Linden Labs an the future

Reading Nicholaz, what a hero, blog on the future of second life. He put a new perspective into my complaining about Linden Labs not communicating, they are just not ion the same time as us residents. They live in a bright future. What they really need is to find a quick turn around time, make stuff come around to the users quickly, release early, release often.

Having simple bug fixes, even is not perfect lying around for months don't hold. Waiting for the prefect solutions don't work, give all the developers a crash course in scrum, XP, what ever make sure you have big working tests of everything in the viewer, and the backends, automate these tests, now, yesterday, add to the test day by day. Sure testing that rendering is right is hard, so wait with that. But the protocols, the server are easy to test. All backends and all communication with the backends, all thats should be easy to add. Sure if you are four five years behind it can take some time to catch up. But at least make sure all new code, all changed code have tests before it's committed.