The Vampire: Nadine Nozaki

I know I have been writing very little on my blog. I sort of lost this energy. In addition to this much changed in my second life, with the drama around Dark Angels, i sort of grew tired of clubbing. Two of my old friends Kate and Aeai was talking to me and against my better knowing Kate became my Malkavian sire. Entering into CCS became a turning point, so much have changed. I spend now almost al my time in malka or an other ccs sim. These are amou8ng the better RP areas i have seen in SL. Yes there are problems, yes there are drama. There is always drama when more that one roleplayer meet. During my vacation i have started to think about what I like to do with this blog. I'm going to use the space to write about my friends and small stories from my vampire life. This first new post I'm planning to tell you about Nadine, who she became, my roleplay background so to at say. This story is much of a supposed story before I became a member of the malkavian clan.
Before the strike
Before the strike
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First of all Nadine have Amnesia, she can't remember her past, so first comes what she remembers, then later the true story.

My background, the parts Nadine would tell a good friend.

Nadine can't remember much of her past, she remember a fire, someone she cared about being burned to asses. She remember meeting a vampire that cared about her she. She know she talks Swedish and English, even thou she can't remember why she know Swedish, it must have been her native language. At the moment the Malk's have adopted her, even if she knows she isn't of there blood she have something in common with them something in her blood that bound her to them something she doesn't like to know.

Some time she have dream's of a distant past, with motorbikes, drug-dealers and love. Or one of her shooting the dick of a nude sleeping male, she don't know why but she feels very satisfied by it. A feeling she can't repeat by shooting other males dick off, or cutting them from there bodies with her sword, yes she tried both, more then once. It's not very often she cares about stopping up and thinking, living from night to night, hunt to hunt. No more is needed.

She is proud of her self, and if anyone tried to push her, or insult her she don't think many second before reaching for her weapon. Taking her revenge in blood.

Nadine's Background (the long version most of it lost in Nadine's amnesia)

The Awenening
The Awenening
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Nadine, born in a small Swedish village, in the deepest parts of norrland, have always liked to find something interesting to do. She didn't like the traditions of her home area. The boys only interested in snowcat's, hunting, fishing and drinking. She was born proud, and never ever let anyone push her around. In the small village, this often got her into trouble and she quite often had to physically fight of the boys.

At the age of 11 she ran off, hitch-hiking her way around Europe, the trip lasted for three months before she ran into a cop in London, but then her parents had taken her for killed and there been some talks in the news about the pedophile, that was supposed to have raped and killed her, the cop had recognised her from the news and she was on a plane home again. Coming home now was if possible even worse, the whole village knew, asked and talked about her, not to her. She had to leave and for good and never be found again. Nothing should be able to stop her this time, nothing she swore.

This time she planned carefully, got contact with some boys from Finland, that where going to ride there bikes down to France. She fixed her self a two faked passports, using contacts the Finnish boys provided for her. She guessed Pekka did it of hope for sex with her, no way she would let him have that but as long help helped why not keep him believing that. The day of her disappearance grew closer, she had all but how to get money in place. Then an opportunity came around, in the village shop and post-office a large shipment of money came.

As she knew the receiver of the money should be out of travelling for at least a day more, she knew there would be a change to get the needed money. During the night she broke into the store, took the money and left some of her clothes. The clothes she had soaked in some of her own blood before, then she opened a can of gasoline poured it over the floor, and stuck the place on fire. Just as she drove her stolen motorbike out of the village the shop explodes. She forgot that it was elk season and the place filled with ammunition. As she left the village all was awake, and that could see the taillights of the motorbike.
7 Sins Hospital
A couple of hours later she meet Pekka, just across the border to Finland, and with his gang she drove down across Europe, having the time of her life, free at last. The only problem was Pekka, more and more insisting on sex with her. Then one night in Madrid when she refused he raped her, something she never admits happened. In the early morning she took his gun, fired it between his legs, leavening nothing of if dick. She ran form the place, kicking all the other bikes to the ground. Passing the Spanish police leaving a note framing Pekka for the murder of her self. The following trial left didn't leave much room, for Pekka to defend him self, being sold out as pedophile and child murder in the press. Her revenge was complete.

The only think she missed was how important Pekka was in the criminal MC gangs across Europe, and they soon sworn to revenge him. A hunt for her started across Europe. Having the luck on her side she became aware of the gang hunting her before then knew how she was. By selling the bike and the gun she stolen from him she was able to get a flight ticker for Cozumel, in Mexico. Arriving there with no problems using one of her fake passports. At the tourist place she found that during the night she could flirt with boys and a little older men's to keep them paying for her food and then by the morning disappearing with there wallets, no-one dared to tell the cops they had been flirting with such young girl.

This work good for a year or so until she chosen the wrong target, Dark was the leader of a Californian MC gang, and had so much money she against her better knowing targeted him. He was genuine kind to her and she for the first time in her life feel in love. How it happened she don't really know but she ended up working for him in one of the brothels he had some interest in. This really didn't work or well, Nadine refusing to take orders from the Momma at the place. Quite often violently refusing her, she ended up getting fired, and in an other work running drugs across the border to the US. This fitted her, she had the time of her life, driving bikes around Mexico and California. Her innocent Swedish girl look charming the customs officers.

She really can't remember how long she worked like this, meeting Dark on and off one time in LA the next week some ware in Mexico, always during the night always out of the populates areas. When he suddenly told her that it was time she became of full member of the gang and go thorough the initiation rite. She had long dreamed of this moment and was so excited. That night Dark embraced her and her mortal life ended, she had never ever dreamed of the power he really had. With this new powers the drug running got even easier and maybe a little to easy. She ended up forming her own little group of bikers helping her. She lived, as she never done before, feasting from the addicts she supplied with drugs. Getting high almost every night, so often that dark got angry on her, but neither was able to bare hand on the other one and the just started to avoid each others.

Playing like this for years she never paid any attentions to what happened out side her gang. She had a great time and no need to worried or so she thought, the suddenly a night as they approached the border bikes filled with coke. The place lit up as daylight, she got really scared, looked around and the bullets started to fire around here. She jumped off her bike that crashed into Tim her current boyfriends, it fell over and both bikes caught fire. She can still see his burning screaming body in front of her. Scared and panicked she dug her self down into the ground, and hide there for days, or weeks, or was it years, she could not tell the time.

The finally the thirst drove her up from the ground, her vision blurred by the sight of burning her love. Even if she should no longer remember who it was in her vision, or why he was on fire. However the sad feeling she still carried, she walked around the night, sleeping in the earth during the day's she hunted who ever came close to her, killing or just drinking with out caring. She became a danger to her self and anyone getting to close to her.
Malkavian family @ Malka
She probably would have killed her self, or got someone with to much power kill her if she hadn't run into Katie one night, she was walking around with out plans, filled with blood. When an other vampire vampire crossed her path. With out really knowing why she didn't just jump on and attack the other vampire, something she done to the few others that crossed her path. Katie took her with her home, gave her some shelter and helped her to one again care a second about her looks, if not for more that to make the hunt easier. Soon they formed a strange band, she learned to know Katie's sire Aeai and there clan. For the friendship she would not think twice about sting in the way of any danger, if there is a danger as she is dead and have lost all she cares about. Or at least that what she tries to convince her self about. She can her how false it sounds but she don't care.

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