Linden support, NOT

Two days have now passed, not a word from Linden Labs om my list inventory.

I have compiled a list of what I'm missing:

Dip me in chocolate - sine wave
liquid persia . sine wave
lollipop - sine wave
weaving dreams -sine wave

May I say that two of my absolute favourite dances are on this list.
Do I really have to get into Linden island and nuke the place before that listen to me?

And any lindens or other daring resident that like to loose someone may follow this procedure and I'm pretty sure you will have an inventory loss.

1) Get an animation from an other avatar, shall be (no copy) (no modify) for you.
2) Make an item or get one that you have full permions on, make sure you have this in your inventory.
3) Find a parcel with auto return on.
4) Rex the object in to to the parcel.
5) Edit the item and add the animation from 1
6) stop edit and wait for auto return.


vint said...

I believe they worked on fixing this in the last update? The if return fails object stays on land thingie? (But of course, that doesn't get you your dances back.)

Looker Lumet said...

If you don't have a premium account, you don't have to wait on help from the Linden's, you are on your own, so I have noticed.
But I can imagine how you feel about this lost.