Disconnecting Second Life to Real Life

Why? Why? Why should I like to connect my second life to my real life? I some like to make real life connections using second life, but me and I guess most of my friend are good with the rules:
  • SL is SL
  • RL is RL
  • RL comes first.

But from that I'll not say no to an other SL client, small light weight. Ajax life for me just don't make it, I get to much logged out, it times out. I would like to have something text based. Running at an other place, that can get passed a firewall. I can used SSH out. I want send IM's and read notecards. Voice, why, I'm in a landscape at work, in skype i only use the part text chat, why I DON'T what my colleges to hear. That gets even more true with my SL friends. For me? I don't think SLim will solve anything, I often reply on IM's using gmail, looks like that still will beat SLim. Getting all my SL friend in the gmail-talk list. That feature I really love.


hazel said...

huh? reply IMs with gmail? those got rejected whenever I tried it. Am I doing anything wrong?

Nadine Nozaki said...

Works for me, I didn't do anything, my SL email is nadine.nozaki@gmail.com not forwarding anyware to keep all SL from my RL. Also write short, there is a limit in IM length that way. I get many errors that way