Chyldes: ElLobo "Ellie" Nephilim

Ellie, my first or second chylde depending on how you count. I told you a little on how I meet her, one day as I woke up, a malk sister of mine, Zoe was captures by the LOST family, Chii and most of the malks attacked the main entrance, I, Lilly, Adam, Nikolaij and Tekla storms the back door, two lost girls there confused by our tactics, sure that the main army above them will defend the place. The first think that happens is that I cut down Nima, then turns around, and runs over to take Elli out, with in one minute of the attack both Nima and Ellie lies bleeding at my feet. We where surprised how easy that when, Lilly said, "wow that all they had here", Chii gives the order, "Drag them back with us I have questions", I have just tied Ellie up and starts dragging her home with me.as i drag her past envy a guy, Luke something attacks me, even if surprised, I manage quite easy with my had still around the rope to Ellie bash him down quite easily. While the fight around me starts to grew intenser I dragged the prisoner home to Malka and down to the prison cells.

Back in malka, Zoe joins me to interrogate her, she drains the blood form the demon, I bit my own wrist and with a forceful grip in her hair, forces her to drink my blood. Confident that my blood had some effect, and I'll not tell you the evidence of that I released her out again on the street. During several days after I followed her stalked her and as soon she was alone I came out. Used charm and blood until I was able to put a collar on her. Masking her my first girl a position she made me very proud to keep her in. I never asked Ellie to leave her family, with my close position to them it was a workable situation. But in our minds we knew that someday was going to come an issue where we would have to choose out love or our family. It was very clear that Ellie would never become anyone but mine chylde in blood. I was loved my family, my Sire and Grandsire and would if possible so avoid never give them up. I secret we forged plans for her to come to my family.
When LOST kicked out Xerx, Ellie got so angry and disappointed in how the family treated her sister she came into verbal fight with selene(?) and left them. A few days later Aeai let me do her siring, with Maj as her guardian. The most proud moment of my life. Bringing in my first chylde to the malks.

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