Have you ever wonders about guy being female?

Sweet red kiss II
The ladies on the images HAVE
nothing with the story to do.

I got this fabulous cybersex shared with me yesterday. This being a two "ladies" chairing a "private" moment with each others.

JB: horney
MT: wet
JB: me too
JB: mmmmm
MT: take you clothes off
JB: mmm lick my nips

I must say that this is one of the most fascinating sex stories I have ever read, I'm happy that these to lesbian girls have found each other and not some other unknowing victim giggle.


vint said...


Tiana Meriman said...

lol they are just perfect for each others.

Loki Popinjay said...

Hilarious !!!! Tears rolling down my cheeks laughing ... and yes they are perfect for each other.

Nadine Nozaki said...

Nadine still hasn't stopped lauging at it.

Dalien said...

"The perfection is not when there's nothing to add, it's when there is nothing to remove".

So indeed this is a piece of art in this area :))