The Verdict: SL5B was "Broadly Offensive"

Nadine Virgo
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It took me sometime to get this blog post out, why I been angry, disappointed, disturbed by RL and SL. Monday getting into my google reader i notice a post by Loki. I can't understand but Linden labs thinks this image is "Violation: Community Standards: Broadly Offensive Content or Conduct". I definitely is against any kind of child pornography, but to see this image as this is just plain stupid. It's a nice clean part of a set, avatar zodiac. It was on the SL5B. As you all know that event was the hardest ever in looking for "bad stuff". An event where Stephen Venkman's image got refused for showing a family. With this hard stance Loki got his nice avatar zodiac displayed on SL5B. Given Linden Labs know history, like last years burning man, and nipple gate. One should think a image passing there test at SL5B should be ok and one should have no fear of it being broadly offensive.

One of the exhibits from SL5B was so good that the cannery decided to prolong it and have it displayed there. It's been on display there a month then one person thinks maybe this is offensive. Loki appealed against the request to take his art down and Harry Linden found that the SL5B comity make SL5B an "Broadly Offensive" event. NVN talked to Scott Jennings about what the lindens should do in his opinion to make SL better. One of the three points was clan up mainland, and I agree SL needs to be cleaned up. Putting down time and resource on that would definitely been a better choose that on this clean up. Putting some time into cleaning up copyright stuff, would have been good. Some time talking internal and making the rules TOS clear would be nice. I personally don't use mainland, why because the landlord there don't care. On my private island k have a caring landlord, that makes stuff look good, it's that easy.

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