What VAT?

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The new EU-VAT fee Linden Labs added don't make sense to me. I try to understand what they do and how that relates to Swedish, European law.

According to "skatteverket" an foreign comapny may register from swedish taxes, get a swedish tax registration and sell to us as any other swedish company. That is they have to give prices including VAT to customer can't list there prices excluding VAT to customers. That can choose on only register in one EU country and pay the VAT for that country all over Europe is they like.

If they don't register in Sweden I'm as customer are responsible to pay VAT. I do that bu talking to "skatteverket". The mandatory take out of taxes in the way Linden now have chosen is probably not legal in Sweden. (How ever I'm not a lawyer, don't take my word for it.) Also this make me protected from Swedish "consumers rights" laws. That are no longer selling at US servire that are selling a service in Sweden. If this isn't a swedish service it's not up for being taxed, given my reading of the information on "skatteverket".

Something here have to change for the Lindens to follow Swedish law, something that have them self choosen to do. And it's OK for them to list different prices to different countries, BUT THEY HAVE TO LIST IT INCLUDING TAXES if they are to take out the TAX.

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