How much more can we take?

How much more shit will the SL residents take? Lindens censoring and view on SL for each day make me more and more confused and scared. Yesterday the news of age verification now is in, or halfway in. And trying to make this a issue of trust, in what way will that I know the social social security number of someone about 18 make me more trust worthy? That is what they verify, that I know the social security number of someone above the age of 18. I did know that of my parents when I was 12, I don't know that today.

That and today in run into that Linden have censored the Burning Life art exhibition. Tateru Nino, write two long entries about this, it also a long article on this on the burning life blog. In short, there was a big nice looking marble statue of a nude lady. The reason seams to be that that lade have nipples, way all above 18 should know that ladies have nipples. Maybe my understanding of this matter is a little to low as in the city I have grown up in there are sure at least 7 statues with nude girls, all having nipples. (Those where the ones that I could verify on wikipedia.)There also are some male figures with penis. I personally think the the outdoors of any Swedish city is a PG area. We have no "red-light" district, no explicitly porn. For example of public art in Sweden look at Solglitter, by Carl Milles. That statue also exists in St Louis and Costa Mesa in USA.


dandellion Kimban said...

That will happen every day. It is not about Lindens and it is not about verification, it is about residents. While some doesn't care to move their asses or even to sign a petition, other will make the world in which nipples are strange and terrifying. And even if we get together to protect the common sense and our freedom, some will screw the whole thing with their irresponsibility.

Nadine Nozaki said...

I refuse to give up hope on mankind. I'm stubborn and naive on that. But just refuse, How many proof i get i still stubbornly refuses to give up.

dandellion Kimban said...

well, if you thought that this censorship is hard, then look what followed up http://metaverse.acidzen.org/2007/iridium-lindens-apology-now

London Spengler said...

"some doesn't care to move their asses or even to sign a petition... some will screw the whole thing with their irresponsibility"

Dandelion, maybe I am too sensible but I feel addressed by that, and if it is true, I am sorry you didn't talk about it in my post about open letter or when we casually meet online. Backstabbed is a good word for it.

Of course, only if you where thinking on me when writing it.

But thinking or not about me, I want to add a pair of bits. I am not only irresponsible about sign collecting, I am evil enough not to support worthy initiatives like Relay for Life. At least I don't use a cause I don't believe in to publicy my products; I hope it makes me a lesser evil.

I worry, a lot, about my friends wellfare, even the casual ones; and it gives a nice sensation when I manage to help them, or simply make them happy, and I like it.

But by nature, I loathe big causes and most big words. They are usually a nest of corruption or a candy to keep consciences happy.

I almost wrote a post about all this, but at the end I decided that people had have enough of my rants... in a way, I even hope you don't even notice this, dandellion, since I respect you.

And, err... Nadine... I am sorry about jumping like this in your nice blog, but I wasn't able to avoid it and it whould had been worse at my own :-p.

Btw, did the sacrifice hurt a lot? it was so bloody :-)

Nadine Nozaki said...

Your welcome, most comments are and i love a nice rant :-)

And the sacrifice, well i died in the process.

dandellion Kimban said...

London, now I get the context.... Sorry but, believe it or not, I wasn't thinking about you when I mentioned Open Letter. I was talking about being lazy to sign pattition, and, if I got your post about conscience right, that is not your case. That is completely other story which I plan to write about just waiting to Nipplegate to settle down. Once again, sorry for missunderstanding.
What I have addressed here are residents who believe that everything will be fine, at least for a while and, if not, "well, never mind".

London Spengler said...

dandellion, of course I believe you, and I am sorry about my rant... I have to write a post too, about my own emotional unstability .-(

And Nadine, my question was only a way to say "I read your blog and the post was interesting"... even if it sounded like "can I trivialice something important for you?".

Sorry about how it sounded, and, well... I read your blog and I like it :-)