Ohh fuck.... (Updated...)

I HATE YOU LINDENS! Not because you added voice, because this voice shit HAVE DESTROYED THE TEXT CHAT INTERFACE! The Friends List. All in IN FUCKING SMALL WINDOW. I need then as like it was before to see anything, NOW I CAN FOLLOW IM AND MAIN CHAT ANY MORE PLEASE FIX NOW!!!!!!!

Ok. that was possibly to configure, but the group and friend list wont come out of that window and that's even more irritating!

I have at "best" only 35 friend online... Seeing four at a time in the list won't work!
I need that window to be almost as high as the screen. I most of the time have 10 -20 im's running, I need to be able to used the full screen width of the tabs with IM's the new client only lets me combine this if i cover the full screen with chat and IM. Really nice? NOT!!!!

This is my window layout, I like it, give me back the friends list! NOW! Please! Give me back the group swap window, now please, That two might be combined. The New Chat stuff in the IM I never liked, now that's the only one left. :-(

More updates, Raul Crimson, made a really nice observation earlier. Balp, have written a open letter. Any other reactions I have missed, comment here or send me mail.

I'm Nadine.Nozaki and thats at gmail.com.


Looker Lumet said...

I hope we don't have to deal with that! Every time Linden has something new, there is another issue. Is it so difficult then to develop a new item, without having new issue's?
And we still love Second Life.;) How come?

Nadine Nozaki said...

And as my friend Balp wrote, all these new features takes away something from developing stability.

Raul Crimson said...

Maybe they do all this new features to hide the stability problem LL has. Or as i said once in my blog, Linden engineers make this issues intentionally just for their fear to lose their work in front of the "Open Source" developers ;-)

Nadine Nozaki said...

Nice blog, that looks the error's on twitter when i started trying that out.