C:SI Combat system

Gleddan & Nadine @ Dojo
Originally uploaded by Nadine Nozaki.
I'm starting slowly up to enjoy the combat system of Samurai Island, after I got my kill bill look I needed to have a katana that matched. As Christal often had a nice one with her at bears, I came to ask her about it. I ended up getting my self an Ashes Cursed Spirit, blade, and the make of a Sensei, Gleddan, that could teach me the basics.

I have now had two lessons for Gleddan and some spars at the island, and starting to get into the feeling of the combat. Still much to learn but I make some progress at lest. But most important it's really fun and challenging.


vint said...

If you've mastered, will you give us a demonstration?

Nadine Nozaki said...

I sure will, and as I can't take snapshots my self while fighting, I love to have you around.