What VAT?

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The new EU-VAT fee Linden Labs added don't make sense to me. I try to understand what they do and how that relates to Swedish, European law.

According to "skatteverket" an foreign comapny may register from swedish taxes, get a swedish tax registration and sell to us as any other swedish company. That is they have to give prices including VAT to customer can't list there prices excluding VAT to customers. That can choose on only register in one EU country and pay the VAT for that country all over Europe is they like.

If they don't register in Sweden I'm as customer are responsible to pay VAT. I do that bu talking to "skatteverket". The mandatory take out of taxes in the way Linden now have chosen is probably not legal in Sweden. (How ever I'm not a lawyer, don't take my word for it.) Also this make me protected from Swedish "consumers rights" laws. That are no longer selling at US servire that are selling a service in Sweden. If this isn't a swedish service it's not up for being taxed, given my reading of the information on "skatteverket".

Something here have to change for the Lindens to follow Swedish law, something that have them self choosen to do. And it's OK for them to list different prices to different countries, BUT THEY HAVE TO LIST IT INCLUDING TAXES if they are to take out the TAX.


Shopping update (Update)

My stuff on on SLExchange is by some reason gone. I can't understand why they don't show up. As a first step i got my stuff once again working on OnRez. Please get your contest boards there on in world at the moment.

Now SLExchange works again!


Contest boards Launched.

My contest boards are finally ready to let out in the world. Welcome brave would, here is Nad's contest boards. I'll introduces them for just 950 Lindens. Get them on SLExchange or in world at my vendors either in Strata, Code Red or Club Carnage.

The SLX listing:
Nadine's Contest Board, This item is what you have been looking for to your club! These context boards looks great, are designed for minimal lag. And include features not seen in the competition.

* Host command only from same group.
* Easy to start contest /123 new
* Easy to start voting /123 vote
* Easy to end voting /123 end
* Easy to join contest: Either pay board or touch it (depending on entry fee)
* Easy to vote: Just touch name
* Color change, pink, blue, and brown included, possible to add your own
* "Unlimited" number of contestants.

Also notice that these contest boards are copy, so you can add any number of them to you club, you don't have to buy a set with pink or blue.

The current price is an reduced to introduce the product on the market, to give if some more real club testing. This product includes future updates, there is an auto updated included in the box.


Crimson Shadow, Rezzable preview

When Right as rain send me a landmark and a texture i knew something was up. Rezzable had something up the sleeve. The name and the texture, Crimsom Shadow. Hmmm. something for a vamp like me *grins* The arrival, was awesome, the top of the tower, the skies stuff that i have never seen in SL before. But not the feeling of uniqueness that i got when I arrived for the first time in the greenines home.

The environment is extremely well done. Just look at the background, the backdrop. It's awesome, make the rest of the vampire castle i have seen looks like old and boring. From the entrance the top there are a tp. What a TP bye the way? Look at the nice details in the pentagram when i arrived. Look at the rotating rings around my avatar. Great stuff, truly great.

Next to this arrival point is a small dark room, with a thrown a place that invites to role place, with domination and slaves. A place for a vampire king and his slaves. Here is also a dance positions with several good sine-wave dances. This is definitly a positions where one could entertain one self for several hours, or rater entertain some one sled for many many hours.

Exploring the area further i find a dark club, with some potentials and a shop that i think might have a little to high prices for my taste. All over everything is a great dark feeling. This is definitely a place that will visit again several times, maybe more that the greenines. Not the same wow feeling, on the other more in my line of RP. Given that this area will hold up, make good RP and have something to feed on, it will definitely keep me coming.


Trust.... (Minor update)

Ran & Nadine
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A blog entry from Well ehh, she don't have her name on the blog so I'll not spell it out :-) Or it's in the URL, Daisy. Make me think about the most important commodity in SL. [Update: Also dandellion Kimban's blog made me have this in a list of need to write stuff.]


How can one act to people with out trust? How can one trust people? There are some people I really trust in SL. Why do i trust them. One think is sure Identity Verification will not help me trust anyone. In RL i don't trust a person just because that can ID them self. I'm sure that the person behind the counter at the convince store, the petrol station, don't trust me just because I used my ID to get money from my credit card. Yes in Sweden ID is very often needed to used the credit card. Know the identity of someone don't build trust. What you do and how you act does.

