia today....

OMG, How lame can one be!!! IN the adult world of second life, comments on the official blog can contain words beginning on fuck, I should have guessed.

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December 13th, 2007 at 12:41 AM PST

Not to be like that but the database used for age verifications is a fucking joke. ....

Changing that into:

Not to be like that but the database used for age verifications is a joke. ...

And it posted.


RezzedNET, Meme

A meme at RezzedNET, a nice little write up about what differs your RL and SL self but ten items...

  1. I'm a hugger, in RL i don't dare to hug everyone all the time, in SL I do.
  2. Fangs, in RL my fangs are much much smaller, if they exists.
  3. Boobs, My SL boobs make my RL self look jealously on Nadine.
  4. Clubbing, In SL i go to clubs like 7 days a week, in RL like 0 days a week.
  5. Open relation, In sl I have an open relations with my GF, I'm not sure I could in RL
  6. I can fly, the sky is the limit.
  7. I'm much better on keeping contact in SL.
  8. Social networks, My SL seld is in all social networks, my RL me is much more restricted.
  9. Secret, In RL I'm open with how I am, Nadine don't tell anything about her background.
  10. Escort, I'm pretty sure I could not have sex for money in RL.... In SL i worked as escort.


I'm Age Verified....

Well not me, but me, in line with you can't criticise something unless you know something about it. I got a greifer now, the stuff that some hope IDV will protect against *grin*. She is a couple of days old, and already ID verified. I wonder how the good number of 80% worked was calculated? The number of LL employees that was in the public records, and HOW CAN 80% be a good number? That means the two of ten residents don't count. Now the alpha test group apparently wasn't as diverse and spread over the globe as the test group. But in stead of ranting, and telling what is doesn't do in world (as dandellion so nicely looked at). Lets have a look at Nadine, the Northolt lady not Nozaki. She on the image.

I started her a test and look at how the 1.18.6RC actually worked, for this I made a new alt, Nadine, she is a CSI:NY fan and interested in digging into how stuff really works, maybe she will show up here writing about how the life as adult in sl is. Well after creation I made a look around in the CSI:NY sims that are quite fun. She solve the two murder games there. (a little to simple i.m.h.o. but on the other hand I'm used to the client).

So we started to look at when the new viewer added, age verification and a new login system. The login system, well looked uglier apparently using html for layout in stead of just laying out the object. I can't see the use of that and sound like an other additions we really don't need. But the big ugly think is the Age Verification. How can you verify someone with out seeing then or talking to some one you trust that knows them?

Yes the answer is you can't Age Verification is a scam, it's not about verifying it's about lying. It's how it works in the land of laws, the lawyers have enter now we have to lie. We all know this will not work but lets pretend it does so that we can pretend we have done something. So my first attempt was to use some real Swedish info from someone still alive and kicking. That didn't work she was not in Aristotle/Integrity database. Apparently I was not alone (Integrity probably lied there asses of to sell as marketing people often do...) the horrible think is that 80% was the good number that tried to archive... 80%, 99.9% I could understand, 50 of the normal online used at any time 80% that's 10.000 concurrent uses, 95511 uses taht logged in last week it would have failed for with the goal numbers. This 100.000 resident is what they there sample test show and the was OK with that as OK. The numbers are disappointed, one in five ok, what are we at one in two? how many fails now?

But why give up if you can't get age verified, use the brain, where is the company located, what have they tested with, the US, and California. Google quick gave me the drivers licenses of a dead rapper guy... Well that can't work of course not that are not that stupid... are they... Yes they are... Age verified. Tupac is her RL name, she, he have been dead since 1996. I think she, he is really cool to get a SL account . I mean beeing killed in a drive by shooting in 1996 and getting a SL avatar, second life opening in 2002. And I guess Tupac have a hole bunch of alt's by now.

One thing is sure I'll never trust the Age Verified flag for anything.


Fasion show in Crimson shadow

I was planning to make this announcement a little later when i had something relevant to it to publish. But now i got talked into making a little view notice about a fashions show held in Crimson Shadow the 4:th of December (today). I i posted the add here and i can tell that Rezzable hired me to make some role play happen in that sim. I'm in charge of making role play happen in crimson shadow, more about that later.



Timothy Lilliehook has tagged me to do the “Eight Randon Facts” meme.

Here are the rules:
(1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
(2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
(3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
(4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

So now i have to do it!

1: I love to dance! I'm almost fanatical about it, and while other builders stand still, I have music playing and dances along.

2: I'm using the linux viewer, most of the time, I also have XP and Vista on the computer but i seldom reboot to used those viewers. Most of the time i use Balp's compilation of the Nicolaz viewer. When on windows, I use the Nicholaz version as well. The main reason is that I can't live without my friends list and the think that LL now have is seriously brain damaged.

3: I'm an linden whore, or escort as most people prefer to call it. Even if i don't have time to do much sexual work at the moment.

4: I have to many works in SL. The once that I actively places time on each week. Crimson Shadow, not much public visible yet, but there will be something shortly. Dark Angels, been hosting like noon all but two days there. Carnage, been hosting the other two days at Noon there. Dark Moon, trying to talk and look over the place as much as possible. Then comes the shop, and making animations, my contest boards, my host solutions. All this takes time....

5: I log and keep notes on people, Carnage n00b being one of the most common things I write on people, sorry about that *giggle*

6: I spell even worse in RL that in SL, I'm dyslectic and not directly proud of it but that how it is.

7: My RL is MY Secret, and only the three persons i trust most have a clue on where in sweden i live. Maybe like five or six people have a clue on what i do for a living, I feel that this is needed with my former job here as escort, that could damage my RL work badly.

8: I spend to little time taking care of my friends, and i feel really bad for that, I'm sorry, just IM me and I try to chat with you. I promise.

Now it's only to tagg 8 bloggers as well... Balp, Apmel, Ono, Raul, thats four and halfway. Adding Ika, Jennyfur and Kate leave that with only one more to tag. And tagging getting hard, Will and Chrome comes to my mind, but I'm not sure any of them are really good to tag... No I'll go for Mel the little cute girl. I follow her blog with great fun and she is very different form the rest of my blogger friends.

Yes i did it!