Chyldes: Xerxis Rodenberger

My second, or is it first chylde, This much depend on how you count, both she and Ellie was sired before I was promoted to sire, they both are my girls. I was on boths there siring and my blood was given to them Xerx also got some of Eme's blood in her. My Succubus Xerx I meet throw Ellie when they both where in the LOST family. I was walking around in seven some day after I hade collared Ellie when I say her talking to an other demon, I stayed in the shadows listening, the unknown succubus said, "Yeah, I can imagine that it can get difficult to be the ...how do you say? slave? of the enemy". I listened carefully to hear how Ellie would answer, "I prefer the term pet" she said proud, all of my body started to smile.
- That was the term I was searching for. Xerxis replied as she notice me, nodded towards me and added, Hello.
- But then, I wouldn't want to belong to any other. Ellie replies, with the Hello, she turned towards me and smiles out "Mistress Nadine" as she started to hug me.
I was great meeting that girl. We, me and Ellie, shared some great moment with her, more that two weeks after meeting her. An friend and his wife asked me to help free someone held prisoner by the kindred in wrath. We attacked and in the battle I notice Xerx, defending the place helping the Kindred. I wanted to get her out of there, if some of her family came, and to get to know her better. I tied her up, pressed her neck down at the ground and told her my voice filled with the rage I have for the kindred. "I'll try to be nice as your a friend of Ellie. I hate the kindred, and I'll help anyone free people from then they attacked me and Ellie with out reason." I dragged her over to the malkavian outpost in wrath, locked her up at the wall using some chains and then started to interrogate her.
I had just seen my Ellie doing some interrogation for the lost and got sort of inspired, got out the big drill I had used while we built the outpost, and whispered to her "I had a girl, a sis of yours that gave me some inspiration." Slowly I bolted her leg to the wall, as the pain grew, I both drank her blood to make her body relax and then feed her my blood to make it heal again. When I finally released her she knew what I'll do to anyone helping the anyone that hurt one of my girls. With Ellie help the day after I filled her again with blood and she was my girl.

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