Respect for others work

This is an english translation from the magazine Slainte.

HJAO och ZHAO, Side by side
At the moment with the Pirate Bay trial copyright is put to it's test. I can understand when you see a bad sexgen bed, and make your own copy add your own animations. I can understand when you hear a great Rammstein song and like to play that for your sim neighbours. I can't understand when you get a free product from Ziggy with the only demand to change and sell is that you give your customers the same right, to change and sell, instead chooses to stop them from this.

I have been the subject of a fraud like this, Hunney Jewell, she made some small changes to Ziggy's ZHAO-II and packaged this with some free animations. Configured this for male and female avatars. Good work, well worth the 10 lindens she charge for it, if it wasn't for that she at the same time take away my rights as customer. Her version i can't no longer change, I can't give away. My rights are totally revoked. When I got my HJAO i told her I couldn't change the scripts, she claimed I had not bought this, and demanded that I pay her an extra 10000 lindens. With regards that she are not allowed to spread the program based on ZHAO and Franimation with out the code, it's quite rude to demand this. Sadly she don't seam to care about her customers at all and tried to sell this to onkowing animators. ZHAO is a good product, please get it and give Ziggy some tips for making it. But make sure to spread how Hunney uses other peoples work to scam for money. Her acts is against all ideals that open source stands for. If you find any product based on HJAO, send me an IM I'm intressted in knowing how many she fooled to pay the outrageous 10.000 lindens.

/Nadine Nozaki


Tiessa said...

Thank you for pointing this person out, I blogged about your post as well to try and get the news out.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you were really ripped off badly. 10 lindens is more than 3 cents! Call a lawyer right away.

Dalien said...

Hey Nadine,

Actually, some days ago I've created a special blog to try to show the content thiefs into the light. This made an good first entry.

Nadine Nozaki said...

Well the 10 lindens being scamed about in the beginning wasn't that much, I was more or less willing to offer these lindens the 10.000 she then asked for is hefty, really hefty, that's the scam. Also claim this was a rightfully compensating accord to GPL for the work of sending the scripts.

Somehow Huney have a cost of 10.000 lindens to transfer a script in SL. So much for so little would make the most escorts really happy. She is a scam and fraud and makes a shame to the open source community.