Nadine's story

I will tell you quick some of the item's the happened to me since Kate turned me into the malkavian family. The night after I was taken care of by the malks, Karoline opened an embassy in vampires asylum, and asked for vampires to help in guarding it against out enemy there. I became one of the guards and tried to spend as much time protecting the embassy as possible. It was there I came to grew close to Sexy, a much more experience vampire than me. She have always been of great help.

Quite soon after that an other request form my family that had great impact on my life came. The family needed to know more about our enemies, especially the LOST family. They needed someone to spy, I talked to Sexy and Aeai, and went out on that mission. The travels took me to the city of seven sins, where LOST had there home. They didn't recognize my family line, I keep my true intention in there hidden from them, made small notes that I sent back to Sexy and Aeai. I did stay along the enemy, helped some of them in fights.Trying to avoid hurting any of my own family. One time I even quickly grabbed a malk and took him in a collar to make sure the enemy wouldn't get him.

After a short time they had gained enough trust in me to offer a position in there family, I could not take that step and leave my sire and grand sire. Soon after that they found out that I was an enemy, but by some reason they didn't come to hunt me, well not until much later. I was able to walk free, as long no other of my family was with me, in the LOST base. I was becoming more active and starting to gain some a name in my family. One day one of my sisters where captured by the LOST family and a raid to free her was mounted. As the main attack started, I and a few other vampires ran around to the back side of the prison, I used my knowledge and guided them into the prison. There was two guards down there, I was able to take them both out and free Zoe. To figure out what had happened, I put a rope around one of them ElLobo, or Ellie, dragged her with me back home to malka.

Dragging Ellie to Malka is the start of a new page in my story, in the prison with Zoe drag her blood and feed her from mine to make her tell what happened. From that moment I have been drawn to her, I followed her in seven, when ever I got a chance I tried to trap her alone, each time feeding her more of my blood. Making the bond even stronger, within a few days I put a collar around her neck. I had became a mistress. Quite soon there after I took my second girl, a friend of Ellie also in the lost family. My situation now was special I had two girls I cared for in the middle of the enemy. I must admit the thou of leaving my family not to hurt them crossed my mind.

However with the help of DonnieK, that thought was put to rest, his hate for my family, his will to betray and lie to revenge lead him to lie and manipulate his family. Xerx was thrown out of LOST, The situation became really hard, they even started to hunt her, all based on lies. She needed protection much protection more that I alone could provide. So with the help of Jon and Eme we brought her into the malks. Her succubus blood mixed with mine and Eme's. The situation now for Ellie became very hard and I talk long nights with my grandsire on how to get her out and under malk protection. Under the protective arms on Aeai I made my first siring ritual, bringing Ellie into our family. Soon after that I was appointed sire and able to bring in my own chyldes.


Aeai said...

Naline, I am loving reading your recent history in our family. I'm ashamed to say I've fogotten some of it and am enjoying being reminded of it all. Fascinating stuff. Love, your Grandsire.

Nadine Nozaki said...

I will add more expanded storied as well, like how i got Xerx, Details about Ellie. Well about one for each chylde at least.