Windlight released

So Linden got the windlight viewer released as main viewer. I like windlight it looks awesome. This release however is as I see it premature, manly because a really needed feature from the old view are totally missing the possibility to from the server steer the lighting settings. With the new added possibilities with lighting in windlight this would really have added to the SL life. It was there in the last main viewer even if more limited than the windlight light options.

There is also some other for me good reasons to hold the update off, yesterday havoc4 came live finally, now a new viewer. As tester moving up two different component at the same time makes the trouble shooting harder. All problems have to be pin pointed more accurate. The possible change set is bigger, backing down and isolation a problem is a bigger work. Then also this week been a hell in stability, both with LL serviced being down and as I think the viewer handling error cases such and not getting the expected result from a failing server making it crash. In (Windlight with Balp/Nicholaz patches) I have quite few crashed, this week with 1.19.1.RC4, I have not experience one day with less that two crashes, often more, and man many times short after teleporting rezzing a new region, or after crashing logging in rezzing the old region. This week I files 6 different viewer crashes as Jira issues, and one on sound not working. When crashing this much it's started to get really irritation needing to start the viewer two, sometime three times looking at the log to see if I would have sound logging in.

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Lennart said...

The flexipart to my silkrobe dissappears after a split second i tne new viewer. It´s sooo troublesome since it is the bottom part...