SL Price level up 25% thats what happend


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Tell what they did was to raise the cost with 25% and not telling before and trying to blame EU for it. According to there blog that have been paying VAT for us all the time as they are supposed to do. Until last month the VAT was included in the price, the priced was VAT inclusive, now suddenly they isn't.

Now in the communication Linden Labs finally cleared out that they screwed us EU citizens, they raised our prices in a unethical way. Good that they finally clear that out. They also announced that this raise was so unethical that they backed on the time frame for the mainland fee's. This issue is not about EU taxes, it's about what price Linden takes out of it's customers, until now the price have been the same, e.g.. the end user price have been the same, but tax levels have differ. Not the end price will differ.

Linden also makes some remarked how bad the VAT works in the worlds today, something i fully agree to. They however make small mistake, the EU is no "European legislation ", the EU makes recommendations sometimes mandatory, that are incorporated into the nations laws of each country. These laws differ a little or much between the different EU states. Making it almost impossible to understand. Skatteverket have some information how this is incorporated into Swedish law. Lindes also missed that they can choose to just register in one country "The trader is free to chose any country it wishes." some EU states have lower VAT that Sweden, I would love to pay Spanish, or UK VAT instead. (The rules for that is in "Regulation (EC) No 792/2002").

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