Summer, Sun, Rain & Vacation

Bathing @ Halo
I'm off on vacation, no more boring RL work for a month, and sadly no more SL time for a month. Well maybe a minute here and there from one or other hot-spot, or internet cafe, but not as much as i would like, that's for sure. I have put in a vacation list at carnage, I have hugged my sis and kissed my Codie. Still I can't believe it, I'm off leaving and out of SL. The longest before was three and a half day, that almost killed me.

I'm addicted
And I love it

Bored Nadine
Those how got my mail, please write long letters, telling me everything that happens in SL, I don't want a noob to be able to sign up with out some one telling me, I don't whant a second of drama or cyber to happen with out me getting the long referee. Please help be to get throu the long time of being offline.


CB said...

I will so miss you my sweet love... What will I do without you?

I love you


Nadine Nozaki said...

I love you to my sweet heath, I'll check my gmail from 4AM til 6PM your time and be as quick as possible to answer anything you write to me. I have Gmail in the phone and that will work.