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Covers Event 080413
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Nadine Nozaki
I have intended for this event to be a little shorter that the Swedish Punk fest, but then Cellside, has his normal set at 1PM Sundays now, being under the planned time for my event we moved it earlier starting at 9AM. I talked to Cell making sure that we didn't intrude on his play. I came up that he planned to do a covers set. Is that coincident or what, and no-one ever asked if he liked to be part of events, so I have to take him into the event.

At 9:30AM Slt (18:00 CET, Sweden) Sjofin Oh takes the stage, She probably don't need any introductions to any of the Blacklist regulars. Sjo usually assaults your ears with a mix of hardcore, Metal, punk and Rock. She could play 12 hours of covers her self and we'll be jumping up and down off joy. However I just gave her 1:20 to compress the best into.

Then at 10:20 AM Slt, (19:20 CET, Sweden), my newest found DJ, ElLobo Nephilim or just Ellie, it's so much cuter, get on and plays her set. It's the fist time Ellie get on stage stage at Blacklist. She have been playing at Rainbow Tiger and will now be hopefully playing a little at Blacklist also.

Next DJ up, maybe for a shave is Balp going on at 11:40AM SLT (20:40 CET, Sweden), as Sjofin, Balp should be a know face to all your regulars. He will play a Goth, Rock and punk mix. Keeping your ears bleeding.

To end the night we have Cellside Unknown, 1:00PM SLT (22:00 CET, Sweden), you been to Blacklist you should know his mix of rock and metal. It's up for a stunning ending of the evening.