Armed, to the teeth

As Zoe sadly have to much on her creative side, I have stepped up to help out with the Girls and Guns group. There is one more person that will be asked to help out, I will not tell now at this moment but I hope she accepts. So if you are a girl that loves guns, talk to me and I'll get you into the group. I'll keep you all updated on what happens around here.

Chaos' new M4A3
Originally uploaded by Chrome Nakamura
And while we are at the Guns department, Chaos have finished her M4 and M16, these was the best guns in SL, and they somehow got much much better. Have a run over to the KAC shop in Jeffrey or my small vendor at code red and get your self a copy or two.


Peter Stindberg said...

Love the group concept, though unfortunately I don't qualify as member...

Veronique said...

Hi Nadine!

So, you are in the GwG too?
I did subscribe to that group months ago, but nowadays I am rather..mmm.. discrete.. about my toys..
So, that was the reason you showed up with that great machinegun (M4 it was?).. I mistakenly thought it was in order to convince Vint to finally hand over your prize.. lol..