I was born to love you.

My Codie.
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Can't believe what is happening to me. but I'm so happy. It's magic. My week so far have been the most interesting and different in second life, I have definitely lost much sleep, but it was been worth every second with her.

I was born to love you
With every single beat of my heart
Yes, I was born to take care of you
Every single day of my life


Check mate

Yesterday my little Sis say a poice car at bear that never moved and just was in the way, after a while she got a into the mood of playing or something. So she took her little main battle talk out, just to show the police how small his little police car really was. The that talk isn't BIG, it's HUGE, REALLY HUGE. I think she was able to get it down into bears, but now with out big problems and probably crunching some innocent newbies. Then we ended up in Kate's sim trying to find a good target for the main gun. I have never before seen any combat tank in SL and this one had a crew of three persons. I hope we can gat and play with that one more, and hopefully also get it into some kind of battle.

Look at the top image with me standing beside it, or how much space it's inside in the crew area, it's massive and really cool.


Crash, Crash, Carsh, and out!

Some days SL is a wounder of stability. During this evening, i crashed three times during, my first host event at Carnage, however Richard still said I did a good job. That just after I crashed again, and after that I tried to get back on for ONE HOUR, each time getting a new message wait two more minutes. Than two more. and so on.

But before that it's been a great day, well I spend some 8000 lindens, 6500 on rent and the rest at sweet Rin's new shop. That I almost got my self a Goblin avatar, I have to finish that one and make a weapon for it. It will be fun to attack the town of orn in second earth.


Dark Urban kiss

Dark Urban kiss
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Last night i got some time with Chrome and Kate and was able to direct them around almost as i pleased. Well sometime they looked like they enjoined the posing to much to move around directly when I asked, on on the whole that where very good models and I got many good images. Having them around makes me so happy for them both.



I have started to try tio sell some of my creations rater cheep at slexchange. SO far I ave added two pose balls my two Swedish items. One beer and one cider can container.

I hope I can make a few sales so that it ca pay for the upload fees that linden takes to make it possible to make these items. Hopefully I can add some pose balls o about weekly basis. I have made three completely new this week. But we will have to see how that works out.


Party on, Folks

First a huge HUG to all friend that showed up at the party. Thanks for coming, we have a great time with you all. I have to thank one guest especially much, Atrillo. You did a great work playing, you impressed every one with your excellent DJ skills, you definitely are the greatest DJ in SL. I can promise that there will be more partied at the Sister's Hideout. I don't have time tonight but maybe on Monday. Big hugs and kisses from me and Chrome to all off you for showing up. Look at the picasa album for some of the snapshots i got. Please send me any good images you got during the party to my gmail, Nadine.Nozaki. Or just comment with a link if you have them on the web.