What is a newbie?

What is a newbie? That is a good question. Wikipedia claim's "A newbie is a newcomer to a particular field, the term being commonly used on the Internet, where it might refer to new, inexperienced, or ignorant users of a game, a newsgroup, an operating system or the Internet itself." Is then I a newbie? Thats is a good question, many times it feel new and lost. But then I rand into others, that are new and lost. I'm starting to give the ones that are polite a helping hand around SL. I guess that that will disqualify my self from being a newbie. I still however hasn't been able to get a steady job. I can't make my poseballs, and I don't know anything about land and building.

Chrome doesn't think of me as a newbie at least, that's good, I think. She even told me not to where the newbie tag any more. I can understand that as we helped this newbie girl getting into the game.

I was planning to write about DAZ Studio. How I can't get animations from there into SL, or rather how strage the animations looks in the preview windows. But it feels that this ery became to long without the details. But is there any one that have a tutorial for DAZ and Second life? Please help me. I have figured out that you have to to something special in the first animation frame. That is make it tha standard basic pose, but one leg still shows upp totally wrong? Can there be something with exported movement limits? or Something like that.


Building again, Jewellery

It's been a good day, even if RL took most of the SL time away. I was looking at making a new look, for little warmers days in the edga of the city and going into the parties at night. I had this little nice mini-skirt, and a nice jacket to match with. But as I looked there was something missing. The belly, it needed something. So I either had to look at a tattoo or a piercing. Well the tattoo, needed much work, but a small ring in the belly, how hard could it be? Not hard at all. I I made one up. I'm thinking about adding some bling to it. But I'm not sure that it's the right way. On the other hand adding bling will need some scripting, and that would be a nice way to learn that. I also all day have been thinking about the animation challenge
that Chrome gave me. I can't even decide how I want it to look, what movements, what poses to look at. Everything I think I have decided and starts to work, something doesn't feel right, there must be a better way. Maybe I tries to hard, maybe it's just that I want it to be something special.



I made my first poseball, using a new animation that I just created. The animation takes a step forward and sits down. Then bows and ends up sitting. I call this seiza, but I don't know how correct that Japanese is. The pose ball was made from a single round prim, and a script that I had fond. The script was more complicated that I has guessed. But then it made it real easy to make the posball. No need to change or look at the script, just add the animation to the contents, and edit a note in the ball. Making balls like that and I won't learn how to script. But I'll save time and make more and better animations. This one i think looked better in the game than in QAvimator. There are several parts of the animation that can be made better, but on the other hand maybe it's works. Talking about QAvimator, I found out that saving in the other format .avm, keeps the key frames and other things that are in the animation. You can also use place out prims in the world there. They stay in there position and can be used to make sure that the point you are moving around stays still when changing the animation. It's an easy tool to use but you have to do most of the animation your self.

And thanks to chrome for the first comment.


An intresting day

An interesting after noon. After running around mostly with out plans I got invited over to Lonsdale, but just as I arrived Chrome asked me over to an other place called Bears, something, it's always fun to be with her so I took that one instead. Arriving there I almost didn't recognize Chrome, she was dressed in a traditional Japanese dress. Sure looked stunning, but not really like Chrome, however after chatting a little she got the topic into guns. The talk ended up with me having another couple of weapons. A MINI gun so big I don't have word for it. But somehow a gun like that, with my black out fit. As this was going on the cane a stupid player to the area, jumping on everybody, playing disturbing sound. Pushing everyone around. Then he even picked up a car to push more people around quicker. That pissed of Chrome, big time. She almost started a war, or did she start a war. Well it ended with a bunch of abuse reports. I forgot to take pictures during that so you have to live with an image of my second try on making a small holodeck. The shape is almost ok, but I like more rounded corners, maybe a little bigger and definitely some other texture. I need to learn more about scripting now, as I understand one can add stuff to the user interface, or HUD, and from there make things easier to control. I think it should be nice if that holodeck could put up an interface to make good looking unarmed fights. But that will be a long way into the future.
Now I have got my first working animation into the game. Using QAvimator. It's a simple free program that is specially developed to send files up to SL. However the recommend program for the work is poser. Poser is however not cheep, it costs much money so I tried The cheep solution. The program works well but after saving into the bvh format the SL uses. All key frames are lost. That makes it hard to work further with the files. It has one more file format to work in but I haven't tries that at all yet.

