Chyldes: Escortina Pfeffer

Escortina have been a friend of me for a long time in malka, she was the sub of Hiffaro, but things changed. Hiffi left for gor, she and Esco became sold to Melane and in all of that I sired Esco to be my chylde. But long before that she had always been around helping the malks in all ways she could. I especially remember an episode in damnation, Athena and Kry was attacked and called for help from the family. Two hight level enemies and some support there Oden and Saga. We took then down, I think Esco like my handling of the fight, she came up to me and said, "Congrats Nadine, You deserved a spar against me Nadine". I accepted, even if it still wasn't fully healed after the battle, and I'm not sure she was either. As short it gets when to fierce Death Dealers bash into each other we went in. My gun slamming throw her claws, steel against steal, sweaty bloody bodies touching. As I got her down on her feet my Xerx came of from behind and assisted in binding her up. With some effort I was able to say over my giggling "My girl Xerx missed it being spar I think. Resurrect her instead Xerx". I sired Esco as soon as her mistress allowed her to become a malk.

Ever since Esco's dedication to be a great malk have been ever higher she is carrying our name loud and proud around all places. She walk with her head high along people that try to kill and spit on us. Never looking down or hiding her malk heritage. When she was promoted to sire I was so proud she had let me be her sire.

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