Keeping Second Life Safe, Together

We all need to work together to make second life a nice and safe place for everyone to visit. TO make sure that no avatars as damaged while building Linden Labs have in the UK office started to work together with HSE to make new builders guidelines. Based on HSE large experience in safety work some new guide lines have been created.

  • Ladders use alternatives where possible. Flying is a good alternative.

  • Guardrail erect rails around all big fall to avoid the splat effect. If working at heights about 300 meters use the terra emergency chute.

  • Properly plan all lifting operations, if possible rez the object directly where they should go. There is no need for most lifting works in SL, but be careful of prims with the physical property, they may actually fall down.


CB said...


Now i recognize your humor sweetheart! LOL


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