I also downloaded the gratis version of DAZ studio. But I didn't get into understanding how to work with the model in there. I guess that it's more powerful and can do more magic to get it looking good. How ever the result, well as single poses it works. But I have to work on the animation part. Also I have to focus on what the animation is about. The movements was to large for a basic posture. Well back to the drawing board with that one. But I know know how it work, that it works. The only down side is the L$10 for each animation...


Working girl.

Tried to make my first real object today, it became an object, but the design plan didn't work out at all, looked awful, to big and complex. Have to thing about the design again. Then I have to thing about how to use it, probably add some scripting to it and make it start and stop animations. As a first use of the holodeck. Well at the moment it's back to the drawing board.

Then I also made my first money actually working for it today. Until now I have had some luck getting a little money by being at the right place at the right time. Now however Chrome decided she needed a little help, and asked me to help out. Maybe more of a tip as I didn't ask for anything to help her out.


My first second life update.

SL got updated, or rather yesterday on the 17 when everything was down. There was a new client and I guess lots of stuff on the servers, Why else so long down time. So how was it *giggle*. Well for me the first thing was that every once in a while everything just froze. For a couple of seconds, now and then the whole application froze. Then I got thrown out of SL at least twice. And I'm not sure that I fond any of the updates.

However, I did something in SL, running around. I was planning to make my self a nice holodeck, or computer. To carry around and make looking cyberpunk even better. However as the freezes seamed to be worse when objects got created. Trying to do anything in the sandbox on Help Island was frustrating. So instead I randomly jumped around the world, trying to find some new friends. With any good luck, maybe I was uninspired or something else. But I got something else completed, or maybe not completed but just over the bar. A image of me in my the nice looking outfits. I used the place Chrome took me to the other night and took some photos. Then a quick round in gimp and it was one image. So from the left it me, I'm dress in the black coat, in the middle my school uniform and to the left something a little more burlesque. I usually use the first two outfit most or the time, so if you see me I probably look something like that.


Guns, Guns, Guns

I was in SL to find a nice area where I could take some more pictures to the blog, a nice light background for the black outfit. When I ran into an old friend of mine Chrome, after talking a little about all strange stuff that exists in the world, she came into weapons. As I don't know anything about that, she agreed to give me a short lesson.

She took me to a place, where it was possible to test the guns, and gave me three weapons. One of them a light-sable, I got some instructions in how to use the weapons, but I still don't know if I really understands it. Then she also gave me a shield and had a demonstration of how her weapons worked. The first one wasn't that strong, so the shield worked. Then she killed me with one shot from the other gun. Sure that was an experience.


In cyberspace

Hello again, now I shall tell you a little about the world as I see it. One thing is that most people is really nice. Most tries to help you around answers questions that you asks. Sometimes there is a loot of talk in non-English, French and Dutch, I have seen most of so far. Gives a little about how large the world is.

As an example, on my first visit, I got three full dresses, or looks.
As the newbie I am, I didn't even get the nice lady's name. I think I know how she was but I'm not sure enough to write that here. You can see one of them in this picture. Well almost see, as it's dark and fitted well into the dark NET in Nexus Prime. TO day I sould try to get some good pictures of the dresses.


First Post!

Everything has to have a first post, so also this blog. But what should a first post be like? Short? Long? Well often the first post just is something that says that one are alive and kicking. As all the first posts so Slashdot. Well actually I would like to start describing my begin life, but I'm not sure that I got time for that now.

For you that don't know this is about my life in a strange place called Second Life. Where me Nadine Nozaki, was born 1/11/2007. I have to tell you about what I have learned and seen so far. But that will be in later posts.