Six Months (Part II)

This is the second half of Nadine's memoirs. One short time I was employed by a club called sweetstars, that was short and quick and a course in how not to do things. Despite good intentions the club failed miserable, much because to much RL and to little SL. The staff and the dancers quite quick started to feel like prisoners, and badly paid as well. I was there to long, all the time is existed, about a weekend, I should have left earlier is if wasn't to help the newbie girls working there.

However I ended up working as dancer at Carnage in the end, a tag I still where with some pride, Carnage is a big party factory. 12 hours a day 7 days a week party. Good dedicated staff, and very little drama. A really good place to learn how to get parties running and working. At the moment I have positions at three clubs, Halo, with Slow, Lexi, and Hessa, to bad I have so little time to party there. Carnage, mostly hosting, but I still have my dancer tag, and Host Manager at Dark Angels. That I try to get time to make some nice animations between that and I have some for sale at SLX and SL-boutique. I Also make some custom animations selling to different people as they need it.

Cuddling with my love at home.

Then on the 22 of April something happened to me, I was hosting a little Naughty School Girls party at Carnage. When I think a girl called Neysa tp:ed in one of her friends, a girl I had seen on flickr. What can you say about some one that comes to a naughty schools girls party with the line "well those girls need a teacher", Well
I fell in love, instantly. Since then most of my life have been running around on small red clouds even of stuff around me in SL have made me splat to the ground a couples of times on the way.

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