Crimson Shadow, Rezzable preview

When Right as rain send me a landmark and a texture i knew something was up. Rezzable had something up the sleeve. The name and the texture, Crimsom Shadow. Hmmm. something for a vamp like me *grins* The arrival, was awesome, the top of the tower, the skies stuff that i have never seen in SL before. But not the feeling of uniqueness that i got when I arrived for the first time in the greenines home.

The environment is extremely well done. Just look at the background, the backdrop. It's awesome, make the rest of the vampire castle i have seen looks like old and boring. From the entrance the top there are a tp. What a TP bye the way? Look at the nice details in the pentagram when i arrived. Look at the rotating rings around my avatar. Great stuff, truly great.

Next to this arrival point is a small dark room, with a thrown a place that invites to role place, with domination and slaves. A place for a vampire king and his slaves. Here is also a dance positions with several good sine-wave dances. This is definitly a positions where one could entertain one self for several hours, or rater entertain some one sled for many many hours.

Exploring the area further i find a dark club, with some potentials and a shop that i think might have a little to high prices for my taste. All over everything is a great dark feeling. This is definitely a place that will visit again several times, maybe more that the greenines. Not the same wow feeling, on the other more in my line of RP. Given that this area will hold up, make good RP and have something to feed on, it will definitely keep me coming.


Kate Lauridsen said...

Wow nadine it looks great i will definatly have to visit there. Maybe with a snack :). Now where did that human go :).

vint falken said...

Auwch! The last picture of the lady and the ones of the trone are amazingly hawt. *drewls* :d

ps. 0 negative here, but of course, that means I don't come cheap. :D

Nadine Nozaki said...

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, comment like these make blogging worth doing!

Kate Loosing you food, maybe you should get a chain *giggle*

Vint, how about you get to take the last images of you life as price *giggle* is that fair?

Looker Lumet said...

This seems as a very nice place indeed. But I am aware that I have to take some precautions, when I want to visit the place.;))

Nadine Nozaki said...

Loiker just join me, I'm sure if perfectly safe, you don't have to worry about the blood. It's safe, you won't feel anything, or almost noting.