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Now the Swedish embassy, second house of Sweden is open. The Swedish institute was able to announce the Swedish embassy first, but then got run around in the implementation by the Maldives. As usually in Sweden there is enormous critics of this. Granlund somehow gets room in Expressen (article in swedish), big Swedish newspaper (if you can call the afternoon papers for news?). Where he compares this with Reeperbahn or Red Light District, serious you didn't understand it. The big and important difference between Second live and the boring Entropia Universe, that you prefer is that in Entropia, you can build you can't create you have to buy the stuff that Mindarks say you can buy. Yes sure taht stuff sure is good, but on the other hand the rest of the stuff. Yes some of it it ugly, many creators isn't that good. Entropia online and WoW is just a new networked game. The lan is just a little bigger, the thing about second life is that it's not a game like those, in second life we all have the possibility to create, like on the web we can all make out own web-page. So web-pages can be good, bad, then can contain sex, or they can be about art. Just as on the web, sex seams to sell extremely good, and be popular.

Girls and Guns night out III
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made by linden labs on them

The community is what differs, and yes it's not an as optimised cool 3D-world as the others, it's not as streamlined and so on. But on the other hand you don't have to stand in line waiting for the a new release to get access to the new island. You can if you like take all clothes off, you can if you like make your self a new look, that changes everything. I'm sure there are fun stuff in the other on-line games, but they are games, there is a basic game idea behind everything. Second life doesn't have that. It's just a fun place to be and create, meet people, chat and interact. Somehow Mindark claim's that Club NeverDie is the first virtual nightclub, while several had open and died long before that in SL.

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vint said...

Hmmm. The link does not work? But indeed - although I'm curious about Entropia - everybody being able to create, be it good or ugly things, is what makes SL what it is. (Although I'm sometimes shocked with the abuse people make from that. Like selling standard Linden-provided textures for 15LS and such...)

Nadine Nozaki said...

Yes that everyone cam make stuff, is the think that makes Sl what it is, and yes even the ability to abuse comes directly as you get that ability. I should have warned that that like was in Swedish. *giggle*

Fredrik Granlund said...

Oh, I got the difference all right. Still, my point is that spendning lots of taxpayers money on a project that only a select few can enjoy, and brings absolutely nothing to the Swedish community, is outright stupid.

Also, the Swedish foreign minister, Carl Bildt, looks like a Borat character - which is kinda counter-productive in a very wide PR context.

The idea behind Second Life is great. The implementation sucks. And yes, I've tried it.

Nadine Nozaki said...

Fredrik, you might have tried SL but you have not understood that or marketing. Have you any idea what a page in you paper costs to advertise on, do you have any clue of how much more articles and worth for advertising space. Do you have a clue in how many international new papers have written good articles about this around the world saying how forward Sweden is? You have any clue how much it would have costed the tax-payers to make a small leaflet and send to all the embassies. I would be suppriced it then could have made that with the budget for this SL project.

I you had read a little international you would have seen that the PR have worked really well. Strange but it works. Personally i think Bildt look better in SL that in RL *giggle*

The implementation is the only alternative, there exists noting else that even close, yes it's buggy, yes it sucks, but so did the web as well for the first five years or so. Maybe you missed and was among those that thought making a website was stupid in 96 as well. Maybe it was earlyh, but it was cheep.