Top 10 resaons WoW is not my game.

I read in ITPro about WoW better that sl. But HEY! I have chosen before not to comment on WoW as i never logged into it, I have a copy still in the plastics beside my computer and will try any week now, that i said when I got it a few months back as well.

1. Subscriber base.

Yepp, WoW is bigger, so is Windows. Bigger ain't the same as better China isn't best just because they are the most. It can be better, it can be worse.

2. The users.

The argument your average ITPro more likely to be a WoW:er. HEY I LIKE TO MEET NORMAL PEOPLE! Is there any?

3 It's fun.

Omg I have so much fin in SL, not sure where they been to miss the fun in SL N00B island?

4. There is a point to it.

And if you don't spend 40 hours a week the teen's kick your ass. I prefer making my own point, if that is partying someday or whacking Vikings an other. I have no use in Blizzard telling my my goals...

5. The community

All SL is about community, you can even start to do anything almost with out others. The goal if you say so is the different communities.

6 Reliability

Yes LL read and wipe, it's better but you need to fix this.

7 You can play it with your real friends

I know many that play with there husbands, wife's, however kids are banned. I also know many making RL friend forever in SL.

8 It continues to grow

Yeah last month the price changed many island away, but as land and everything is made but the users. New exciting stuff pops up every day, not only when Blizzard decide you need to pay an other 500 SEK to get part of it.

9 WoW makes a lot of money

Yes playing WoW is expensive, is that good or bad?

10 It inspires genuine devotion

Looking at SL Bloggs I'm pretty sure we are as devoted as WoW:ers maybe even more.

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