Chyldes: 00l00 Wolfenhaut

00 is a really crazy demon, I learned to know 00 in malka the first of my chyldes I meet there. 00 was like a puppet seeking for a master, me and Xerx did our best and after just a short time we knew 00 so well I sired him. 00 did a good job in the worst story of my time in seven sins. One day I was there walking with Xerx and 00, when we ran inte the pack of Andro, DonnieK, Aerlinniel, Raven and some more. I had to get off line and left Xerx and 00 there alone. When I came back the first thing the cowards had done was to attack all kill my girl, they bit her leg off and peed on her. I made me furious and soon I had the whole family there kicking there ass freeing both my chyldes. While we killed hunted all of seven clean of non malks, or allied I had 00 take my Xerx back to hospital in malka.

It's been a while now since I seen 00 around malka.

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