Will clubbing in SL die now.

Johnne @ ~* Club Carnage *~

Now is it happening RL laws are running all over SL. And as SL is in California it's not my laws, it Californian laws. Well some stuff are banned because being illegal in Germany as well. Now it's gaming, wagering that is banned. I don't know how US laws are but the ban is quite wide, one of the main sources of income for all clubs have been the splooder, that little think that all pays and then randomly pays out most of to all the players. Now there have to be gone and as I see donations and tipping must become the main income. So in the future when you visit a club, please tip the staff, a few lindens. If you don't I'm afraid clubbing, and parties will be as lively as the second life playboy mansion.

I have seen many protest around SL against this decision, but I must admit I have much greater understanding of this decision that the filtering of the word teen. I hope that we can find a way to keep people spending a little money at clubs. But I'm afraid that this will make the survival for anything but shops harder. Maybe we will get a system where clubs take entry fees. We that works at clubs that are not only prostitutes will have to do more to find new ways to pay the rent. One could hope that this will bring down the land tier down a little. As the value of SL for landowners and lowering. I have even seen some speculations if this will bring SL to an economic halt.

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