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Hi Linden Labs,

You liked feed back, so this is going to be one more LL bashing session. Ginsu posted a blog entry, stating that Linden are the most transparent of all public company she have seen. Is that that case I'm sorry about the state of information in the US. Yes they do some thinks right, but to be honest, if it wasn't for Chrome and Codie, I would have left SL. These two friend are actually what keeps me coming back to SL. The rest of my friends I would miss you, yes and i would be hard to leave you, I would be sad, but i could live with that, and Linden some times pissed me enough to be close to that border where it would have been worth it. However the love of my sis and my girlfriend keep me getting back in.

Codie & Kate

Codie & Kate
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To be honest the request for feedback, is one more example of bad communication. It takes up the blog about VAT, “VAT are you talking about?” as good communication! Did you ever care enough to read the comment on that before calling it good? That long entry is full of legal errors spotable by a novice like me, Starting with the easiest to verify, your VAT number. All EU VAT numbers start with a country code. No EU country have EU, you can register in EU you have to register in ONE country! The second one, until the sudden day they payed the tax, after that day they are paying the tax, but just that now the price is 25% higher because I'm Swedish. Yes my tax level is high, but it would have been nice to get notice of at 25% extra fee, I have learned that they promised to give 60 days warning on land price raises, be fore i started SL. That much more that was given, in fact I didn't get any notice form LL until the official blog. I still haven't got any mail, but on my account there is a asterisks so i might pay it.

Second I had an inventory loss for me very valuable stuff, my favorite dances, not a word from the lindens until they closed the bug report system, your bug report is now gone because we didn't like that system. Thats all, Love the feed back, i hear many other have problems with inventory losses, it keep me from shopping, I'm very very conservative shopper now, the loss of my dances, the blatant ignorance from the lindens. To get stuff it have to be something I really really like, and that I'm not suer i dare getting it, so i have to be cheep as well,if i loose it so i can get it back. When will Linden tell all resident that there still haven't delivered voice to all platforms? When will Linden's foll fill the big wish of getting back a usable user interface? Good there is the Nicholaz build, more stable and with a user interface that works. Also i don't care about voice personally, tried dislikes and never going to use again.

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