Swedish Punk II

Swedish Punk II
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki
What: Swedish Punk II
When: 9am Sunday 14 September!
How: You Party! We add the best Swedish Punk Music!
What? Yes it's on again.

Sjofin Oh: Honorary Swedish DJ, born in the US, lived in Sweden almost can tell the song titles.

Balp Allen: Swedish Black List Veteran By Now. He have strange stuff.

Mazi Mazt: Swedish DJ Doing his Blacklisted depute! I have tested him hard!


Tina Dahl said...

The short time i was ”allowed” to be online was a great time...

My connection under Sunday was s***...

Great choice of music and Balps choice of dances* was the best..

Next time next time next time my internet MUST be OK!

Hugs! /Tina

* If you noticed that the floor in the club are clean and shining today? - It was my hair that did that!

Lennart Nilsson said...

Och stackars Apmels förare som var tvungen att gå och lägga sig för att stiga upp mitt i natten och åka till jobbet :-(

Men Apmel fick en liiiten stund iaf. Jag säger bara en sak - EBBA GRÖN!!!!!

PS somnade med mycket vackert i
tankarna :-)

And now in english: AAhhh... what the heck!!!