RezzedNET, Meme

A meme at RezzedNET, a nice little write up about what differs your RL and SL self but ten items...

  1. I'm a hugger, in RL i don't dare to hug everyone all the time, in SL I do.
  2. Fangs, in RL my fangs are much much smaller, if they exists.
  3. Boobs, My SL boobs make my RL self look jealously on Nadine.
  4. Clubbing, In SL i go to clubs like 7 days a week, in RL like 0 days a week.
  5. Open relation, In sl I have an open relations with my GF, I'm not sure I could in RL
  6. I can fly, the sky is the limit.
  7. I'm much better on keeping contact in SL.
  8. Social networks, My SL seld is in all social networks, my RL me is much more restricted.
  9. Secret, In RL I'm open with how I am, Nadine don't tell anything about her background.
  10. Escort, I'm pretty sure I could not have sex for money in RL.... In SL i worked as escort.

1 comment:

Timothy Lilliehook said...

Thanks for sharing this. And rest assured, I can't fly in RL, either, so you don't have to be ashamed of that ;)

I did mine on the Rezzed.net blog already, btw.