Chrome @ Home
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I trust Chrome, I'm sure she won't lie to me. I trusted her long ago I knew anything about her RL. I know a little now because I trust her. She know most of all in SL about me because I trust her. Would seeing her ID the first day have changed this? Maybe, but probably not to trust her more. With giving out that comes the question why. Have I looked at the ID of any of my RL friends, yes sure some, especially to see an ugly photo they have on there drivers licence. Have I done this before or after I started to trust them. After in all cases. Would I show my ID to someone I don't trust? To buy stuff, to take out money, of if it's a police, yes sure. Some other, no, that would definitely lower my trust in the person, why would then feel like they need to know how I am. Asking for ID is a sure sign that they don't trust me, so why should I trust them?

How do we build trust?

The first rule of trust is never lie. Not saying stuff is no problem, I don't give out any information about my RL, other that I'm Swedish. People seam to be able to trust me despite this. But I never lie to hide any details, lies always get out. That's the way it is, being honest and truth full is really important in RL. But it's so much more important in SL. Also keep in mind that in SL there are many different cultures, many different subcultures. I often RP, the personality I show up is different.

Sweet red kiss II
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The second rule is "No Drama!". Second life as all electronic forms are great for misunderstandings they live there own lives. Be open make sure you understand the person before you do anything. If you think something sounds strange, or wrong ask again. Cultural and language difference make stuff hard to get right. It's better to look like a fool asking twice, that to prove you self being one acting on the misunderstandings.

Also trust your friend with there privacy. Don't spread rumours, don't tell anyone else what you heard in privacy. Even if you might think it's the right think to do. It's really hard and can put you in hard positions. When I know much about some one from private conversations I often get into the positions where I have to tell about it. I don't know how many times I answered friend with "I can't answer you on that, I know to much." Even people I trust very much so far I all person have understood that and respected that I keep out of that subject. The hardest questions in this is probably if you find out that a friend is cheating on a friend. It's really, really hard in that case. I would never tell, I would how ever talk serious with the cheater, doing my best to convince about rule 1, "Tell the truth".


What is PG?

One questions none seams to asked during all this Nipplegate is, What is PG? Not really true as Wrath did wire a little about PG in her nice blog entry. I think this issue need deeper looking into. This issue will also be extremely more important once the age verifications goes live. MPAA in there PG rules state:

"There may be some profanity and some depictions of violence or brief nudity. But these elements are not deemed so intense as to require that parents be strongly cautioned beyond the suggestion of parental guidance."

"Nudity - Natural nudity, with no sexual context."

One can also notice that BFCC's guide for U (universal) is almost the same as PG in the US. "Nudity - Occasional natural nudity, with no sexual context."

The community standard make some text about this, stating that PG: ratings are harder in SL that in movies:

Second Life is an adult community, but Mature material is not necessarily appropriate in all areas (see Global Standards below). Content, communication, or behavior which involves intense language or expletives, nudity or sexual content, the depiction of sex or violence, or anything else broadly offensive must be contained within private land in areas rated Mature (M). Names of Residents, objects, places and groups are broadly viewable in Second Life directories and on the Second Life website, and must adhere to PG guidelines."

One can notice that this includes violence. How ever the LLCS (Linden Labs Combat System) is fully described on the webpages. This must give a view on now the rules atre fo been seen, so topless, people probably are OK in PG areas. Or should be, it's ok on public beaches. (At least here). Running around nude in the street probably isn't in PG area. I can be OK with that, in a mature sim all is OK. There is also a tool that is said to be "Again this is voluntary," so landowner in no way will have any problem not flagging land Restricetd and have any mature content.


Why because it will not to any difference at all. That is promised to be voluntary, so there will be not actions form the lindens if you don't. It will only lower the number of potential clients. I will not help keep kids from getting to the material. Kids isn't allowed in the grid. Kids have no problem getting age verified. To submit information and cross check with PUBLIC records can never prove anything about the person sending in the information. It only probes that the public information is well public. If I already lied about my identity to get online... What extra is there to lie about my identity to get verified?

The other big problem is that adult content is not even tried to be cleared out what that mean?


Chillout (Updated)

Bird Watching
Bird Watching
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Nadine meditating
Nadine meditating
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Waiting for you
Waiting for you
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This post is a contribute to the best chill out spot in SL. It's even better than mine and my sis plot. And that always been one one my favourite places in SL. I don't know how WiLL does it but it's a pure relaxing place. Here are some images and have a look at his own description.

Update: It's with great sorry I have to tell that Will is no longer among the SL community, the great place is no more and I don't know how to chill any more. I'll just wander along as an empty shell between clubs and hope someone takes care of me.